Oil for gasoline trimmers: types and recommendations for use

Gasoline trimmers are one of the most popular leisure fixtures. They are easy to use, mobile, allow a person to do not depend on the outlet and show excellent results in places of its application. But for stable operation of gasoline trimmer, high-quality consumables are needed. In particular, we are talking about gasoline and oil. It is about the last component and let’s talk in this article.


Motor oil is a special mixture consisting of a solvent and additives that reduce friction. They form a certain viscosity and do not allow the composition to thicken when the temperature regime decreases. Usually oils are specifically stained in different colors: green, red or blue. This allows them not to confuse.

Consider that in its composition they may vary, therefore oil for gasoline trimmers will have labeling “for garden equipment”. In addition, it may still differ in marking: “2T” or “4T”. The first is a two-stroke oil, which is poured into the appropriate engine. And the second is intended for infusion in Carter.

In addition, it should be aware that under no circumstances to interfere with mineral and synthetic oils due to the fact that they have a different basis.


High-quality oil that can be pouring into a gasoline trimmer must comply with a number of requirements and norms to ensure reliable operation of the device and its performance. Oil should:

  • ensure an increase in wear resistance for various elements (in particular, this is particularly subject to reducer);
  • provide the highest possible formation of smoke and exhaust gases;
  • do not allow premature ignition;
  • mixed with gasoline when exposed to low temperatures;
  • have good viscosity and fluidity indicators in various temperature ranges;
  • Being as safer in terms of environmental impact.

As mentioned, the oil for the two-stroke engine will differ from the compositions for four-stroke. He has higher power, due to which fuel for it is obtained as a result of mixing a certain amount of gasoline and oil. For each motocos, the ratio will be its. You can find out its value in the instructions for the device. These proportions need to be observed with maximum accuracy. When adding additives need to consider the type of motor.

If mineral oils are used, then mixing should occur somewhere in a ratio of 1: 25, 30 or 35, depending on the type. If we are talking about a synthetic analogue, the proportion will be 1: 50 or 80. That is, a certain amount of oil dissolves in the volume of gasoline.


Oil, which is poured into the engine, may differ in the method of receipt. According to this criterion, it happens:

  • mineral – this type is obtained in the processing of petroleum products;
  • synthetic – it is obtained when recycling or gas synthesizing;
  • semi-synthetic – this type has more advanced characteristics due to the introduction of components on a synthetic basis.

Oil for gas station refers to the compositions intended for use in engines with air-type cooling, which have a combat chamber in 50-200 cubic centimeters. In addition, any two-stroke oil may vary from analogues by additives that give it certain additional characteristics. They are the following species.

  • Anti-wear. The main oil task will be a decrease in the wear of parts during the operation of the device.
  • Antioxidative. They do not allow oxidation and make it possible to save the performance of oil for a long time.
  • Anticorrosive. Their task is not to afford corrosion to form on parts of the motor.
  • Fiction modifiers. These additives allow substantially to reduce the friction coefficient.

Two-stroke oil of various manufacturers may differ in combination of additives used, and therefore their properties will be different.

Recently, when purchasing oil for breeding with gasoline, users are often faced with the fact that special alphabetic abbreviations are applied on the canes. The designations are made as part of the API classification. Consider what kind of oils exist in accordance with it.

  • That applied to air-cooled motocos, the engine volume of which is no more than 50 cubic centimeters. It can be used not only for mower, but also for mopeds, lawn mowers and other types of equipment. For gasoline trimmer, this is the optimal solution.

  • TB is applied to focus chainsaw, Scooter, moped or motorcycle, whose motor volume does not exceed 200 cubic centimeters. Also can be used to refuel benzotrimmers.

  • TC is suitable for dilution by gasoline and poured in a snowmobile, motorcycle and other types of equipment.

  • TD is intended for refueling boats, Yachts and gyroscurists.

But in addition to this classification, other letter notities are often found in the FA-FD type. It should be said that the API is an American standard that is applied in Europe. But there is a discrepancy between the European standards for the emission of smoke and American. For this reason, additional alphabetics should be taken into account.

  • FA can be used in states where the law provides minimal emissions of exhaust gases into the atmosphere. When using oil with such labeling, barely noticeable smoke.
  • FB – can be used in countries where restrictions on the emission of smoke and gases are essentially stricter. In this case, the smoke will not be distinguished.
  • FC – here a smoke of transparent color appears, which human eye cannot see.
  • FD – Special Categories of oils for 2-stroke engines, they do not create smoke at all. Have elevated chemicals. Typically, this oil is used for mixing with gasoline and subsequent refueling boats and yachts.

In addition, oils are two more categories:

  • Premix.

In the first case, this will mean that it is necessary to carry out self-mixing, which does not require shaking, and in the second case it will be necessary to do it.

Tips for choosing

Now let’s try to understand how to choose high-quality oil for a trimmer operating on gasoline. The main feature on which you want to pay attention will be an alkaline number. The moment eliminates the oxidation of parts, which have friction, and slows down their deformation as much as possible. The more this composition is used, the faster it loses alkalinity and becomes more oxidized. The optimal index of acidity (pH) is at least 8-9 units.

The second important factor that also has a serious impact on the operation of the gasoline trimmer, is the viscosity of the oil. This characteristic determines the ability to use the device at different temperatures. Summer brands of oils begin to thick already with a minimal temperature drop.

But considering that such trimmers are commonly used in autumn and spring, it will be better to use oil with summer labeling.

The third moment, the importance of which should not be understood – the flash temperature. This indicator should not be less than 225 degrees. Otherwise, the composition will very quickly burn out and the load will begin to increase the load, which will cause its accelerated wear. In addition, the oil for a 4-stroke motor is not suitable for a 2-stroke. Namely, the last type of engines is used in the overwhelming majority of gas stations.

If we talk about manufacturers, you can make a small rating that will allow you to navigate the compositions offered by various manufacturers. For example, Company Stihl offers high-quality synthetic and mineral oils that have already proven themselves as an excellent solution at any time of the year.

Very good believed Shell Helix Ultra Oil. Specialists celebrate its high characteristics and excellent alkalinity and viscosity indicators. In addition, the products of such brands are considered to be Oleo Mac, Motul, Hammerflex, Echo. If we talk about the products of domestic brands, you should pay attention to LUKOIL oil. Its price is several times lower than foreign analogues, but it has high quality and good specifications.

In general, the ideal solution will be synthetic or semi-synthetic oil having a TV marking or that.

How to use?

Information on the proportions of oil use was given above. Let’s immediately say that you should not retreat from the specified values ​​and dilute gasoline to the eye. At best, it will simply be necessary to change the oil, and at worst it is not avoided the motor breakdown.

It is important and be able to prepare the mixture correctly. In the benzobak it is impossible to pour it. It is better to pour oil into a special container where gasoline is already contained. For this, a plastic bottle from mineral water is perfect. It is very important here that it is clean, because of which the bottles of beer or milk will not fit. And it is better that it was liter or two-liter, as it is difficult to calculate how much oils in a 1.5-liter or 1.25-liter bottle will be difficult to many. It will also be necessary to have a syringe at hand, which will perform the function of the dosimeter. Best take the usual medical for 10 or more cubes.

    Now step bypass explain how to make good oil for gasoline trimmer.

    1. First, you should find out exactly what type of oil is required for a specific braid model, as well as find out the exact ratio of gasoline and oil to create a mixture.
    2. Then you need to fill the container. Capacity should not be filled with gasoline to the end, because the oil should be placed there;
    3. Now we gain in the syringe the desired number of 2-clutter oil and pour it into a bottle with gasoline. You can not do on the contrary, otherwise it will be necessary to replace all ingredients, and the mixture will need to be done again.
    4. Close the bottle with a lid and stir. It is important not to forget that it is necessary to stir the mixture if there are words Premix on a bottle with oil. If SELFMIX is written there, then after mixing substances, everything is poured into the tank.

    Now it remains only to refuel the gasoline trimmer, and you can perform the necessary work.

    On how to choose oil for gasoline trimmers, see the following video.

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