Multiflora Chrysanthemum: Features, Varieties and Growing

Multiflora Chrysanthemum has long received the informal name “Queen of Autumn” Many specialists use this plant to create various compositions in the gardens, in flower beds and even on terraces.


Multiflora Chrysanthemum is a spherical plant with a large number of small and multicolored flowers. It is possible to grow it not only in the open soil, but also in vases, greenhouses and even in balconies. Many people like it also because the ball is blooming “to the last”, that is, up to the first frosts. In some cases, bloom continues even in winter. But for this it must be transplanted into the Vazon or in the greenhouse.

Color range of spherical chrysanthemum is very diverse. You can meet white, and yellow, and red, and even lilac shades.

For the first time these flowers were mentioned by confusive. Many at that time used chrysanthemums in food. In addition, they were also used in medicine, and in perfumery. Only after some time chrysanthemum began to plant on their sites. In nature, garden chrysanthemum meets very often; There are more than 30 varieties of this plant. However, scientists still tried to withdraw even more new subspecies so that the choice of gardeners was even wider.

It is worth noting another feature of this plant: the bush does not need the formation, nor in cutting leaves. From nature it turns out beautiful and healthy.


All varieties of such beautiful chrysanthemum have their own distinctive characteristics.

  • “Bransend Dark Orange”. This yellow beauty can grow high to 40 centimeters. The bush is densely littered with small colors, the diameter of which 5 centimeters. Such chrysanthemum blooms pretty early in mid-August. It blooms for one and a half or two months.

  • “Brankroon”. Another chrysanthemum with yellow flowers. Blossom starts at the end of August and lasts almost before the first frost. The height of the bush is middle, up to 50 centimeters. It is necessary to plant it on a well-lit place.

  • “Snowball” – This is a cold-resistant low grade of chrysanthemum. Their height does not exceed 25 centimeters. Kush Gusto sat in flowers, the shade of which is the same bright as white maiden leather. The flowering of chrysanthemum of this variety begins in July and continues until the end of September. Most often it is grown in order to use for the creation of bouquets.

  • “Branbich”. This is a rather large group of colors that differ from each other and the time of flowering, and the size of inflorescence, and, of course, with a shade. It is worth considering the most common varieties of this variety. First of all it is “Branbich Lilak”. The height of the bush reaches half a meter, and the diameter of the “ball” – up to 40 centimeters. Another variety of this variety “Branbich White”. The height of the bush does not exceed 35 centimeters, and width – 40 centimeters. Wholesale color. The variety is considered winter hardy. Popular and variety “Branbich Coral” – a beautiful and gentle plant with a saturated coral colors flowers. Flowering such chrysanthemum begins at the end of August.

  • “Branroyal White” refers to low plants. The height of the bush does not exceed 30 centimeters. The ball itself is pretty thick with a lot of small flowers. Blossom starts at the end of September or in early October.

  • Bransky Plum – This is a tall chrysanthemum that grows up to 70 centimeters in height. Bush thick and decorated with red flowers.

How to plant?

Landing Multiflora chrysanthemums is the first important moment with which you have to face any gardener. First you need to choose a landing space. If the bush is planted into the ground, then the place must be open and sunny. To plant a chrysanthm in Vase too, too, it is necessary with the mind. So both options should consider more carefully.

In open soil

First of all it is worth understanding that the selected area should be well lit. Plant needs sunlight even in the evening. Next, you need to pay your attention to the soil. Choose the one that is able to miss moisture well. After all, chrysanthemum needs high-quality moisture. In addition, the soil should be not only light, but also nutritious. Most of all suits the land mixed in equal amounts with sand and peat. This mixture must be filled with a hole in which a bush is planted.

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Planting chrysanthemums best in spring. Landing time depends entirely on the region. So, in the middle lane it is best to engage in landing in early May. But in the southern regions do it can be a little earlier, for example, in early April. In the north planting chrysanthemums not earlier than the middle of May. However, gardeners should be aware of the fact that if you land a little earlier, the shape of the bush will be more beautiful and lush.

The soil should be switched in advance, preferably 2 times. Once in the fall, and the second – immediately before the landing. Chrysanthemums need to be planted from each other at least 45 centimeters. It is necessary so that the bushes can develop well without interfering with each other. Landing should be done either early in the morning or in the evening when there is no sun.

The depth of the pit must be at least 45 centimeters. At the most The bottom should be covered with a drainage layer of fine gravel or large sand. Some gardeners are added to the well egg shell, which plays a role not only drainage, but also feeding. After that, you need to fall asleep the cooked substrate, and then pour it. When water is absorbed, you can plant chrysanthm.

As a support, you can stick in the hole of the rod, the height of which will be 1 meter. In addition, artificial shadow should be done for the plant. At the same time, it is important that the canopy does not come into contact with Chrysanthemum, so it must be raised higher.

In a pot

Many gardeners who do not have the opportunity to plant chrysanthemia on the flower bed, use ordinary vases for this. In this case, it will be possible to place a favorite plant in any place you like; It can be a balcony, and a terrace, and even a veranda. The main thing is that the place is well lit by the Sun from all sides.

Landing can be made either with cuttings or seedlings. At the bottom of the pot it is necessary to drill a few holes. After that, you also need to fall asleep drainage, and then the substrate. Sprout at landing is not necessary to plunge too much.

How to care?

It would seem that chrysanthemums are not too picky plants. but their cultivation at home requires a lot of time and effort. First of all, it is necessary to provide a plant due.

To grow a beautiful and magnificent plant, you need from an early age to form his crown. It will be enough to pinch twice twice. Do it in spring time.

Don’t forget to dissemble adult plants. Make it necessary 1 time in 2 years. Transplant to a new place rejuvenates bush.

Special attention should be paid to watering chrysanthemums. Water them best with rain or melt water. Most often watered plants in summer when on the street is too hot. Watering should be moderate. After all, an extra moisture can lead to a rotation of the root system. But in the case when the water is not enough for chrysanthemum, the plant can be worn or even perished.

Water these plants best in the evening or early in the morning. This will avoid burns from sunlight. After irrigating the land around the bush, you need to loosen every time. This procedure enriches the root system of plants with oxygen, allowing them to breathe. Some gardeners who do not have enough time to buy, make mulching. It helps to keep moisture, does not give to grow weeds, and also serves as a source of additional feeding.

Fertilizer is also very important for chrysanthemum. However, when landing, it is worth abandoning the mineral feeding to the root system be able to root well. The first time to feed the plant can be possible only after 14 days after its landing. You can use a mixture of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. In this case, nitrogen will help stalks well and quickly develop before the first flowers appear.

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Fertilize the bush for the second time you need to bloom. In the mixture that was used for the first time, you need to add magnesium, and nitrogen, on the contrary, eliminate. Besides, If you spend the spraying of the bush with a humate potassium, the shade of colors will become more saturated. Instead, fertilizers can use banana peel. It must be dried, and then make a powder from it. After that, it can be filled out right under the bush and is good to pour the land next to the plant.

The third feeding is held in early October. It allows chrysanthemum to survive the winter period without any problems.

Like any other plant, chrysanthemum can suffer from pest attacks or some kind of disease. The most popular disease – malievable dew. A sign of its appearance – the leaves of the plant begin to black and crumble. To save the flower, it is necessary to spray either with a soap solution or copper vitriol.

Another fungal disease is rust, which appears on the plant in the form of burn stains. Over time, their volume increases significantly, and then leaves and completely die away. In this case, you can spend a burglar mixture.

In the event of damage to chrysanthemum, such as mosaic or aspermia, the bush should be just digging and burn, since they are not at all treatable.

Among the pest insects, it is worth noting a web tick that entails her web chrysanthemum leaves. Over time, they die and creep. Another no less dangerous pest is a slug. It feeds on foliage, which is very harmful to the plant. In addition, a lot of harm to the bushes are applied Khrushchi or Trips. To avoid the appearance of these insects, Complex preventive measures must be carried out in advance.

First of all, it is the looping of the Earth, as well as the removal of all detected larvae. In addition, it is necessary to use nitrogen as a fertilizer. Regularly need to hold a weeding, as well as reduce the acidity of the soil. And you can also process landing site with such folk remedies, like ground pepper or tobacco dust.


Multiflora Chrysanthemums are plants that are most often growing in the south. They are perfectly experienced in the winter in these regions, even without digging. Enough will be slightly covered with dry branches. First, it is necessary to cut the bushes at the end of October, leaving only 12-15 centimeters. In addition, all space under the bushes should be filled with a layer of mulch at least 10 centimeters. You can use either sawdust or peat or garden humus.

Before the onset of cold weather, the plant must be covered with a sweetheart or cropped branches of chrysanthemum. However, it’s not worth a hurry with the shelter, because it can lead to the root system. With the onset of spring, when frosts will end, it is necessary to remove the entire observing material completely.

But in Siberia to keep in winter chrysanthemums in the open ground will be very difficult. Therefore, with the onset of cold, they need to dig and transplanted in advance prepared vases. After that, they must be placed either in the basement, or in the cellar, or on the heated balcony. You must not forget to water the bush every month.


There are several ways to breed chrysanthemums.

Dividing bush

This option is considered one of the easiest. Spend it most often in the spring. The first thing to be done is to dig up an adult plant and divide it with a sharp disinfected knife. At the same time, it is necessary to watch each decene to be with the roots, and also had at least one sprout. After that they need to land into the prepared wells, and then pour well. In the first days, the plant will need shading. In the first year, the bush will not have a spherical shape, but over time everything will be corrected, and the plant will be as in the picture.

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Seed seeds are best at the end of February or at the end of March. First you need to prepare the container. After you can cook the substrate. It should include 5 parts of the turf, 2 pieces of fine sand and 3 pieces of deciduous humidity. Before falling asleep substrate to the container, it is necessary to curb or hide. After that, the substrate must be well moistened, and then decompose the seeds on its surface. As a result, everything should be sprinkled with a thin layer of earth and cover with glass or film.

Next, the container must be transferred to a warm place where the temperature will be within + 22 … 24 degrees Celsius. Every day the glass must be opened to pour, as well as to heat the seedlings. After the appearance of the first germs, the container must be transferred to a light place. When 2 leaves appear in the seedlings, you can dive. At the time of landing in open seedling, there should be no less than 20 centimeters in height. In addition, the root system should be well developed.


First of all it is necessary to make a cooking capacity. At the very bottom it is necessary to lay out the sand layer, and then the substrate layer is at least 13 centimeters. It should include 2 parts of the garden land, 2 pieces of fine sand and one part of the peat.

After that it is necessary to prepare cuttings. This procedure is done in early March. Soothes must have a length of at least 9-10 centimeters. Then all the lower leaves should be removed, and the sprouts are placed in the solution “Kornin” on one day. Next, the cuttings need to be located in the ground. The distance between them should be at least 9 centimeters. Capacity needs to be covered with a plastic film, and then transfer to a warm place. After a few weeks, the roots should appear. After that, they can be transplanted into separate containers. There will be overlap on this surface.

Application in landscape design

Very often Multiflora chrysanthemums are used for registration of lawns, flower beds or chains. Besides, They look very beautifully on balconies or terraces landed in vases or special containers.

However, those who want to independently do disembarking, should take into account not only the height of the bush, but also his width. If you put chrysanthemum too thick, they will grow badly and interfere with each other. And if it is too rare – you have to think about how to fill the free space between the bushes.

It is best to plant chrysanthemums as follows: low-grade varieties with low-spirited, and high with high. However, many are used by such compositions, where high varieties of chrysanthemums are placed behind the back, and in front – low.

Along the tracks

Chrysanthemums will serve as beautiful live borders lined along the Garden Road. In a certain place, you can put a bench to sit and relax in the evening, enjoying the beauty created by its own hands.

On the terrace

Many landscape designers advise landing chrysanthemums in vases and place them on the terrace or veranda. They can be made on the floor, and hang it high. The second option is good because it saves a place. Looks like such a living decoration well in any room.

On a flower bed

Very beautiful will look with spherical chrysanthemums on flower beds, especially if they are accommodated near the house. You can combine a variety of colors, such as yellow, red, purple. Nearby you can land ordinary chrysanthemums. Place them best in the center of the composition.

Summing up, we can say that Multiflora Chrysanthemum is a very beautiful plant that is equally well suitable for decoration and garden sites, and terraces or balconies. Even a novice gardener will be able to grow. The main thing is to know the basic rules for the care of the plant and love to mess with flowers.

More details about Chrysanthemum multifloro can be found from the video.

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