Motor Cultivators: Features and Tips for Selecting

Motor Cultivator is an indispensable assistant for people care for garden and garden. This agricultural machinery has many features and performs many tasks. There are many models of motor-cultivators in the modern market: from quite simple to very powerful.

What it is?

Before switching to a detailed consideration of the singularities of the motor-cultivators, should first find out what it is. So, the motor-cultivator is an easy agricultural machine that is used for plowing and processing the Earth using special cutters and certain attachments.

This technique is a real “rescue circle” on land plots of different areas.

It helps to quickly and blossch or break the land, as well as prepare suitable furrows and hold quality harrowing.

There are many varieties of this agricultural machinery. Many gardeners are resorted to its use / Gardeners.

Such equipment is ideal for land in the country.

Design features

Such a popular agricultural machinery as a motor-cultivator is assembled from a number of necessary details.

  • Frame.
  • Internal combustion engine running on gasoline. It can be a two-stroke or four-stroke.
  • The tank intended for gasoline is either for oil-gasoline composition (such tanks are equipped with Mole Metal Cultivators).
  • Manual fixture of the P-shaped shape with the control knobs recorded on it.
  • The rotor required to fix mills differing in its immediate intended purpose.
  • Device type bracket designed to fix the coulter and auxiliary attachment. Attachments include such components as coulter or fasteners.
  • Wheels. There are models with one, two or three wheels.

The most important node of this motorcycling, of course, is the engine.

The most qualitative and reliable rights recognized devices produced by American, Italian and Japanese firms. Such engines are equipped with the highest quality motor-cultivators. At the same time, the technique itself can be produced by another brand other than the manufacturer of the engine.

Principle of operation

Before you go to the store for a suitable and high-quality motorcultivator, you should figure out what is its principle of operation. The main work of this technique is to effectively looming the soil. This is done using special cutters resembling an asterisk. Unlike a simple plow, the cutter does not turn the earth layer, so it does not contribute to the erosion of the soil.

The processing of the site with the use of similar motorcycles is rightfully recognized by more progressive and safe. Manages this aggregate man. He must go for technique, directing it using a p-like bent items with handles installed on it.

On the handles used to control the technique, the special handles of the clutch are fixed, switch gear switch (and rear, and front). The presence in the design of the reverse transmission is required in those situations when cutters begin to stick in a dense or rocky land on a capricious area. When applying equipment back, you can warn a serious cutter breakdown or transmission (repair of data items can do in a round sum, so it is better to avoid breakdowns).

The grinding of the roots of weeds occurs at the same time with the loosening of the Earth.

Special cuts of disk type can be mounted on the rotor. These parts are able to dig up the groove, into which the potatoes will then be comfortable.

The processing of the reaches will also take place easily and trouble-free. Subsequently, it will be possible to fall asleep the earth again, changing places Left and right disk cutters. In addition, the last details are ideal for the formation of neat beds.

One of the most important components of the motor corrugation is such a detail as a couch. It is a metallic rectangular pattern. It is installed on the frame with fixed mills. This element plays the inhibitory role, which forces the cutters to descend deeper into the processed ground.

By setting the coulter length parameter, the ability to adjust the depth of the cut of a piece of sideways.

If there is no one in the equipment, and two coulters, they will give an additional maneuverability technique. Motor cultivator will maneuver when pressed by man on the left and right side of the handle.

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As you can see, the principle of operation of this technique is quite simple and clear. To cope with it during the processing of the Earth, it is not necessary to have special knowledge or rich experience in such gardening and garden procedures.


As mentioned above, the motor-cultivator is not submitted by a single model. You can find several varieties of this useful technique. All modern cultivators running from the engine are divided according to its size and weight.

Eliminate such options for similar techniques:

  • Ultralight (the weight of these aggregates does not exceed 15 kg);
  • lungs (their weight rarely exceeds the mark of 40 kg);
  • Middle (weight of these models varies from 45 to 60 kg);
  • Heavy (specified models weigh more than 60 kg).

Basically, motor-cultivators from the category from the most lightweight to heavyly equipped with motors that increasing the capacity of which ranges from 1.5 to 10 liters. with. But it happens that the series (except for heavy specimens) is complemented by a single power engine (2 liters. with.). This is explained by the fact that a certain weight requires the specified motorcycles for a sufficient impressive pressure on the land treated.

If this indicator turns out to be insufficient, the cultivator can often jump while working on more dense earthlings.

In the park of small mechanization, not only motor-cultivators are listed, but also close to them on the design of the motoblocks. Sometimes they are related to severe cultivators. Specified types of equipment have a number of differences from each other. They don’t need to be confused.

Motor blocks not only differ more impressive weight, but also more powerful drive. The principal difference between these two units lies directly in their designs.

Most popular today, compact ultralight options for motor-cultivators enjoy. This portable and lightweight equipment has a weight from 10 to 15 kg.

With the help of such aggregates, it is very convenient and easy to care for flower beds, flower beds, lawn, greenhouses and greenhouses.

Ultralight cultivators can also become excellent assistants in small care issues.

This technique has a number of distinctive features:

  • Ultralight devices are distinguished by high maneuverability, which speaks of ease of work with them;
  • The width of the capture of these aggregates varies from 20 to 30 cm;
  • They fragilely fall into rather narrow and hard-to-reach areas;
  • These models will cope with the loosening of the earth between the rows.

However, it should be borne in mind that ultralight devices do not fit for work on large and launched land, where there is a large amount of weed herb. The depth of penetration of these devices is only 10-12 cm. This is enough only for loosening the upper earthen plaster and removal of small weeds.

This agricultural equipment is not only gasoline. Machines with electric engines. These copies feed on the stationary electrical network through a long saving cable.

You can find on sale and strangers that work from batteries. Despite the convenience of applying such options, it turns out that gasoline models are more economical.

Ultralight aggregates are equipped with two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Usually, the power of the engines in these models does not exceed 2 liters. with.

Specialists recommend buying four-stroke specimens, because they are more powerful and reliable.

As for the two-stroke cultivators – gasoline, they “eat” much more, work with great noise, and we are wearing much more four-stroke.

Easy instances include motor-cultivators, whose weight ranges from 30 to 40 kg. They are ideal for procedures on land, where there is not too problemful and well-groomed. Such aggregates are used for loosening the upper earthen reservoirs and the preparation of the Earth under vegetable landings.

The width of the soil capture in the easy options is more significant than ultralight, and reaches 50 cm.

Light motor-cultivators meaningless to be in the case for the preparation of the Earth, the area of ​​which is more than 8 acres – it will be a very difficult and long process.

For parties 50 cm – this is an excess width parameter, because It is recommended to choose such models in which the ability of the grip is the ability to reduce the number of cutters.

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The depth of the loop of this motor corrugation can reach the mark of 15-20 cm. Of course, many facts depend on the specific type of soil, its condition and rotation itself. Light models are well coped with the processing of virgin or capricious clay soil.

As well as ultralight, light aggregates are equipped with two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Their power varies from 2 to 4 liters. with. Due to the presence of a more powerful and productive engine, the performance of such devices is several times higher than that of previously described options.

As in the first case, it is advisable to give preference to four-stroke aggregates.

This technique is distinguished by a relatively low weight, so it is simple enough to move it from place. However, low weight can negatively affect the convenience of working on the processing of the Earth: having met with any obstacle (for example, a stone or a dense root), a cultivator can start jumping out of the soil.

Masters recommend buying equipment from this category with maximum mass.

Light motor-cultivators are equipped with special ripper mills. In some models there are also supplements in the form of a richness and plow. More often on sale there are options at one speed. Some units have a rear rate, at the expense of which the technique may be much maneuverable, while in the conditions of a densely planted area.

Concerning Popular medium-sized motorcultivators – their weight varies from 40 to 60 kg. Thanks to its mass, this technique is more sustainable, it does not bounce, meeting with certain inclusions in the soil. Therefore, working with these units is easy and simple. Time to prepare soil goes less.

Here the width of the capture reaches 85 cm. Due to this indicator, use the average devices permissible and in the conditions of sufficiently large land plots. Their area can exceed 10 acres. But you need to keep in mind that Maneuverability of technology in difficult conditions risks noticeably decrease. Between the rows and on narrow areas to handle the land will be completely inconvenient.

Regarding the depth of plowing – there is an indicator of 25-30 cm. Cutters of this technique not only well loose soil, but allow the device to move forward. All average motorcultivators operate from four-stroke motors with a capacity of 4 to 6 liters. with. These devices have not only front, but also rear.

In a number of similar devices there is an addition in the form of a very convenient chain gearbox with an impressive efficiency. Medium cultivators permissible to operate in combination with mounted devices, such as a small plow, mower or harrow.

Technique from this category is the most popular and widespread. It is chosen by many dacms and gardeners. However, if it comes to plowing the virus land, these units will not fit, because their mechanical component does not boast of high strength and reliability. Cutters there are in front of the above-described copies, and this significantly increases the likelihood of their breakage in the case of a “meeting” with obstacles in the soil.

These heavyweights are motor-cultivators from the category of heavy agricultural machinery. Their weight may exceed 60 kg mark. To manage such models, you will need quite a lot of strength and energy.

Adjust the shutback of these aggregates is necessary with a special handle. The average plowing depth is 30 cm, as in cultivators from the middle group, but the width of the capture reaches 100 cm.

Heavy aggregates equipped with a powerful four-stroke engine may have a power from 6 to 10 liters. with. Cutters in their designs are in the back, which makes These models are more reliable and less susceptible to breakdowns. In addition, in these heavyweights, very stable and large wheels are usually present, which allow land processing easier and faster. The described devices have several front and rear velocities.

As for additional equipment – there may be a plow, a snake, a snow blower, a cart (its carrying capacity can reach 500 kg).

Heavy cultivators are encouraged to contact if it is necessary to care for a large loft. However, the main direction of these models is plowing virgin soils. That is why farmers and small agricultural enterprises are so often treated with this technique.

Review models

Assortment of a variety of motor-cultivators is great today. You can choose the optimal option for both small and improved and large, but launched land plot.

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Hyundai T850

This is a reliable gasoline motorcultivator designed specifically for motoblocks. It has a two-walled motor with an increased resource. Such an aggregate is reliable and wear-resistant. It is not subjected to breakdowns, even if low quality fuel was applied. The reducer of this model is made in a monolithic steel case. There is a system of easy launch engine manually. All control details of this unit are located very convenient and ergonomically. It is possible to regulate them in 4 different positions.

In this unit there are strong forged cutters with curved knives. Edges are equipped with limiters so that there is an opportunity to form smooth edges and do not hurt landing.

Husqvarna TF 338

This is a high-quality motor-cultivator from the world-famous Swedish manufacturer whose products are in mad demand. The specified model is equipped with a powerful four-stroke engine. In the cultivator Husqvarna TF 338 there is an additional bumper, designed to protect the motor in the course of land and in the process of moving. Cooling in this model is classic – air.

Transmission here chain. There are two rear and two front speeds. Wheels in this model pneumatic, and the profile is quite aggressive. Husqvarna TF 338 will not be stopped in soil or go into it.

The fuel tank is distinguished by an impressive volume of 4.8 liters. At the same time, the flow rate is economical, so the technique can work for a long time without additional refueling. Handling controls are convenient and can develop.

Hammer RT-65A

This is a very economical gasoline cultivator whose capacity is 6 liters. with. The fuel tank in it is 3.6 liters., so it can function for a long time without refueling. In the exhaust gases of this model there is a minimum percentage of harmful substances. Engine cooling There is air, and the launch of the technique is carried out with a manual starter.

The design itself is distinguished by stability, small dimensions and the ability to adjust the height.

Tips for choosing

Choosing a suitable model of the motor-cultivator, should be remembered about simple advice and recommendations that will help you choose the perfect unit.

  • First, deal with what conditions are planning to use such a technique. If we are talking about a large area with problem soil, you will need to choose a more powerful and heavy model. If the plot of refined and work with the cultivator too often you do not plan, you can do the ultra-light or light low power unit.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the assembly of equipment. Motor cultivator must be made on conscience. No damage, no weakly fixed parts in it should be.
  • Buy only high quality branded models. Yes, they cost more, but will serve longer and will be more effective.
  • Take such equipment only in specialized stores.

Subtleties of operation

Each 100 hours of hours change the oil in the unit.

Motor oil must be suitable for the next viscosity factor:

  • 10W30 – If you plan to work with the technique in the summer season;
  • 10w40 – compositions suitable for technology operating late autumn, winter or cool early spring.

If for a long time the unit is simply worth and not used (for example, from the past season), then the masters are advised to merge gasoline residues, and then pour fresh fuel.

From time to time, check the air filter in your motor corrugation. If it takes it, it will need to be thought out either put a new filter if the old is too polluted. Reducers in such a technique are collapsible or unbearable. The latter are not designed for additional service.

If there is a collapsible reducer in your model, it will be necessary to monitor the state of lubricant in it.

From time to time, consider mud sediments from the chain part, if any.

On how to choose a motor corrugation, see the following video.

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