Motor-block device “Neva” and its rules

Motoblocks “Neva” have proven themselves as reliable assistants in the household, as they are perfectly coping with the task. When choosing one of the models worth paying attention to the device, the features of its operation.

Main characteristics

Motoblock “Neva” is used for the secondary processing of the soil. In the design there is a shank, which pierces the soil, clings it and turns over. If we consider, from a constructive point of view, the technique refers to machines that use rotary motion of disks or teeth. The rotary cultivator of this line is an excellent example.

Motoroblocks are used before sowing or after the crop began to grow to remove weeds. Thus, a violation of a layer of soil controlled by the operator near plants kills unnecessary plants, irrespens to them. Products “Neva” of a toothed type are often similar in shape on chisel plows, but they have different goals. Technique works near the surface, while the plow is deep beneath the surface.

All company aggregates can be described as compact equipment that has a low center of gravity.

Thanks to such a design, it is more convenient to work on the motoblock, there is no risk that the technique can lose the balance and turn over.

On all models is the engine from Subaru, and with it and the electronic inclusion system is installed. All units are the front wheel for the transition, and compact dimensions allow you to transport the fiberboard in the car trunk.

Power may vary depending on the model. This indicator is in the interval of 4.5 to 7.5 horsepower. The width of the grip from 15 to 95 cm, the depth of immersion cuttings up to 32 cm, most often the volume of the fuel tank 3.6 liters, but on some models it reaches 4 stamps.5 liters.

The gearbox is installed in the Motoroblocks “Neva” three-stage and clinorem. Such a technique works on gasoline AI-95 or 92, You can not use other fuel.

The type of oil depends on what conditions the motoblock is operated. It can be SAE30 or SAE10W3.

In some motoblocks there is an engine with a cast iron sleeve, in the design of simpler technique one speed forward and the same back. There are aggregates of multi-speed, which can be switched between three speeds. Most of the motoblocks are able to replace a small tractor, They can not only handle the soil, but also transport various goods. Such technique is able to accelerate from 1.8 to 12 kilometers per hour, respectively, in models there is a different motor.

On average, the semi-professional engine is designed to work without breakage to 5 thousand hours. The hull made of aluminum protects against moisture and dust.

The maximum weight of the motoblock reaches 115 kilograms, while such a model is capable of carrying the weight weighing up to 400 kilograms.

Separate attention to the gearbox. In the design of “Neva” he is a gear chain, so you can talk about its reliability, strength. Thanks to him, the technique can demonstrate a stable job on any type of soil.

Device and principle of operation

The design of the motoblocks “Neva” is arranged in a classic way.

From the main components, such components can be distinguished as:

  • candles;
  • hub;
  • water pump;
  • air filter;
  • generator;
  • tension roller;
  • Gas handle, engine;

  • gearbox;
  • wheels;
  • pump;
  • starter;
  • frame;
  • clutch cable;
  • Extensions of the axes;
  • starter.

Approximately so in the details looks like a device of the described motoblocks.

Often, the load is additionally used for weighting of the design, by means of which the cutters in the ground are better immersed, thereby ensuring high-quality work of technology. The diameter of the shaft in modern models on average 19 mm.

The design of the device may vary depending on the user needs, in this case it is referred to the use of attachments. Gardeners and gardeners most often use a motoblock when preparing a landing land.

This is an effective tool that helps perform many agrotechnical tasks. His teeth can go deep into the soil to extract weed roots. Pneumatic wheels are provided on the motoblocks that help guide the device during use.

Gear wheels, or soils, are used for cultivation, and pneumopoles – for transportation on the highway. Gruppes are oriented parallel to each other in a metal frame, usually made of steel.

User manual

Motoblock includes not only the engine, but also gearbox, cutting discs and bearings. All specified parts require timely service and attention from the user. Bearings are operated under the surface of the soil, it leads to a premature failure, as dirt enters the housing. Proper maintenance requires regularly lubricate and clean item.

Teeth or blades should be the sharp, only so you can guarantee high-quality soil processing. The engine in the design drives not only milling mill, but also the transfer that is responsible for the direction of movement, including the reverse.

How to prepare for work?

Work on the motoblock will be qualitative only if the user will correctly prepare the technique and follow it. Before setting ignition, you need to check the unit, put on appropriate clothes.

The operator advises to use gloves to reduce the vibration produced by the instrument engine. Be sure to use glasses to protect eyes from garbage, abandoned by car, as well as boots that will remove legs from dangerous pointed items.

It is worth saying that the work of the Motoblocks “Neva” is characterized by a high level of noise, so it is better to use earplug.

The operator before starting must check whether all the fittings and connections on the device are sealed. If there are screws that are freely hanging out, they are tightened, so it is possible to avoid injuries when working on the technique. Before starting the engine, check whether enough fuel.

Motoblock must stand on the processed area when it is launched.

It is desirable that the engine first worked hard, then the clutch squeeze gradually, without breaking the equipment from the spot.

How to start?

Turn on the engine, switting the start button. Slowly pulling the clutch handle until resistance is feeling. Press back to the throttle lever in order to allow the motor to work.

Always keep the device with both hands. Make sure there are no obstacles or things that can stand on the way or lead you to loss of support.

When the device is already in the proper position on the ground, pulls behind the throttle lever to allow the motoblock to start moving on the ground. Control is carried out when retention of equipment for two handles on the steering wheel.

The motor is not turned off until the whole task is executed.

How to plow?

On the Motoblock “Neva” a vegetable garden. Due to the comfortable design, a large number of attachments plowing the earth and planting potatoes take away a much less time from the garden.

Before starting to plow a motoblock, you will need to remove the pneumocoles from its design and put on the primer. If this is not done, then it will not be able to hover the land.

On the equipment from the operator will be required to hang overlap and plow. At the first stage, the hinged equipment must be connected with the hitch, only after that the single element is mounted on the technique and customize. Main adjustment – setting the depth of dive, corner blades and planks.

You can plow from the middle of the field, after passing the necessary section of the motor-block unfolds, installing the clamp in the ground, then starts moving in the opposite direction. You can just start with one edge of the site on the right and reach the opposite side, where to turn around and continue.

If the work is done on virulent, then before this it will be necessary to mock the grass first, and otherwise the stalks will interfere.

Four cutters are installed on the technique, move only at the first speed to ensure high quality processing. Plowing is in sunny weather when the Earth is good, and otherwise more powerful technique may be required.

After the first time, the Earth should stand the month, then it praise her again. Start with spring so that the last time is treated in the fall, for the third time.

How to use in winter?

Modern motoblocks can be used in winter as a technique that helps to quickly clear the territory from snow. First of all, you need to know that any riding on the chains is the only true way, how to operate techniques without problems. Wear chains on pneumocoles. Thus, it turns out a kind of winter tires.

Before starting the motoblock, you will need to first determine which cooling system is in the design. If the air, then there is no need for antifreeze, but it should be remembered that the engine will heat up faster and also quickly cool, so they do not advise large intervals between work.

On some models, it will be necessary to make additional insulation so that the technique can be operated in cold conditions. You can use both a corporate case and a plaid or blanket. Extra insulation will be required only if the temperature decreases less -10 degrees.

Special attention to the type and quality of oil, which is planned to use. It is best to take synthetic, Because they preserve their properties better. It is advisable to look at the texture, it must be liquid, and otherwise the product will quickly thicken.

When you first start, the motoblock must work fifteen minutes at idle.

Winter storage, or as it is also called – conservation, must be made in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Oil must be completely replaced. If there is no possibility to buy, you can filter out the old, but qualitatively, so that there are no impurities.
  • All available filters will also need to change. If they are in the oil bath, then you should use the Fresh Product.
  • Experienced users advise to unscrew the candles, pour a little oil into the cylinder, then scroll through the crankshaft hands.
  • With the active use of the motoblock, it will surely be cleaned of mud, including even those elements that are in hard-to-reach places. On the body and components are applied to lubrication, it will help protect the technique during the storage period from corrosion education.

  • Electrical connectors will need to lubricate the specialized silicone lubricant, which is applied and on the caps of the candles, protecting against negative environmental impacts.
  • In the models of any motoblocks on which the electric starter is worthwhile, the battery will need to be removed and removed into the dry room. During the time he is stored, it will be possible to charge it several times.

To the cylinders did not get rings, you need to pull the starter handle several times when the fuel supply is open.

How to collect and launch the Motoblock “Neva”, learn in the video a little below.

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