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Modern motocos found its use not only in the garden and garden. Due to the fact that the device is sold with interchangeable nozzles, it can be used as a ripper, speakerphone, mower, suchcores, for the destruction of grass, potato weeping, snow cleaning and in many other cases.


When buying a gasoline trimmer, it is necessary to immediately think about the acquisition of nozzles. To begin with, it is worth deciding in which work the unit will be used. Thanks to modern technologies, the benzotyapka can become a faithful assistant on the household plot if the suspension is changed on it. Aggregates of this type can perform a wide range of works of agricultural purposes.

    For example, giving out small territories, pump out gardens and flowerbeds, loosen the soil, clean the snow, dig tubers and much more.

    The advantages of using aggregates with replaceable nozzles are obvious:

    • Multifunctionality;
    • high quality work performed;
    • Easy use;
    • efficiency;
    • low cost of suspended equipment on the motorcycle, unlike the nozzles on the motor-block;
    • processing speed;
    • the possibility of using not only on a large plot, but also in a greenhouse, flower bed and flower bed;
    • Security in work.


    • Nozzles can increase the weight of the device;
    • Some devices cannot be pressed to the soil, as this may entail a breakdown of the device;
    • When working may occur some inconvenience due to vibration.


    For efficient use of motocos every owner Can acquire the following options for attachments.

    • Drill. When using gasoline trimmer, electrical energy is not required. Despite this, this type of equipment is characterized by high efficiency, strength of action and reliability in application. Scrolling on the drill is ensured by the gearbox.
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    • Chassis wheels on benzokosu. Using this nozzle is possible in conjunction with blower or other devices. Tootped wheels are especially convenient for use with a brush for sweeping or roller. In this case, the process of work is accompanied by convenience and comfort.

    • Suchkorez – This is a kind of device for motocos, which is used to cut bitch, twigs, which are located at an altitude of about 250 centimeters. The work of suchkores occurs by the type of hacksaw.

    • Gardening scissors Used for trimming alive hedges, as well as curly shrubs. At the heart of the nozzle is a pair of modifications that have different hose length, which is convenient in different situations.

    • Aerator Lawnov. Direct purpose of this nozzle is lawn aeration. With it, you can saturate the upper soil layer by air by piercing it. Also, this equipment splits the surface crust of the lawn, which was formed after rains, abundant irrigation or pulpativities. Using the aerator of lawns together with the motorcycle, you can restore the air permeability of the soil.

    • Cultivator. This type of nozzle, the soil milling cutter is used when the soil is loosened on the flower beds, in greenhouses or in a small garden, as well as near trees and bushes. Users noted that due to a small weight, there is a processing of exceptionally top layer of soil. If the soil is solid, then the cultivator on the benzokos will scratch the top of the substrate, do not penetrate deep into.

    • Vesotanis. Direct appointment of saw fixture is the spillation of branches and bushes, the thickness of which does not reach 0.15 meters. Also with this device it is possible to cut the crowns of trees, which are below 450 centimeters below. Vysotzorez has a form of a gearbox located in a housing together with an oil tank and a hole with a trimmer.
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    • Nozzle gear. It can be used as a motor for mobile means. Reducer is able to reduce turns 5 times.

    • Water pump. With the help of the pump, it is possible to supply water from rivers, lakes, tanks, wells for the subsequent watering of the beds, washing the car, domestic water supply, watering water in the summer shower and so on.

    • Brush and roller. This type of nozzle has the type of rubber brush, which is rotating with high performance and sweeps the garbage, while not damage to the surface. The brush and roller can be used to sweep the garden path, harvesting grass, which is beveling, as well as the elimination of moss. The high effect of work is achieved in aggregate with driving wheels.

    • For cleaning snow. The snow brush allows you to easily clean the snow cover in the yard and on the adjacent territory. Functioning, the trimmer drops snow at a certain distance.

    • For weeding. Gas station can be used for sailing potatoes, beets, carrots and other root vegetation roots.

    • Blower. The device of this type is used to blow up the fallen leaves, cleaning the pavement tiles from garbage, as well as pointing orders on lawns.

    • Crocherase Designed for neat alignment of lawn, creating a beautiful border of the household plot, tracks, flower beds.

    • Boat motor. Designed for use in boat, wooden and rubber boats, the trauma of which has a height of not more than 0.36 meters. The speed of the boat will in this case will affect the power of the gasoline trimmer. The nozzle has the appearance of a separate leg, the attachment to the trimmer occurs with a special adapter.
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    Terms of Use

      When using any technique, including manual and agricultural, it is worth following security rules. The user must carefully read the instructions for the aggregate and work without breaking it. Fixtures on the benzocos can be attached to it in the following ways:

      • instead of gearbox at the bottom of the trimmer hose;
      • instead of a hose near the motor;
      • by separating the hose in the center.

      Motor from motocos can function in various positions, as it is characterized by high specific power, reliability and minor sizes.

      According to the reviews of users of motocrays, we can conclude that these devices facilitate and accelerate a variety of work. Also, hits do not require effort when used and fasteners.

      Owners of gasoline trimmers with nozzles argue that they cost much cheaper than bulky motoblocks, but in effectiveness they are not too inferior. Acquisition of these aggregates is a profitable investment, since they can be handled the garden, garden, clean the territory in the warm and cold season. When buying equipment of this type, it is worth paying attention to the quality and features of the structure, as this will be a guarantee of long-term use of motocos with nozzles, as well as efficient work on the territory and high harvest.

      On the features of the nozzle on the motorcycle, look in the following video.

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