Motoblocks “Neva”: features and types

On the territory of Russia and the CIS countries, one of the most popular motoblocks is the aggregate of the Neva brand. It is produced by the company “Red October” for more than 10 years. Over the years, he proved its exceptional quality, performance and practicality.

Information about the manufacturer

Plant “Red October-Neva” was opened in 2002. As a subsidiary of the largest in Russia, Red October Holding, which is known in Russia and abroad as one of the largest engineering factory. The history of the company begins in the distant 1891. – It was then that in St. Petersburg a small enterprise was opened, specializing in a relatively young industry in those days of industry – electrical engineering. A little later, the factory engineers together with Soviet scientists took part in the creation of the first power plant.

In the late 20s of the last century, the company united with a Motorcycle Plant named after Zinoviev – From that moment on, a new milestone began in the history of the enterprise, the merger gave the start of the production of motorcycles and auto parts, and in the 40s the plant began working at the aviation industry (this direction today remains one of the main). At the production facilities of the “Red October” produced rocket and aviation motors for such cars: aircraft Yak-42, helicopters K-50 and K-52.

In parallel, the company produces more than 10 million engines for motorcycles and motors annually, and In 1985, a division specializing in agricultural equipment was created. It got the name “Neva” and became known thanks to the release of motoblocks.


Motoroblocks manufactured under the trademark “Neva” quite quickly won popularity among gardeners and dacities due to their practicality, reliability and the highest quality assembly – on evaluation data, the volume of marriage at this enterprise does not exceed 1.5%. This unit is characterized by a rather high margin of strength due to the use of materials of the highest quality and the introduction of technological methods of their processing.

Motoroblocks “Neva” have two speed modes ahead and one – in the opposite direction. In addition, a reduced row is presented – in this case, you should cross the belt to another pulley. The speed of rotation varies from 1.8 to 12 km / h, the maximum weight of the produced models is 115 kg, while the device has the technical ability to transport goods up to 400 kg. For the configuration of motoblocks, the manufacturing enterprise uses DM-1K motors produced in Kaluga, as well as engines of such world-famous brands like “Honda” and “Subaru”. The aggregate reducer – gear chain, reliable, sealed, located in the oil bath.

The hull is made of aluminum, it is easy and strength. A similar reducer can develop more than 180 kg effort and can effectively work on any types of soil. A pleasant bonus is the possibility of disagreement of the semi-axes, thanks to which you can direct the drive only on one of the wheels, thereby substantially facilitating the process of controlling the motoblock.

The building is highlighted with increased reliability: if during the operation of the motor-block faces an obstacle, then the belt immediately begins to slip, thereby protecting the motor and gear from mechanical damage.


Stop altogether Read more on the technical features of Motoblocks “Neva”:

  • Maximum dimensions (d / w / c) – 1600/660/1300 mm;
  • Maximum weight – 85 kg;
  • The minimum heatforce on wheels when transporting goods weighing up to 20 kg – 140;
  • Operation temperature range – from -25 to +35;
  • Hodovka is one-sided;
  • Wheel formula – 2×2;
  • The clutch coupling is turned off, the mechanism for its inclusion is presented with a tensioner roller;
  • reducer – hexirent chain, mechanical;

  • Tire – pneumatic;
  • Pitch is adjustable stepwise, its width in a normal position is 32 cm, with extension cords – 57 cm;
  • Diameter cutters – 3 cm;
  • Capture width – 1.2 m;
  • the depth of the ground of the Earth is 20 cm;
  • steering system – bargaining;
  • used fuel – gasoline AI-92/95;
  • Motor cooling type – air, forced;

It is also possible to fix attachments. In this case, you can install as active equipment (snow blowers, lawn mowers, water pump and brush), and passive (cart, plow, potatoes and snowpad). In the second case, the elements are attached with the hitch.

The lineup

The company “NEVA” produces a wide range of motoblocks, the differences between which, in essence, are reduced only to the type of engine used. We present an overview of the most popular modifications.

  • “MB-2K-7.5” – The product of the Kaluga enterprise brand “DM-1K” is installed on the product of various degrees of power: semi-professional corresponds to the parameters of 6.5 liters. C, and Professional Pro is equipped with a sleeve of cast iron and has the power characteristics of 7.5 liters. with.
  • “MB-2B” – This motoblock is equipped with BRIGGS & Stratton power engines. As in the previous case, they are divided into sepulophysic and professional, power parameters of the presented models are 6 liters. C, 6.5 l. C and 7.5 liters. with.
  • MB-2 – This model is equipped with Japanese Subaru or Yamaha MX250 engines, which are distinguished by the upper camshaft location. Modification is in great demand as one of the most reliable in the world.

  • “MB-2N” – It has a “Honda” engine with a capacity of 5.5 and 6.5 horsepower. These motoblocks are characterized by the highest efficiency and increased torque. Such features provide the duration of the use and reliability of the entire unit, even despite its low power parameters.
  • “MB-23” – This lineup is represented by heavy motor-blocks with rather powerful engines – from 8 to 10 liters. Here most often use the motors “Subaru” and “Honda”, the motoblocks are designed to work in intensive mode on Earth of any type. It is noteworthy that the processing depth here is increased to 32 cm. In this line, you can separately allocate the Model “MD-23 SD”, which is diesel, therefore it is released by the maximum potential force among all the units of this series.

Also popular models “Neva MB-3”, “Neva MB-23B-10.0 “and” Neva MB-23S-9.0 Pro ».

How to choose?

Choosing a motoblock, first of all, should be processed from its power. So, if you work with an aggregate at the cottage from the case of the case, and the intensity of work will be small, then low-power settings with a parameter from 3.5 to 6 liters will be quite. This concerns the sections of less than 50 acres. Installations with a power of more than 6, l. C optimal with intensive use when there is a need for frequent and solid processing of the Earth. For landing areas from 45 hectares up to 1 hectares should be closed to 6-7 l models. C, and plots with a larger area require large capacities – from 8 to 15 liters. with.

However, it is not necessary to forget that the lack of power is often turning to the premature way out of the order, and its excess entails a significant retention of equipment.

Comparison with other motoblocks

Separately, it is worth talking about the differences of the Motoblock “Neva” from other aggregates. Many compare “Neva” with such domestic motoblocks of a similar functional as: “Cascade”, “Salute”, as well as Patriot Nevada. Consider more Description, similarities and differences in models.


Many users argue that “Oka” is a cheap analog of “Neva”, from the advantages of “Oka” highlights low cost, and the “Neva” there are such advantages as the power and high quality of American and Japanese motors. Of the disadvantages of “Oka” often refer to the increased center of gravity, which leads to a permanent advantage to the side, as well as heavy weight, therefore, only a well-developed man can work with “Okay”, and women and teenagers are unlikely to cope with such an aggregate.

It is necessary to solve the question of which motoblock to choose, to buyer, however, before making a final decision, it should be proceeded not only from the prices, but also from the practicality of the aggregate. Try to evaluate the dimensions of your land, as well as the technical capabilities of the motoblock and their own work skills with such mechanisms.


“Salute” is also called a cheap analogue of “Neva”, however, the low cost entails and rather significant drawbacks. As Customer Reviews Show, Salute Motoroblocks are not always launched in frost – in this case, it is necessary to warm them up for quite a long time, thereby significantly increasing fuel consumption. In addition, factory wheels often fly from the rear fasteners in high vibration conditions, also the installation is sometimes ranging on virgin lands.

Neva’s negative feedbacks are much less, but users note that the need for the Neva is not always justified – the choice of a suitable unit depends largely on the characteristics of the soil, the size of the land treated and the operator forces.


“UGR” – another “brainchild” of the Russian industry. This is a high-quality device that works effectively on soils of any type. “Neva” and “UGR” are about the same cost: ranging from 5 to 35 thousand rubles – if we are talking about used models, and the new ones will cost at least three times more expensive: from 30 to 50 thousand.

Of the disadvantages of “Ugra” can be designated:

  • the absence of an additional set of cultivators;
  • Excessive vibration return on the steering wheel;
  • Small fuel tank;
  • complete absence of smoothness;
  • The device starts with a place with a jerk.

All specified shortcomings, with other things being equal, definitely inclined the scales in favor of the Motoroblocks “Neva”.


“Agat”, like the “Neva” equipped with the engines of American and Japanese production, and also includes engines made in China. According to farmers, Agat loses the “Neva” on such parameters as: the height of the wheels, the low speed of movement during the carriage of goods on the attached trolley, as well as the frequent flow of the seals.

Hinged equipment

Motoblock “Neva” is often used in combination with various types of attached equipment. So, no wheels are installed to cultivate the soil to the unit, and the cutters, and their total number depends on the soil type (on average, the kit includes from 6 to 8 pieces). For plowing the Earth, a special coupling is used, and in order to ensure the maximum adhesion of the installation with the soil, you should additionally purchase the wheels-soils.

Special occupiers are used for efficient landing. They can be single and double row, they are also divided into adjustable and unregulated. The choice depends only on the characteristics of the land being processed. Usually with these fixtures use metal wheels of increased size, thereby increasing the agrotechnical clearance.

Motoblock “Neva” You can attach special sourzhas, with the help of which the seeds of vegetable and grain seeds can be seeded, also often acquire special nozzles intended for planting potatoes – such devices have repeatedly reduce the cost of strength and time to sowing.

Collect the crop of root crops will help potatoes. Usually, vibration models are attached to the Motoblock “Neva”, which are pretty well coped with the processing of a small section of the landing area. The principle of operation of potatoes is simple: with the help of a knife, the device raises the lands of land along with roots and moves to a special lattice, under the action of vibration the earth is sifted, and the purified potato falls on the ground, where it collects the owner of the land plot, without spending essential effort. The performance of such a digger is approximately 0.15 hectares / hour.

For the workpiece of the hay, it is worth purchasing mowers that can be segmented or rotary. Segment mowers are made of pretty acute steel, they move in the horizontal plane progressively towards each other, best of all, they work with cereal herbs on a flat land. Rotary devices are more versatile. The working tool here are installed on the continuously rotating disk knives. Such devices are not scary of any irregularities of the soil, they will not stop either the grass, nor small shrubs.

In winter, the motoblock is used to clean the rival area from snow – To do this, snow blowers are fixed to them, which make it possible to effectively clean quite large areas literally for days. But for garbage cleaning it is worth a preference to rotary brushes with a grip width of 90 cm. If you need to move cargo to the Motoroblocks “Neva” attach a cart – a trailer, which moves with a speed of 2.2 km / h and is distinguished by a load capacity of 400 kg. Typically, such a cart is equipped with a seat for the operator, a reliable coupling and brake system.

User manual

Motor-block care is simple: the most important thing is that it is constantly clean and dry, while it should be located exclusively in a horizontal position with a support for an additional wheel or a special stand. When buying a motoblock, first of all, it is necessary to make it running for 1.5 days. The car should be operated as much as possible on the full gas mode, but not allowing excess loads. In the future, everything that is required by Motoblock is periodic inspection, which includes a thorough check:

  • Oil quantities;
  • tightening strength of all threaded connections;
  • the general condition of the main protective elements;
  • tire pressure.

We are accustomed to the fact that the agricultural machinery works in the spring-autumn period, however, and in winter for Motoblocks “Neva” there will be a job – cleaning and cleaning of the territory from the snowflowers. With the help of a snow blower, you can remove all the dropped or shred snow in a few minutes instead of wrinkled by a spade. However, if everything is clear with operation in the warm time, then winter use of motoblocks has its own characteristics.

As follows from the instruction manual, first of all, the device should be prepared for operation in the conditions of frost – To do this, it is necessary to change the oil in a timely manner, as well as the spark plugs – then the viscosity of the composition will be less, and therefore the launch of the engine will become easier. Nevertheless, even it does not always help make the motor. To avoid such an unpleasant phenomenon, you need to store the unit in a heated room (for example, in the garage), and if there is no such possibility, before launching you need to hide it with a warm blanket, and from above – a woolen blanket. Be sure that after these simple manipulations, your car will start just as easily and simple as in the summer. If necessary, you need to add a little ether into the carburetor – in such a way you can also facilitate the launch of the motor.

After cleaning snow, clean the motoblock, otherwise – rust may appear in the nodes. You also need to wipe the device as it must be oil and put in the garage again.

Ownership reviews

Owners reviews Indicate the many advantages of Motoblocks “Neva”.

  • Imported engines of world-famous firms Honda, Kasei and others who differ exceptionally high efficiency and excellent motorbate. Such a device allows the use of a motoblock even in very unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Functional and at the same time a simple motor switching system. Due to this, for each type of work, you can pick up your optimal speed. Their total quantity depends on the variety and modification of the device (for example, the first transmission is used on the most problematic and solid soils, and the third – at the diverse land).
  • Motoblock “Neva” successfully combined with hinged equipment of any type: with a plow, mowing, snow blower, cart and rake. All this allows you to use the installation at any time of the year.

  • Motor block allows you to install any position of the steering wheel, and if the mixer is used in the complex with the installation, the steering wheel can be quite efficient to control the mechanism so as not to spoil the created groove.
  • The aggregates of production of “Red October” are easy, but at the same time a durable building that effectively protects the entire device from gas, dust and mechanical damage. To reduce the vibratory load, quite often the case is amplified by rubber gaskets.
  • It is noteworthy that transportation of such installations is possible on any motor vehicles, while the manufacturer promises a guarantee for its equipment and long service.
  • At the failure of one of the spare parts such a motoblock, there will be no problems with the purchase of components – they can be found in any store. Spare parts for imported models often have to be ordered by the catalog and wait a long time.

From shortcomings, users indicate the following points.

  • Light models of “Neva” work not well enough in the “plow” mode, so they have to additionally hang the weightlifier (in this case, the depth of plowing is 25 cm).
  • Despite the fact that the model is quite compact, it is often possible to buy a smaller analogue.
  • The weight of some models reaches 80-90 kg, which significantly limits the circle of individuals that can handle such a tool. However, you can purchase a model “MB-B6.5 RS compact ».
  • Many gardeners believe that the cost of Motoblocks “Neva” is overestimated. In this case, it should be borne in mind that the price of products of this brand depends not only on the manufacturer, but also on the pricing policy of the trading enterprise. That is why users in most cases recommend to give preference to buy a product directly from the manufacturer through their official website.

On the use of Motoblocks “Neva”, see the video below.

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