Petunia series “Rattune”: varieties and rules of care

Petunia is the most common and recognizable flower used as decoration of the streets of the city, flower, country sites, and even balconies and window sills. Such a popularity plant is obliged to their unpretentiousness, beautiful appearance and variety of colors.

Description of varieties

“Titonia” – the brightest representative of the type of petunition. This is an unpretentious hybrid with corporal colors. Pretty strongly branching, forms a beautiful bush. There is a wide palette of coloring: monophonic, with border, stripes or streaks. Flowering period – all summer, until late autumn. Flower is resistant to weather changes, irregular watering.

Distinguish several varieties of “tritunia”.

  • For example, very beautiful large-flowered “The tritutions of the grandflower”. It is characterized by large, interesting flowers, the stem can grow up to 50 cm. With proper care, it blooms for a long time, during the season, it looks beautiful on the flower bed at the expense of large flowers and uniform flowering. This grade offers interesting colors, and even the textures of buds.

  • “Trituania Crimson Star” It has an unusual two-color color, flowering – early, in diameter is 8-11 cm. Similar appearance and “Titonune Red Star”.

  • Lovers of deep blue will like “Triton Blue“.

  • The varieties that were clearly visible in the “gramophilics” clearly visible “Titonia Salmon Wein” gently lilac shade, and “Rattomania Plam” – Dark pink buds.

  • “Triton Burgundy” It can boast of large velvety inflorescences of wine tint.

  • “Ttituni Sky” – Wonderful pale purple bud.
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  • There are also various mixed coloring formulas. I wonder the variety “Titonune Wejn Mix”.

Landing and care

If preliminary germination of seeds in containers with soil is expected, it is better to start doing around February, and until the end of March. Earthy mixture should be wet and loose. It is also recommended to disinfect the soil with a solution of manganese. Before germination, you need to maintain the level of lighting and moisture.

Somewhere on the fifth or seventh days, the first shoots will appear. And after the real leaves are shown, dive begin. When future petunias are growing enough, they are transplanted into a special pot or directly in the flower beds on the street.

Landing petunia seeds in the container can turn into a small problem. This is because the seeds are pretty small, and they are difficult to care neatly. The cunning way comes to the rescue – sow seeds. On a smooth layer prepared in the pot, snow is laid out. Seeds are placed on top. When the snow melts, they will penetrate into the soil with water. To facilitate the labor of gardeners on sale can be found Draised seeds, they are more comfortable soaring.

You can not germinate seeds in advance, but immediately planted on the street. For the flower beds it is necessary to choose a sunny, protected from strong winds. Place and fertile land. Freezing are quite dangerous, so it’s not worth doing before the end of May. But in the middle of the first month of summer, beautiful plants will appear.

Sufficient watering and regular feeding (about once a week) will provide long blossom. Preferred fertilizers: Monophosphate Potassium, Kalivaya Selitra. Any varieties of Petunia love abundant irrigation, but stagnation of water in the roots leads to the death of plants.

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Soldier inflorescences usually try to remove to stimulate more lush flowering. The top of the plant can be vaccinated, and it will be stronger to branch.


At the varieties of “tritunia”, as a rule, positive feedback from amateurs gardeners. They are pleased with a wide selection of palette of colors, and the ability to beautifully arrange a garden or house, not making great efforts.

Even for a beginner flower, it will be easy to achieve an effect that is no different from the results of the master. Comments on the network reveal a huge number of possibilities for the decorative use of petunia bushes. Most reviews contain photos of beautiful healthy plants of various varieties.

Many gardeners notes that The beginning of flowering is almost all kinds of petunitions early, and they continue to give their beauty up to a constant minus temperature regime. When the weather conditions change – the rains are stopped and the dry period begins, the active flowering stops, but then it is resumed with a double strength, after the restoration of optimal weather.

Petunia “Titonia” – a good, low-cost way to decorate the household plot, the streets of the city or just a window. This plant will help create a variety of compositions that retain their beauty and shape for a long time. Ease of cultivation and commercial care make it possible to join the art of flower growing.

The varieties of “tritunia” offer a large range of species and coloring options, so that everyone can find their flower.

Next, you can read in detail with the main stages of growing plants.

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