Morgan’s Clamps: Description, Landing and Care

Most people live in urban conditions, where almost all space is occupied by concrete and asphalt. In order to enjoy wildlife, people are forced for hundreds of kilometers to leave for the city. You can compensate for the lack of green plantings with the help of indoor colors that are growing almost all the mistress. To create green compositions in the room, you can use a huge number of crops, which differ in the form, size, appearance and care method. In order to surprise family members and guests with unusual colors, florists recommend paying attention to exotic species. Morgan’s clefts – a bright representative of this group of plants, which has an unusual appearance and very beautiful flowers.


Morgan’s assholes (Sedum Morgan) – Succulent from the family of Tolstank. Translated from the Latin Sedum Morganianum means grappling, but the name “Clap” appeared due to therapeutic and cleaning properties of the plant. Also, the devils are also often called violin, feverish grass, hareting cappiness and hernomest grass. The homeland of this flower is the territory of Central and South America. The first to be interested in the flower Mexican biologists, who provoked the spread of the plant around the world. A decorative exotic plant in most cases is used as a home flower, but in the regions with a soft and warm climate, it can be achieved and successful on the street.

The length of the adult plant often reaches 100 cm. Externally, he resembles a hanging tail, so many people call the flower tail monkey. Branches grow almost from the root itself and do not have side shoots. Distinctive feature of the flower – unusual fleshy cone-shaped leaves, the form of which resembles the fruits of grapes. Maximum size sheet plate 4 cm. Due to the fact that the flower refers to succulents, its leaves are covered with a matte wax film that protects the crafts from the destructive effect of ultraviolet radiation. Tint of leaves – light green or green-gray.

The greatest decorative value of the flower acquires during flowering when the ends of the shoots begin to form flowers painted in purple or pink shade. Flower shape resembling a star, and their diameter often reaches 20 mm. In one inflorescence can be formed up to 10 colors.

Conditions for growing

Due to the fact that the asshole is a resident of America, where climatic conditions are characterized by an increased temperature range, and also the soil, florists are recommended to pay special attention to the conditions for its cultivation before purchasing this plant. Filling the flower pots are necessary soil intended for cacti. In this soil composition, the main component is peat, which is complemented by limestone and dolomite flour.

These components help reduce soil acidity and make it maximum suitable. Choosing a peat, it is also necessary to be attentive and abandon the acquisition of the upper, in which there are no necessary nutritional elements, And its dense structure contributes to the deduction of moisture, which negatively reflects the growth of the flower. Experts recommend using a low-headed heavy peat that will help relieve sand and clamzite.

With independent compilation of the soil mixture, it is necessary in equal proportions to mix leafy ground, deurn and river sand. This composition has an optimal density level that enables moisture to be easily accession to the root system.

Not less in the cultivation of succulent has the level of illumination. Due to the fact that the birthplace of the flower are hot southern regions, the plant needs a long lighting period. The most comfortable crawl feels on the windowsill overlooking the south. In the summer, flower pots are better to put out the open balconies and loggias. In the event of a shortage of natural lighting, experts recommend installing artificial light sources. With its lack, the flower loses his decorativeness, shoots pull, and the leaves become inelastic.

The southern plant prefers to grow in a dry climate and does not tolerate elevated levels of humidity. Temperature regime depends on the time of year. In the summer and autumn, the flower feels comfortable at temperatures from +23 degrees to +30 degrees, and in the fall and in winter it is better to observe the temperature range from +8 degrees to +13 degrees.

Landing and transplanting

In order to grow a beautiful and healthy plant, it is necessary to accurately carefully approach the selection of landing material and to comply with all landing rules. Due to the presence of a short surface root system, an experienced flower flower is recommended to acquire shallow pots of small diameter for it. Acquired plants must have a healthy appearance with smooth and beautiful sheet plates. If there are signs of the disease from purchase, you need to refuse.

The most favorable time for landing – Spring. To prevent the root system to prevent the bottom of the landing container, be sure to put the drainage material and on top of pouring the prepared nutritional soil. Lached plants should be moderately pouring and put on a sunny place. Morgan’s cleans – a fragile and gentle plant, careless handling of which can lead to a decay of shoots. Conduct frequent shifts of flower pot Specialists do not recommend. The frequency of this manipulation – 1 time in 2-3 years. The most favorable time for transplantation is the middle of spring. Comfortable Temperature Range – +20 Degree.

How to care for?

Morgan’s cleans – a difficult plant that requires increased attention and proper care. Home Care consists of classical procedures that have some features. Special attention should be paid to watering. In the summer and autumn, when the flower is in the phase of active growth, experts are recommended to water the ground only after drying the upper layer. Earth in a pot should not be very wet, but only a little wet. Water stagnation should also be avoided, which can trigger the root system. In the winter resting period, the flower needs irrespective frequency of not more than 2 times a month. It is strictly forbidden to water the flowers with flowing tap water. Before the soil moisturizes, water must be defended within 24 hours.

To remove dust from sheet plates, experienced flowers do not recommend using the spraying method, it must be replaced with rubbing the leaves with a dry cloth.

To ensure the flower with all the necessary nutrients, novice gardeners must not forget about regular fertilizer. During the period of active growth, this procedure must be carried out every 14 days, in the spring, it is necessary to fertilize the soil no more than 1 time in 2 months, But in the winter from making fertilizers it is better to completely refuse. The flower reacts positively to calcium, phosphorus, potassium, as well as the minimum amount of nitrogen, the excess of which can provoke the rotation of the root system. Improve the state of the soil will help making a humus. If the asshole has signs of fungal diseases or damaged by parasites, it is strictly forbidden to perform feeding to its full recovery.

In order for the flower to speak well, experts recommend to reduce the amount of irrigation at the end of the autumn and stop making fertilizers. This succulent does not need corrective trimming, but the sanitary removal of dry, damaged and sick leaves should be carried out regularly. To make a plating a beautiful appearance, you can sometimes shorten the length of shoots. Failure to comply with succulent care rules can provoke the emergence of the following problems:

  • Holding the root system – excess moisture;
  • Reducing growth intensity – low temperature regime;
  • The formation of a small amount of sheet plates is a lack of sunlight;
  • Furi wrinkling – lack of moisture;
  • Large distance between leaves, an ugly appearance – an excess of mineral fertilizers, a low level of illumination;
  • Fitting of sheet plates – high temperature regime, lack of moisture, inaccurate appeal;
  • The yellowing and softening of the leaves, rotting the root system – excess watering, high air humidity.

Methods of breeding

For new plants Experts recommend using the following breeding methods:

  • pavement;
  • division bush;
  • With the help of seeds.

Shining is a popular method that can only be used before flowering or after. The technology of work is to separate the required amount of cuttings from the maternal bush, the optimal length of which is 10 cm. After removal of the lower leaves, the prepared planting material must be planted into nutritional and wet soil. Only after the appearance of new leaves can be processed to cutting cuttings in separate landing containers or outdoor. Some flower products are recommended after cutting the shoots not to plant them in the ground, but put in a glass with water. After the appearance of the roots of flowers can be rooted.

The division of the bush is the easiest way to reproduction, which provides for the separation of the maternal bush on the required number of parts. This manipulation must be made to a sharp garden tool. Mandatory condition – the presence of each part of both roots and kidneys. Before boarding all the sections of the cut, you must be treated with special fungicides and give a little to dry.

At home, the seed breeding method is almost never used. Due to the complexity of the process, this method uses only breeders and employees of large nurseries. If there was still a desire to grow the seed flower on their own, it is necessary to observe the following technology of work – planting seeds into a container with nutritional soil with its subsequent shelter with a polyethylene film. To ensure the maximum level of illumination, all landing containers need to additionally illuminate artificial light sources. Seed landing must be spent in spring or early autumn.

Diseases and pests

Spoil the appearance of the plant, and Sometimes the following pests can provoke his death:

  • aphid;
  • false guns;
  • nematodes;
  • Root Cherver.

At the first signs of insects, the flower is needed to immediately treat special chemical compositions.

Fungal diseases may also harm, the first signs of which are the appearance on the leaves of dark spots. All damaged areas must be removed, and the plant is treated with fungicides. Morgan’s cramps – very beautiful succulent, which has an unusual appearance. With this plant, you can decorate both interior rooms and open loggias and balconies. Due to the fact that the southell is a southern flower, then before its acquisition, it is necessary to carefully examine the features of its landing and care. Only following all the rules and recommendations of experienced gardeners, you can grow a beautiful and healthy flower, which can surprise all family members.

How to properly care for the Card Morgan, look in the following video.

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