Motoblocks “Yenisei”: description, models and tips for use

Domestic equipment for agricultural work has always been highlighted by high quality and power, in the world of which motor-blocks of Russian production use well-deserved demand. Among the representatives of this line of domestic products it is worth highlighting the technique of the “Yenisei” trademark, which is implemented in Russia and beyond.


The entire model range of Motoblocks “Yenisei” passes the assembly process in Russia on the basis of the “Energoprom” concern, and the main components and components of the mechanisms are purchased in China. Such a feature causes the available cost of devices, in addition, all aggregates are highlighted by good maintainability. Details and equipment elements are implemented in wide access in service centers and specialized stores.

Gasoline motoblocks of this brand are high-performance techniques for performing complex agricultural tasks On large areas, including gardens, parks and forest land. Motoblocks “Yenisei” can be used in conjunction with various attached and trailed equipment, which is largely expanding their functionality. Some models in the basic configuration are implemented with several auxiliary attachments.

The lineup

The manufacturer offers a number of powerful types of motoblocks that are allocated by their individual characteristics. The most sought-after models are described in the review below.

Yenisei MZR-800

The device functions using a four-stroke engine, the power of which is 8 liters. with. The main purpose of the car is plowing and soil cultivation, in addition, when using additional attachments, the technique can be operated as a traction device.

The mass of the unit is 80 kilograms, the engine starts occurs with a special manual cable. Gearbox contains three speeds. The depth of immersion cutters of this device is 30 centimeters, when capturing the area from one meter.

The functioning of the attachment is possible due to the chain reducer, which is highlighted by reliability, so even heavy loads can easily withstand.

Yenisei MB-820

Such a device refers to the category of light motoblocks, the manufacturer positions the machine, as a device for processing the land area of ​​about 15 acres. Works an aggregate on a gasoline engine with a capacity of 8 liters. with. To make a motor in the configuration of technology, a manual starter is provided. According to the reviews of the owners, the motoblock can develop good speed during movement or soil treatment. The width of the cultivated site varies within 80-105 centimeters with the depth of cutting cut from 10 to 30 centimeters. The gearbox has 3 base stages, the motoblock transmission has an added gain due to which the unit is able to cope with severe work for a long time.

Yenisei MZR-830

Middle class motor block, the mass of the device is 100 kilograms, the machine works on a four-stroke motor with an equipped overheating protection, the engine power is 8 liters. with. Motoroblock can be operated with a different attachment tool, can be powered by a manual starter. Due to the step transmission, the technician can move on two types of speeds, the main advantage of the device is the ergonomic handle of the control, which can be adjusted in height and corner of location. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.

Yenisei TCP900EN

This model has an engine power of 9 horsepower, operates a device on a 4-stroke motor with built-in air-cooled. Gasoline Motoblock Yenisei TCP900EN is equipped with a comfortable handle that can be adjusted in different directions.

The volume of the fuel tank in the device is 4 liters. PPC has 3 speeds, the motoblock is equipped with a manual start-up system. The mass of the unit is 100 kilograms.


Almost all models of motor-cultivators “Yenisei” have a similar device. Therefore, constructive technique is a steel frame with an engine and a gearbox equipped with a control handle. All devices are highlighted by their performance due to powerful motors. PPCs in basic models has three steps – 2 front and one rear speed, however, there are other modifications, where the number of speeds may vary in one direction or another. Motoblocks are quite maneuverable due to small size and presence in the design of the reverse. Such a feature causes the use of the technique of “Yenisei” to work with heavy soil in difficult terrain.

The ergonomic handle has an angle of rotation, designed for 360 degrees, due to which the cultivators are very easy to carry out a substantial exposure of the soil. For the convenience of storing and transporting equipment, handle can be removed. Power selection shaft in motoblocks is a three-friendly pulley, due to such configuration, motor blocks can be used to work with various attachments, some details can be made by another manufacturer.

Pneumocoles, 8 mills are present in the standard configuration of the motoblock, and there are modifications that are implemented with side disks and anterior support with wheels. Fuel consumption of motoblocks varies in the range of 1.7-1.8 l / h.

Hinged equipment

Due to high-quality assembly and productivity during the implementation of various agricultural work Motoblocks “Yenisei” You can equip an additional attachment tool.

  • Cutter. Despite the fact that in the basic configuration of the device already have a roll set, very often the owners of devices acquire additional working items. Cutters can be saberoid or in the form of “goose paws”. The first option is recommended to increase the aeration of the soil, the second appearance today is greater popularity, since it has a deep angle of penetration into the soil. During the processing of the Earth, the wheels of the equipment are temporarily replaced by milling.
  • Plow. This tool performs similar tasks as the cutters. As a rule, plow is in demand for work with a dense soil.

The only minus of this working part is a small width of the area of ​​the area of ​​the area, in the light of which the process of cultivation of the soil will take more time.

  • Mower. Universal tool for agricultural work, as well as to care for the house territory. Most often, a rotary mower is purchased for operation, which perfectly copes with the removal of weeds and unnecessary shrubs. However, for the haircut of the lawn, such a tool is not useful, because on the treated surface there will be a trail from the tire of the motoblock. But for the billet for animal feed or pre-processing, the mower will turn out to be like the way.
  • Potatoes and potatoes. All motoblocks “Yenisei” are compatible with a landing tool and harvesting crop. This equipment eliminates the need to use manual labor for such works, in addition to this harvest is not mechanically damaged, as in the case using the usual shovel.
  • Okrapers. Useful agricultural tool that provides surge care after planting crops.

  • Snow blowers. Motoblocks “Yenisei” can be used for household needs and in winter. Therefore, equipment manufacturers offer owners of a hinged tool, with which it is possible to clean the territory from snowflowers. Due to its productivity, the technique is able to discard snow to remove 4-5 meters. In addition to this tool, to clean the snow cover from the tracks of a motor unit can be equipped with a shovel-dump.
  • Wheels with soilscep. Not all models of Russian aggregates are produced with a large diameter of the wheel, so to increase the capabilities of the devices, the manufacturer proposes to install soils. This part is a steel rim with plates, which during the movement and operation of the machine deepen into the ground, due to which the grip with the earth increases.
  • Crawler. This element has similar functions with primers, but it is exploited for the most part for movement along the snow-covered territory.

  • Trailers. Motoblocks “Yenisei” perfectly cope with the carriage of various goods, so the unit can be transformed into a traction block when using carts or trailers of various configurations.
  • Utyales. An additional element responsible for maneuverability and handling the machine in situations with severe and hard ground. Details add the weight of motoblock, and they consist of a pair of pancakes that are attached to the wheel axis. Such useful elements can also be made independently.
  • Adapter. To reduce the load on the worker, which operates the device, the motoblocks can be used in conjunction with the installation consisting of a trolley with a seat.

Recommendations for use

The primary task of the newly made owner of agricultural equipment is to study the instruction manual for the operation of the unit to avoid the occurrence of traumatic situations or premature failure of the device. After purchase, any model will need the primary run. To do this, you should refuel the motoblock, to start it and give to work on the minimum turnover of at least 10 hours. After which it is necessary to drain the spent oil and replace it with a new engine with a warm engine.

Before preservation of the device, it must be carefully cleaned from dirt and dust, disconnect all ignition terminals, drain oil and fuel, lubricate control levers. Store the unit is recommended in a dry and ventilated place. After a long downtime, the mechanism will need a thorough examination, it also concerns the daily leaving of the technique. Replacing the oil in motoblocks is recommended to perform after every 25 hours of operation of the motoblock.

All levers in the gearbox must be regularly handled by lithium or calcium lubricant. As for the transmission node, then in this mechanism, the oil should be merged and change after 100 hours of operation, using TAP-15B for this.

In the next video you will find a review of the Motoblock Yenisei 820.

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