Motor Pispers Huter: Features of models and their operation

HUTER Motor Pub – one of the common pump brands in the Russian Federation. The manufacturer of this technique is Germany, which is distinguished by: a systematic approach to the production of its equipment, scrupulousness, durability, practicality, as well as a modern approach to the development of such aggregates.

Gasoline or diesel?

HUTER Motor Pub works on gasoline. This means that such a technique is unpretentious to use, more economical than the one that work on a diesel. Another feature, the pump must be launched at least once a month.

Gasoline HUTER differs from their competitors with effective work, high-quality technology for the production of equipment and components.

Consider the characteristics of the main models of the presented aggregate.

Main characteristics and advantages of models

MP-25 – Appliances Economy option. Compact, however, less productive. Pumps clean and weakly polluted liquids. Often used for home pools, watering plants, as well as for inside. Different with low noise, low gas emissions. Consists of a motor, pump and metal housing.

The main advantages include:

  • good engine performance;
  • The volume of the gas tank is enough for several hours;
  • Comfortable manual starter; durable rubber support of the aggregate;
  • Self-sized and lightweight technique.

MPD-80 – device for pumping dirty liquid. By design, it does not differ from other models of the submitted company. However, there is a lot of productive and high power.

To the merits can be attributed:

  • silent work;
  • large volume under gasoline;
  • The support consists of steel;
  • it is easy to remove the pump if necessary.

MP-50 – The model is designed for clean and slightly contaminated fluid. It is considered one of the most productive in its category. It is characterized by the height of feeding the jet of liquid, raises the liquid from a depth of up to eight meters.

Features of the following. The first replacement of oil is better to do after five hours of work, the second – in twenty-five hours of work, then according to the instructions.

The main advantages can be attributed: a four-stroke engine that works quietly, spends quite a few gasoline. You can check the oil using the probe. The technique is started using the starter.

MP-40– productive model that rationally consume fuel. This unit requires little gasoline, which is poured into different special compartments.

The model is characterized by the following advantages:

  • steady steel frame;
  • good pressure component;
  • fluid takes from a depth of 8 meters;
  • Manual launch is very comfortable and compact.

It should be noted that for high-quality operation of the engine on gasoline is a compression in its cylinders, which shows the maximum pressure when the internal combustion engine scrolls in a fruitful. Compression level for each type of equipment and engine model.

Expendable materials

To motor consumables You can attribute the following equipment.

  • Pressure sleeves that deliver water from pump for a certain distance. For example, for watering the garden or fire extinguishing. Their feature is that they retain their strength even at high pressure.
  • Sleeves suction that produce fluid fence. For example, from a water branch to a motorpome. Equipped with durable walls from special materials.


  • Before using the motorpads, read the instructions carefully. The fuel tank must be hermetically closed.
  • It is necessary to install a motor-pump firmly on a flat, solid surface.
  • If the equipment is used indoors, then there should be good ventilation. Before starting work, check the level of engine oil.
  • The pumping part must contain water at the time of the motorpad.
  • Consider the presence of fuel and its bay. Fuel in the tank should not be more than 45 days if the motor-pump is not used.
  • Clean the air filter is needed before each use. Clean the fuel filter once a month.
  • Do not forget to check the spark plugs.


To the main reasons associated with the malfunction of the MOTOBOMP These indicators can be attributed.

  • Fuel tap loosely closed. In this case, the fuel can get into the engine crankcase. This, in turn, will lead to high pressure and rapid squeezing. Further, the mixture will fall into the valve and silencer, and the muffler with such an improper work will reduce the craving.
  • During transportation, the engine often turn over the engine, so gasoline and oil are mixed, fall into the carburetor. To correct the situation, you need to disassemble the technique and clean all the components.
  • Incorrectly run the motor using a manual starter. The handle is important to pull up the engagement of “cams” and then smoothly pull up.
  • The engine can work, but not at full capacity. This may be associated with air filter pollution. Popular gasoline or carburetor works incorrectly.
  • If the pump strongly smokes, it is possible that the fuel mixture is incorrectly selected (gasoline and engine oil).

About how to choose a motorpmamp, look next.

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