Motor Pispers Daishin: Types of, Dignity and Disadvantages, Application

Pump water in some cases and manual pumps. But it is much more effective, more productive to use motorized installations for this purpose. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages, the main features of the application of special DAISHIN brand pumps.

Let’s talk about Motorope Daishin SWT-80HX-OA

This version is excellent for a highly polluted liquid medium.

    The limit value of the particles is 2.5 cm in the diameter. During the minute, this device can pump 1300 liters of water. The greatest pressure of the liquid is 28 m.

    The motor-pump is equipped with a gasoline engine, can dig liquid:

    • from clogged with sludge and stones of tranches;
    • from highly degraded ponds;
    • From construction Kotlovanov.

    It is allowed to use this technique:

    • as a universal pump;
    • in the construction sector;
    • in housing and communal services.

    Motor, supplied on the mud motorpome, makes the device very reliable and resistant even in difficult situations. Pumping knots are equipped with gaskets that make the body more resistant to wear. An oil level indicator is provided. Pump pumps water from a depth of 8 m. For pumping the pump, automotive gasoline brand AI-92.

    Daishin SWT-100HX

    This gasoline drive motorbon is also designed for a dirty environment. From the previous version, the device is characterized by increased bandwidth – it reaches 2 thousand. l per minute. Pump operation is allowed if particles are floating in water to 3.1 cm. Supplied SUMP – 23 m. Water is drawn from a depth of 8 m, the total fuel consumption in the maximum mode is 1.5 liters in 60 minutes.

    Another option for dirty water

    We are talking about the model Daishin SWT-100YD. This pump per minute pumps 1750 liters of water and can create pressure up to 25 m. Maximum permissible magnitude of polluting particles – 3.1 cm. Liquid suction is possible from a depth of 8 m. Pomp is equipped with a four-dimensional diesel engine.

    Cleaning device

    If you need a motor-pump for clean water, it is recommended to pay attention to Daishin SCR-80HX. This apparatus will be able to pump 1 thousand per minute. L liquid. Important limitation: particles present in water should not be larger than 0.8 cm. MotoPomputer raises water post up to 32 m. Recommended fuel – AI-92; An hour consumption is 1 l.

    When it is required to pump a weakly dilapidated water

    In this case, Daishin SST-50HX is suitable. Motor-pump calmly handles the liquid, where the particles are up to 1.5 cm in diameter. Changeable performance reaches 700 l. The greatest pressure is 23 m. Motor-pump can pump water in:

    • in natural reservoirs;
    • in flooded basements;
    • in wells of various kinds;
    • On flooded areas.

    Other options

    DAISHIN SCH-5050HX can be used to work with clean and slightly contaminated water. The largest diameter of the passed particles is 0.8 cm. 400 l of water is driven over a minute. The pressure created can reach 50 m. Motor-pump is used because fires for the transmission of pure fluid to large distances – it is structurally optimized for instant launch.

    Daishin SCR-252M2 – motor-pump equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine, which is cooled by air flow. Easiness and insignificant value allow you to confidently apply the device in the country area. Changeable performance equals 115 l.

    There is enough such quantity:

    • when watering gardens and gardens;
    • during the drainage of small water bodies;
    • For primary fire extinguishing purposes.

    Pump works with clean and almost clean water. Suction and pumping nozzles have a diameter of 2.5 cm. The largest water column created – 35 m. Pump can draw water from a depth of 8 m. The engine uses fuel AI-92 and AI-95.

    How to use firewall

    So that the pump brings real benefits when steaming the fire, it is necessary to supplement it with suction sleeves of the required length. The use of sleeves without reinforcement is not allowed. They are very easily stretched and even shifted. When it is known that the water source eliminates the full immersion of the hose, floating filters should be applied.

    When studying the instructions, special attention should be paid to such moments as:

    • storage of fire engine storage;
    • its installation;
    • cleaning;
    • Maintenance;
    • Fast stop with an abnormal situation.

    It is not allowed to install a motor-pump on uneven surfaces. Undesirable to put them and on the seed grounds. Mandatory requirement is a free approach from any side. Store Motorpompa in the winter needed with fuel and oil replacement. Compliance with all requirements allows you to confidently use the pump for 8-10 years.

    What advises the manufacturer during the operation of diesel motor

    Branded instructions prohibit apply them next to flammable and explosive substances, as well as where there may be a pair of these substances. Operators must be careful, not to concern hot surfaces and moving parts. During the protracting period, it should be exposed only to moderate load.

    It is not allowed to use fuel with any impurities, including water. Also prohibited the operation of the pump without a mesh filter on the absorption end.

    Dignity and Disadvantages Motor Pump Daishin

    The designs of this manufacturer are cheaper than competitors products. They create usually less noise. However, increased fuel consumption and abbreviated resource may not please all. To a large extent, these shortcomings are compensated by easy launch in all weather conditions. When creating pumps, materials are used.

    Browse Motor Pumps for Dirty Water Daishin SWT-100HX in the video below.

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