Petunia “Dolce”: Features and Color Options

Petunia is one of the most common plants grown in country sites. The love of flower water to this culture is explained not only by unpretentiousness in care, but also a variety of paintings that offer various varieties. For example, a huge selection of shades is presented in the “Dolce” series.


Petunia “Dolce” are the result of Italian selection. The features of the series include Unique variants of colors, which are usually not characteristic of this culture. Grow these plants allowed in a vase, on the balcony or in the garden plot. An adult copy is a large spherical shrub height of 25-38 cm and a diameter of 25-30 cm.

The “Dolce” series belongs to multi-flowered plants, each of the flowers has a diameter of 5-8 cm and a specific elegant color.

Varieties and eye options

Petals of flowers presented varieties can be red, yellow, pink, orange, raspberry, dark pink, white, dairy-yellow, lilac, coral, purple. In addition, one flower may include a mixture of shades, have a gentle framing, a selected neck, accented veins or a pronounced star.

Most varieties have a delicate pastel color. Usually, one tone smoothly flows into another, which creates an air light effect, and the petals seem almost transparent, transmitting the sun’s rays. The most common varieties from the Dolce family include the following.


Flower diameter – 7-8 cm, may be offered in a wide variety of shades.


Diameter – 5-6 cm, coral and pink petals with yellow neck.


Diameter 7-8 cm, Flower Color – Skey Pink With Yellow Main


Flowers diameter – 7-8 cm, and their color – purple-pink with a yellow center.


Flowers with a diameter of 5-6 cm have a gentle-pink coloring with a middle of a cream shade.


The diameter of colors – 5-6 cm, their coloring – pastel-pink with a creamy-yellow center.


The flower diameter is 8 cm, the color can be different, including mixed.

Landing and care

When planting and building culture, follow the following recommendations.

  • Sowing The seedlings are carried out in the period from February to March. Seeds crumble on the surface of the soil. It is further important to ensure that the soil is always moistened, and the temperature was maintained within +18 +20 degrees – then the first shoots will be processed by 14-20 days.

  • Picking usually falls for the period from March to April. To do this, select the cassettes 3×3 cm. Grow seedlings at a temperature of +15 +17 degrees.

  • From April to May is carried out transfer Escapes in separate containers. Pick up a pot with a diameter of 9 cm and turn the sprouts at a temperature of +12 +16 degrees. Three-month seedlings can be planted in open ground, but only after frosts.

  • Culture prefers to develop in light nutritious soil with a pH 5.5-6 value. Feed the plant is recommended Complex mineral fertilizer, Containing trace elements.

  • Watering It is produced under the root in the evening once every 1-2 days, in the heat you can moisten the soil with small portions in the morning and in the evening. During flowering, it is enough to water the plant once a week.

About how to grow petunia, look in the following video.

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