Motoroblocks Patriot “Kaluga”: technical parameters, pros and cons

The history of creating a brand Patriot goes its roots in the distant 1973 year. Then, on the initiative of the American entrepreneur Andy Johnson, a company for the production of chainsaws and agricultural equipment was founded. During this time, the enterprise became one of the leaders in his field and at the end of the last century came to the Russian market. Compatriots immediately appreciated the products of the concern and were happy to adopt many samples.

Features, pros and cons

Motor block Patriot “Kaluga” belongs to the equipment of the middle class. The mechanism was developed with the participation of specialists from Russia and began to be issued at the subsidiary of the concern in the same city. The machine is an optimal option for Russian climatic conditions and is actively used for many agricultural operations. The multifunctionality of the instrument is due to the possibility of using attachments, which significantly expands the scope of application of this technique.

With the help of a motoblock, you can process extensive areas whose area reaches one hectare.

High consumer demand and the growing popularity of Motoblock Patriot “Kaluga” are explained by a number of indisputable advantages of this unit.

  • The model is successfully operated on any types of soils, which is due to the high quality of the main components and units, as well as powerful undergoing wheels with a deep tread. Thanks to the reliable motor, the motor unit can be used as a snowmobile: it is only necessary to replace the wheels on the caterpillars. Also, the unit is often used as a minitractor and efficient self-propelled device.
  • Through the use of aluminum elements, the motoblock has a slight weight, which greatly facilitates control and allows you to use it on hilly areas with a complex relief.
  • The relatively low cost is favorably distinguished by the unit from its eminent analogues and makes it even more popular. The cost of the new motoblock varies from 24 to 26 thousand rubles and depends on the dealer and configuration. Due to the simple design and lack of expensive nodes and aggregates, the maintenance of the machine will also not burden the family budget and will cost much cheaper care for other devices of the same class.
  • The motoblock is fully adapted to the terms of the Russian climate and can be operated in any climatic zone without limitation. In addition, the unit is equipped with powerful headlights, allowing not to stop working in the dark time.

  • The unit is equipped with a very strong frame, which is easily withstanding not only the engine and its own components, but also additional attachments.
  • Thanks to the presence of the rotary steering wheel, even the novice gardener will be able to control the motoblock. In addition, the control handle has several height modes, which allows the control of an aggregate in different planes.
  • Motoblock transmission has two front and one rear transmission, and the presence of reinforced crucible cutters allows you to handle virgin sections.
  • The device is equipped with powerful splashes that protect the operator while working on the emission of dirt from under the wheels.
  • The machine is equipped with a function of restricting the depth of the dispenser, and the engine is protected by a reliable bumper from possible departure from the ground of the stones.
  • Handles of the motoblock are closed with a soft rubber lining, and the neck of the gas tank has a wide execution.

However, along with a lot of advantages, Motoblock also have cons. These include some “bouncing” of the motoblock during the treatment of virgin lands, which, however, quickly disappears after installing weights in the form of attached equipment, as well as leakage of oil in transmission, to which several users also paid attention to. In the rest of the motoblock, there is no special complaints and conscientiously serves as its owners for 10 or more.


Motoblock Patriot “Kaluga” is quite simple because of what is absolutely unnecessary in service and very rarely breaks. It consists of an aggregate of particularly durable, but at the same time, a slightly light frame made in a classic style. It is the frame that the overall stiffness of the design is responsible for the overall stiffness of the design and provides the possibility of working a motoblock in the context of complex relief and heavy soil. The frame is a kind of core machine and is intended for fixing the main nodes, units and attachments.

The following important mechanism in the design of the motoblock is P170FC gasoline engine Power 7 L. with., with air cooled and transistor-magnetic ignition type.

Despite its Chinese origin, the single-cylinder motor is characterized by a rather large working resource and has established itself as a reliable and durable unit.

A special built-in sensor controls the oil level and does not allow the engine to start in the case of its low level or leakage. There is a air filter. The operating volume of the motor is equal to 208 cubic centimeters, and the value of the maximum torque reaches 14 n / m. Gasoline consumption is about 1.6 l / h with a 3.6 liter fuel tank.

The next significant node is a cast-iron gearbox, has a chain performance, and as practice shows, it is the most reliable. It is possible to repair such a device in the event of a malfunction with your own hands using the minimum set of tools. Motoblock wheels have a diameter of 410 mm, equipped with a powerful protector and are considered very passable. The only minus of the deep tread, as already noted, is the likelihood of dirt sticking on clay areas and blacklook after the rain. The machine has a trailer assembly and can be used as a self-propelled device to move the cart or any other trailer.

Motoblock “Kaluga” has quite compact sizes: The length and height of the machine make up 85 cm with a width of 39 cm. In the standard configuration, the device weighs 73 kg and is capable of transporting about 400 kg of cargo at once.

The depth of plowing of the soil is 30 cm, and the width reaches 85.


The staffing of Motoblocks Patriot “Kaluga” can be both basic and extended. In the baseline, the motoblock is equipped with a set of cutters, a coulter, a left and right wing, a trailer device for a coulter, pneumatic wheels, a candlestone and operating manual. With an extended configuration, the main set can be complemented by a sapper, hub extension, hitch and a primer. This equipment is most in demand, so if the buyer is desired, it may be included in the kit.

Optional equipment

In addition to the fixtures of the basic and extended configuration, an additional equipment can be installed on the machine. Its application allows you to significantly expand the scope of the use of the motor-block, and in some cases, and at all replace them with some agricultural machines. Such auxiliary devices include adapter trolleys, hitch plows, snow removal, petal cutters, mowers and potatoes.

Also, additional equipment can be attributed a set of caterpillars that are installed on a motor-block independently, turning it, so in a rather powerful snowmobile.

Operation and service

Competent use and timely care for the Motor-block Patriot “Kaluga” are the key to the uninterrupted work of the technique and are able to significantly extend its life. Detailed instructions for using the motor-block, as well as the location scheme of attachments are described in detail in the accompanying documentation, which before starting work should be carefully read. Below is a number of general recommendations, the observance of which will save from the occurrence of problems and will make work with a motor-block convenient and comfortable.

  • Before testing the technique for the first time, it is necessary to produce primary maintenance and run the engine. Initially, check the oil level and pour gasoline into the fuel tank.
  • By running the motor of the Motoroblock, you need to give it to work at idle. During this time, it is necessary to check its work on the subject of foreign sounds and when troubleshooting them immediately eliminate them.
  • Checking the gearbox operation, it is necessary to test the inclusion of all speeds, including the rear. Also at this stage it is recommended to see, in what condition are the gaskets and bolted connections.
  • 8-9 hours after a trial start, the engine can be drowning and replaced with engine oil in it, after which the motoblock can be used.

Tips for choosing

Before proceeding with the choice of mounted equipment for Motoroblock Patriot “Kaluga”, you should determine which capacity will be used, and how often the agricultural operation will be used on it. So, when buying a motoblock for a large rustic garden, it is desirable to purchase a potato. This device will allow in a short time and without extra effort to assemble a rich crop of potatoes, carrots and swables. If it is supposed to plow virgin lands, then, along with a plow, it is recommended to purchase weights. Otherwise, the motoblock will ride the unprocessed land and to cope with it will be quite problematic. As a result, the soil will be plowed quite rudely, because of which the procedure will be necessary to repeat more than once.


Judging by the numerous reviews of owners, special complaints about Motoblock Patriot “Kaluga” 440107560 No. There are only a few highly high consumption of gasoline as stated by the manufacturer, a tight steering wheel and an impractical wheel protector that collects all dirt. But pluses indicate much more. Farmers like the reliability of the equipment, the small size of the equipment and the ability to use the car not only for plowing and cleaning potatoes, but also for hay, transportation of small cargo and courtyard cleaning of snow. The availability of spare parts, high reliability of the main nodes and long service life.

In addition, despite the existing shortcomings, no owner regretted buying and recommended to acquire for a personal compound.

About how the Patriot Motoblock works “Kaluga”, look in the video below.

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