Motor-block adapter: varieties and operation rules

    Motoblock is an indispensable unit that allows you to simplify the cultivation of the Earth and work on the household plot as a whole. At the same time, a considerable part of the dackets is trying to purchase an adapter to his motoblock by which you can speed up the workflow and unload the user’s back. About what kind of adapters for motorcycles and how to use them right, will tell the material of this article.

    What it is?

    The motoblock adapter is called a cart, the main elements of which are the seat, brake, brake handle, foot stops, coupling mechanism and frame with structural parts. The brake of the device is located near the foot. Usually such a device is equipped with two wheels, and the seat often has a lifting lever. The adapter design can be both universal and special: some of these varieties provide additional fixing of various canopies. Equipment of the motoblock by the adapter practically turns the worker unit into a mini tractor with a seat that increases the comfort of the operator.

    Application area

    If generally consider the purpose of the adapters for motoblocks, their goal is to unload the user and relieve its hard work. Depending on how the auxiliary equipment of the mounted type will be attached to the motoblock, its scope of use can significantly expand. For example, in addition to plowing, weeding, dipping and cleaning roots, it will be possible to remove the hay, clean some types of snow surfaces, align the soil surface. In addition, you can carry overall cargo.


    To date, there are several modifications of adapters. At the same time, they can be classified by the type of clutch and location. The coupling device is steering and moving joint. By location – rear and front.

    For the purpose of use, they may have an elongated or shortened drawn. The first options are powerful motoblocks, the second buy for aggregates with less power and less weight.

    Classify products can be used by the presence (absence) of the body. Variants of invisible type are inferior to the analogues with the body, in which there is the possibility of transporting different cargo. Motor blocks with body are especially comfortable during harvesting.

    With steering control

    Products of this type are characterized by a rather hard joint with a fiberboard. Implementation of management in this case is performed at the expense of a separate node. The adapter itself is in a fairly close contact with the motoblock. Steering wheels in the device of this type can be placed in front or rear.

    With rolling articulation

    The designs of this type are characterized by a change in the angle in relation to the vertical axis, which is located between the connecting elements. Such models are good in that they are adjusted to adjust the angle of inclination, however, in operation they are more difficult at the expense of maneuvers with increasing rotation radius. Forces here leaves more.


    The adhesion of such devices with a motoblock is carried out behind. The adapter itself is located in front of the technique. Due to the steering and greater structural complexity, such a device is characterized by a higher cost in comparison with the analogues of the rear-type.


    The adaptation of such an adapter is performed in front, which is why the attached device is located behind the motoblock. Such products have proven themselves when the beds are dipped, because they allow you to control the workflow. Working with them, easier to see the processed area.


    Each element of the motoblock adapter is an important component. The drive assembly of the adapter is the crossing mechanism. It is from it that depends on the reliability and stability of the connection of the motoblock and adapter. When the trailer is not equipped with steering, fasteners are made on a horizontally located hinge. Sometimes it is possible to twist and turn.

    The enhanced clutch mechanism resembles a welded knot, inserted into the frame and securely fixed by bolts. These are two customs on top of each other. Cut slicing of square pipe plus cut conventional round tube with a diameter of 1 or 1.5 inches. Inside the pipe there is a rod to which the tee is. It is the rod and is responsible for turning the tee on a controlled axis and a smooth stroke of uneven earth.

    As for the wheel fixing node, then externally, it represents two cuts of the pipe cooked at an angle of 90 degrees relative to each other. The cut, which is horizontally inserted into the fastening pipe and fixed with a bolt. The axis with the wheel is fixed on bearings.

    Suspension used in adapter devices are swivel, axial or bridge. They do not have elastic details. The operator’s workplace allows you to place a user in compliance with safety standards. Also in some embodiments, there may be a double control system.

    Rama device is a ridge or staircase. You can also choose the option in which the units and trailer frames are combined into one node. In this case, you have to construct a pedestal for the transmission and engine. It is to the frame that the clutch mechanism is welded, foot focus, rack with a seat, brake and a pipe to install wheels. The side pipes of the frame are the same in length and make up 40 cm. Also, the adapter may have a three-point suspension, which increases the performance of the main unit.


    The motoblock adapter parameters may be different, which depends on their construction species. For example, a universal model can reach 1.74 m long, in width – 0.65 m, in height – 1.3 m. The track can be 0.32 m, the road clearance is 0.14 m, and the minimum rotation radius is 1.1 m. Other models reach a length of 1.6 m with a width of 0.7 m.

    Some products have an armchair of 650 mm, a length of 1.73 m, a width of 74 cm. Other parameters may also have variations: 1.9 m length, width – 0.81 m, height – 1.4 m, road clearance – 0.3 m.


    From the rich list of devices for the motoblock you can select several options, Popular to buyers.

    • “Harms IP” – A fairly powerful lifting mechanism, equipped with a multifunctional dump, large triggers in front and rear. It has a dimensional trailer, durable plow, cultivator and a fire.
    • “APM-350” – the rear-type model with a non-scattered dump truck and tape brakes, made on a frame with two locks. Weighs about 92 kg, it is distinguished by a wide arrangement of wheels.
    • “AM-650” – Motion adapter with brakes and adjustable seats. Equipped with a rear lifting mechanism, suitable for all models of motoblocks (both domestic and imported production).

    • “KTZ 03” – All-wheel drive front fuel adapter, operating according to the 4×4 scheme (with a full drive) having a rigid hitch with a fiberboard. Equipped with a soft seat with hard mount, but without longitudinal adjustment.
    • “AM-2” – Universal Option for Agricultural Work. It has a steering, two pedals for installing the clutch and turn on the reverse. Provides installation of mounted equipment.
    • “PM-05” – arable landing module that implies work with attachments: mowing, snow blower and richness. It has a trailer seat and operating speed of up to 10 km / h.

    Operation and service

    The lifting mechanism of the attachment for the adapter is nothing but a lifting lever, significantly simplifying work with additional nozzles. Usually the lifting mechanism at the steering models is located behind the adapter. Attached hinged equipment required for a particular work. For example, it may be a plow for plowing or the preparation of the soil to enhance. The mechanism itself is structurally easy and can be driven by a manual turn of the lever.

    Fixing a two-wheeled adapter to the motoblock, you can take a comfortable position and work sitting. It contributes to greater stability of the motoblock. Options with manual trolley are relevant for large farms. They can also be used not only for harvesting, but also carry construction garbage and different loads. Taking advantage of the adapter, you can not be afraid of getting feet under the mill.

    To extend the life of the motoblock and adapter, you need to not forget about the first start, for which it is necessary to pre-pour oil and gasoline, and the subsequent run. It should also be borne in mind that in the process of work it is unacceptable to overheating the engine of the main unit and the timely lubrication of parts is required. Depending on the type of models, some of them will have to cover the chair of the operator due to the material of its manufacture. For example, if the base of the seat is plywood, then it can deform in the rain.

    Considering that Adapter can be made independently, using pricks (for example, wheels from cars or other spare parts), it is important to observe all the details of the drawing and the correct assembly of the mechanism for lifting attachments. As for the wheels, it is worth keeping in mind: Metallic options are better for work on the fields, rubber with treads are suitable for working on a dirt road. At the same time, their radius is of great importance in operation, because unnecessarily large or, on the contrary, too small wheels will lead to frequent tipping of the unit.

    At the same time, the models with the location of the engine behind the width of the rut must be greater, since in a different motor-block will not be able to properly balance in the process. The bridge for the wheels in this case should be wider. In the process of work, the motor-block can be used as guidelines or handle the land circular. It depends on the size and shape of the site, as well as the adapter model. For example, plowing or soil looser is simplified with rows with a turn at the end of each of them.

    During the work, the user can ensure that the soil processing is uniform, And the hinged equipment did not deepen in the ground more. Proper before work. In a timely manner, you need to inspect the adapter and a fiberboard. This will ensure the uninterrupted and safe operation of the motoblock during its entire service life.

    It is necessary to change oil in a timely manner in the nodes of the motoblock, engage in the prevention of electric motor systems, adjust control mechanisms and lifting. In addition, it is important to contain an aggregate and adapter clean. This means that they must be cleaned of dirt and soil, after which the motoblock should be installed in a horizontal position using a third wheel (if available) or a stand that can provide a stable position of the aggregate.

    We must not forget about sharpening guns, because the soil processing and the quality of its loosening directly depends on. If your plot is small, it is advisable to go through it in advance and remove large stones that can fasten attachments.

    Motoblock with adapter need to ensure proper storage. The room should be dry and well ventilated. At the same time, it is desirable to place the technique in the conditions in which it will be delivered from contact with alkali and acids. The car needs not only cleaned from pollution, but also fuel from the tank and carburetor. It is also necessary to merge oil from the engine crankcase. If the motor block will stand more than three months, you need to install it on the stand, unloading the tires.

    It is recommended to periodically inspect the tires for damage and defects. You can not use a low-pressure motoblock in tires, as it will reduce the life of the wheels. High pressure will also accelerate their wear. It is important to check the air filters of the motoblock, the spark plug and the need to replace the silencer. In addition, it is necessary to inspect the strength of the adapter connections, because the safety of the operator depends on this.

    About how to make an adapter to the motoblock with your own hands, look in the following video.

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