Motoblocks “Neva MB-1” Description and recommendations for use

The scope of using Motoblocks “Neva MB-1” is quite extensive. This became possible due to a large number of hinged equipment, a powerful engine that is installed in different modifications, as well as the rest of the important technical characteristics.


Motoblock “Neva MB-1” of the old sample caused a storm of positive emotions from the user, modern modification allows you to quickly and without much difficulty loose, cultivate, steamed the earth, handle beds, mock grass and even clean the snow. There are described motoblocks in our country, namely in the city of St. Petersburg. Over the years, the gearbox has acquired a reinforced construction, a streamlined body shape, so that resistance has been reduced.

The manufacturer paid a lot of attention to the convenience of managing the use of such equipment, so used in the design two-sided disagreement of the wheels.

Motor quickly and easily starts from the electric starter, the generator helps to feed the headlights installed in front of the motoblock, so that you can even work at night. All models are designed in accordance with technical safety standards. The manufacturer warns the user about the danger threatening to him if he independently tries to change the characteristics of the technique.

Motoblocks are the best assistants on the household plot of a large value. They are used on the hay and even in the garden. Iron wheels allow the technique to quickly move on the soil of any type. All brand models are characterized by small dimensions and ease of use. They are pretty powerful, but at the same time remain economical. Inside there is a 4-stroke motor, and additional attachments allows you to solve not standard, but more complex tasks.

Operator can work on this technique without special education or skills, but the change of attachments is possible only after a detailed study of the instruction from the manufacturer. From the factory, the Motoblock comes with a cultivator installed, all other working guns are used when performing special manufacturer’s instructions.


Motoblocks “Neva MB-1” are available on sale of different dimensions, where length, width and height Look as follows:

  • 160 * 66 * 130 centimeters;
  • 165 * 660 * 130 centimeters.

There are models weighing 75 kg and 85 kg, in all traction effort when used on wheels of additional cargo in 20 kg is 140 kgf. You can use this technique at air temperature from – 25 to + 35 s. All motoblocks are a road clearance of 120 mm. As for the gearbox, there is a mechanical unit, from a gear-chain type “Neva MB-1”. The number of gears depends on the model and can be either four when moving forward and two back, or six forward and as much at the rear progress.

Motor carburetor single-cylinder, running on gasoline. In the same version there is a generator and an electric starter, in the other no. Motoblocks “Neva MB-1” amazing assortment of engines. If there is in the title to the name it can be said that this unit was released in Kaluga, while its maximum power reaches 7.5 horsepower.

This is one of the most productive engines, in the design of which the cast iron sleeve is provided.

The presence in the index B indicates that the motor is imported, most likely this is a semi-professional unit, which has an indicator of force 7.5 L. with. If the index is prescribed 2C, it means that the engine is installed inside the equipment from Honda with a capacity of 6.5 liters. with. Its advantage is that the Japanese manufacturer uses advanced technologies in its developments.

There are on sale machinery and with motors of greater power, up to 10 liters. with., who cope with any soil and can support long work. If you take into account the fuel consumption on the “Neva MB-1”, then this indicator is three liters per hour. It may vary depending on the conditions in which the technique is operated.

The lineup

“Neva MB1 -N MultiaGro (GP200)”

Perfect option for use on a small area. Equipped by the engine from the Japanese manufacturer, who has established itself due to its reliability and durability. Switching transfer Manufacturer moved to the steering column. Reducer from “Multigro”, this is the development of the manufacturer.

The technique can work with additional equipment, there are transmissions for moving forward, three of them, there is an opportunity to take back. Thus, the operator has the ability to perform any agricultural work. There is a high power and minimum technique. The user can adjust the height of the steering wheel.

When working on cutters, the support wheel is allowed, due to which the best balance is ensured. The wheel is not supplied in the configuration, so it must be purchased separately. The engine demonstrates strength of 5.8 horsepower, you can refill ai-92 and 95. The width of the track created, depending on the attached equipment used, is 860-1270 mm.

“MB1-B Multigro (RS950)”

This model is best used on the ground with medium density. This is a multifunctional technique, on which the manufacturer has provided a selection of transmission. The engine is quite powerful, has a long life. As in the previous model, the design of the author’s gearbox is installed. The technique can be praised for simple control when switching speeds and transmission and high efficiency. Even a person without experience can cope with such a technique.

The transfer ratio is increased, due to which the motoblock perfectly copes if it is necessary to use it as a tractor.

The steering wheel can be quickly and easily adjusted by the user’s growth, and switch speeds on the steering wheel. If necessary, the number of gears increases through the shield and the belt, which is required to be reinstalled on the second stream of pulley. Technique helps to quickly cope with all the works on Earth, including soil paying.

If you lower the extra wheel installed as a support, and the steering wheel, then the installation of the cutter happens quickly and without more effort. Technology can be used as a small means for transporting the crop. This will require a trolley and adapter. Easy and easy to remove the territory and discharge the snow with an additional brush or shovel. Move power in 6.5 l. with., Works on the same fuel as the previous model, the width of the left rut is in the same range.

Motoblock “Neva MB1-B-6, OFS”

Used in the conditions of poor lighting on the soil of moderate severity. With a significant increase in ambient temperature, the manufacturer advises to work on the motoblock exclusively early in the morning or in the evening. The design includes headlights whose work is carried out thanks to the built-in generator and electric starter. There are front transmissions in the number of three pieces and rear, power costs are low.

The optimal speed for work is selected by rearranging the belt. The lever that is necessary for switching is located on the steering wheel. It can be configured to itself, which greatly simplifies the execution of the tasks on the uneven soil. Wheels quickly and easily change on the cutters. Optional wheel for support is not supplied in the configuration.

If you plan to perform complex tasks, the hardware is cling to the hardware. You can remove the snow from the territory, carry a harvest. Fuel tank accommodates 3.8 liter of gasoline, motor power 6 l. with. The width of the rut in cultivation is the same as other models. One of the main advantages of the described technique is the simplicity of maintenance.

“Neva MB1S-6,0”

Equipped with a 4-stroke engine, which is characterized by an increased motor. Number of gear 4, forward three and one rear. One of the features of this motoblock is the center of gravity, which is reduced, so the operator does not have to apply additional strength at the time of operation. Power of the power unit of 6 horses, while the volume of the tank for gasoline is 3.6 liters.

The width of cultivation is the same as the previous models.

“Multigro MB1-b fs”

Can be operated in the dark, suitable for small territories. Its power of 6 horsepower, the processing width is the same, but the depth of entering the ground 200 mm.

Pros and cons

Like any technique, MB-1 MB-1 motoblocks have advantages and disadvantages. Of the advantages of the art under consideration, you can allocate:

  • Powerful good quality engine;
  • a running system that is distinguished by reliability;
  • made of durable materials housing;
  • Small dimensions and weight;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • all parts are available;
  • Available cost.

If we talk about disadvantages, I want to mention the noise and instability on the buggy surface, but it is possible to eliminate it using an additional wheel that is sold separately.


There is a motoblock, like most of the similar techniques from other manufacturers. In the design you can highlight the main elements:

  • frame;
  • chassis;
  • virgin;
  • carburetor;
  • candles;
  • motor;
  • clutch;
  • BO;
  • gearbox;
  • Capacity for fuel;
  • management system.

The volume and quality of work increases due to the possibility of switching the belt and add the number of gears. The speed mode is selected by the user proceed from what kind of work will be required to perform. On models with headlights costs a generator and electric starter.

Hinged equipment

The manufacturer tried to equip her fuel with a large number of hinged equipment. For the cultivation of the soil, cutters are used, in this case there are eight of them, but only four are presented in the basic version. If necessary, then additional equipment is purchased separately. An additionally purchased with a coupling device and a plow. All of them are needed to give high-quality clutch during operation, only so you can compensate for an impressive mass of technology.

Fixtures for digging potatoes – useful additional device in the presence of a large area. It helps to plant a vegetable garden in less time with minimal effort. Landing is performed smoothly, a fixed distance is saved between the rows. This device is produced in two types:

  • fan;
  • vibration.

Ferric potatoes in the center have a complete metal knife, from which the rods are departed in different directions.

The earth rises, and then sieved, while the tubers remain on the surface. Vibration has its advantage – they have the best efficiency. In the design, a vibration grille and a lemeh that lifts the earth and lays it out. After the ground is sieved through the grille and potatoes remain clean. From the mounted equipment you can highlight mowers, which are also supplied for sale in different options:

  • segment;
  • Rotor.

Segment knives are made of hardened steel, they move horizontally, so such equipment is best suited for working on a flat surface. The main scope of application – haircuting shrubs and harvesting of cereals. As for rotary mowers, they became more sought after by the user, since they have increased performance. Knives are distinguished by superplication, they are installed on discs rotating at high speed. Thanks to such a design it became possible to remove small shrubs and grass.

If necessary, a snowheaster, which was designed specifically for “NEVE MB-1, can be installed on a motoblock. CMB-1 has a simple principle of work, while it demonstrates high efficiency. Auke directs snow in the middle, and the direction of the emission is set by the rotary screen. The height of the cleaning is regulated by the installed poloz.

    If you want to clear the territory from the garbage, then a rotary brush is put on the motoblock. Capture extends to 900 mm. Motoblock can be used as a small vehicle, for this it is left to pneumocoles and engage through the adapter by a carrying capacity of no more than 40 kg. The brake system is provided in the basic configuration. Some attachments helps to perform agricultural work. This is not only a shipping, but also a plow, rippers, riders.

    User manual

    When using motor blocks of this type, special attention is oil. Summer advised to refuel SAE 10W-30, in the winter period SAE 5W-30. The first time the oil is changed after five hours of activity, then every eight. Replacing the seals do not so often, but with constant regularity. When you first start, the revolt controller is set, the equipment is checked. Include the engine only under the condition that the motoblock is installed on a flat surface. Be sure to check the level of oil and fuel, how threaded connections are fastened.

    The first ten minutes the engine must work out in good.

    The manufacturer does not recommend adding cutters, use only those that are supplied in the configuration. Plow adjustment is no less important stage, it is carried out when the motoblock is on freight rails. Transmission switches exclusively after stopping pulley. There are certain rules how to do it right:

    • First stop the technique;
    • The clutch squeezes smoothly;
    • In motion, the motoblock is given when the engine is operating only one fourth of the possibilities;
    • The number of revolutions increases gradually.

    Additionally about MB-1 Motoblocks, see the following video.

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