Peony “Primaver”: variety characteristics and care features

Grow flowers very exciting. Even if they are completely ordinary. And the Peony “Primaver” will definitely not be attributed to the “ordinary” plants.

Specificity of culture

Grassy Perennial “Primaver” forms a powerful root system that is characterized by meaturacy. The relatively high strength of the stalks does not mean that you can abandon their tapping. In the descriptions of the variety it is invariably noted that it has very large flowers (up to 18 centimeters in diameter). They are characterized by pink and cream colors. The center of flowers is usually painted darker than the rest.

Peony "Primaver": variety characteristics and care features

Petals of “Primaveri” are distinguished by a terry texture. Plant leaves large and shine like waxed. Climatic conditions for this peony are not too significant. It is noted that it is not bad for frosty periods and has good immunity to diseases. Life expectancy in one place without transfers exceeds 2 dozen years.

This variety of peon will survive even when the late frosts occurs. Occasionally only the buds suffer. At the same time, the rest of the plant remains. The height of the bush reaches from 90 to 100 centimeters.

Large bushes during flowering are completely swept up very gentle-looking colors.

Peony "Primaver": variety characteristics and care features

Disembarkation and care

Peony “Primaver” with all his unpretentiousness will very well react to full care. The main requirements for the land plot are as follows:

  • Suglinny soil without liquid stagnation;
  • abundant lighting;
  • Minimum wind permeability.

Peony "Primaver": variety characteristics and care features

Important: The first 24 months will go to the development of the root complex. Waiting for flowering only in the third season.

Before disembarking, it is required to prepare a groove with the same diameter and depth – 0.6 meters. At the same time, between adjacent peonies, the distance is at least 70 centimeters. 10-12 kg hurry, 0.2 kg of potash mixtures and superphosphate.

Already after the backfill, all this should be stirred. Pit need to fall asleep fertile soil. Further a few days just waiting. And only then the landing itself begins. A common error when disembarking is excessive landing material.

In the norm of kidney, the plants must be necessarily raised above the surface. If this requirement is broken, blooms will have to wait for a very long time. Basic care measures are quite simple, but must be performed. Systematically get rid of weeds and loose ground. Once in 6 months you need to feed the peony; Water it should be generously.

Peony "Primaver": variety characteristics and care features

Additional Information

Peony “Primaver” was introduced into the culture back in 1907. The main merit belongs to the Breeding School of France. Over the past 100 years, the variety was mastered the gardeners of the entire planet. When buds are completely disclosed, their central part becomes the most bright. At the same time, the kind of edges of petals does not change.

Peony "Primaver": variety characteristics and care features

When flowering is already underway, the plant becomes white on top of bottom. The only measure on the preparation of the clubs themselves to landing is wetting in potassium permanganate solution. Tubers are pretty strong, they do not need some other help.

Important: And when washing by mangartee, and at the landing itself it is necessary to beware of kidney damage. If something happens to them, a new plant is simply not formed.

Peony "Primaver": variety characteristics and care features

Peony "Primaver": variety characteristics and care features

Strong shading for this peony is very dangerous. However, at the same time, the plant can be quite planted on the west side of the site. Protection from wind gusts is maximally important in the first two seasons. You can accelerate the development of the plant, planting it in the autumn months. Spring landing can lead to the fact that the peony will begin to grow too early; did not have time to root the kidneys will disappear.

If you carry out the mulching “Primavers”, then only a combination of equal amounts of peat and simple wood ash. However, a considerable part of the flower water does not use the mulch at all. According to agronomists, such a measure is also optional. For winter cover, peonies are used:

  • spruce paws;
  • Old wooden boxes and boxes;
  • sawdust;
  • Other suitable domestic products.

Peony "Primaver": variety characteristics and care features

Peony "Primaver": variety characteristics and care features

Peony "Primaver": variety characteristics and care features

But as soon as spring frosts, the protective layer is immediately removed. Adult plants need 2 or 3 times a week to water 10-20 liters of water. IMPORTANT: With a very rapid silence of soil, irrigation must occur more. When the fertilized soil was originally used, the additional nutrients should be put on only three years later. You can transplant peonies in the fall, the technology of work is about the same as when the initial landing.

About how to correctly transplant peonies, told in video.

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