Motoblock Forza MB-105: characteristics and features of operation

Forza MB-105 Motoblocks are designed to facilitate work when conducting an subsidiary farm. Let’s figure it out, which represents this technique, what characteristics it has, how to operate it correctly.

About manufacturer

The Forza trademark belongs to TPK “Uralbenzotech”. This company has been presented in the domestic market for more than 10 years. Initially, the company was engaged only by selling gasoline equipment, but in 2010 created its brand of goods for home and garden Forza. Under this brand, a wide range of tools and aggregates, including motor-blocks.

Advantages and disadvantages

Motoblocks forza MB-105 – this is a technique created specifically to work in difficult conditions. This is a whole series of instruments of this orientation. The abbreviation of MB in the title indicates that the technique is equipped with a power take-off shaft, that is, the speed diminist works, which allows you to choose the mode of operation of the equipment under a certain task.

Forza MB-105 motoblocks have a number of advantages.

  • High quality. All equipment is certified and complies with the standards established in our country.
  • Price. The price of motoblocks of this manufacturer is significantly lower than those of analogs from Europe.
  • Wide model range. Almost everyone will select a modification necessary for functionality.
  • Optional equipment. Front and rear adapter help turn this unit into a mini tractor and use various attachments.

Significant lack of Motoblocks Forza MB-105 Only one – fast wear cutters.


Forza MB-105 motoblocks are available with three engine power: 7, 9 and 15 liters. with. They have dimensions 1.5×0.61×1.15 m. Weigh technician with refilled tank about 125 kg. Equipped with an adjustable handle, which can be removed for the convenience of transportation.

Has two fairly large wheels with the tread “Christmas tree”, which gives the device an increased permeability. And they can be replaced with even more. Movement Aggregate can both forward and forth. Equipment of motoblocks may differ, but in the standard has: two pneumocoles, instructions for the device itself and its engine, removable handle, couch, protection wings and fasteners.

Features of operation

To the forza MB-105 motor blocks served you for a long time, You need to use the unit in accordance with the instructions for use and fulfill simple recommendations.

  • Allowed to use the device at ambient temperature from -40 to +40 degrees.
  • Before each operation should be examined by the device, stretching the discharge compounds.
  • Do not load just purchased unit. Give it to the engine to run.
  • Use only original spare parts or analogs that manufacturer recommends.
  • In time, carry out the maintenance of the device, measure the oil, change the candles.
  • Keep knives in a clean state, if they fumbled, twist them in time.
  • Clean the body of the device from grass, oil droplets and fuel after operation to exclude fire.
  • Do not allow the engine of the motoblock engine.
  • When operating the device, wear protective clothing and closed shoes.
  • Do not use the unit for more than 2 hours in a row.


    Owners of Motoblocks Forza MB-105 respond about this technique is quite good. First of all, noting, of course, the price, which is several times less than in foreign analogues. Also talk about good quality equipment that over the years of operation has to change only belt-type consumables. The disadvantages include a weak metal on the cutters, and the fact that the rear speed is turned on only through the transition to neutral.

    How to collect a fiberboard do it yourself, look in the video below.

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