Mirabilis: description, landing and care at home

Beginner gardeners and flower products use only well mastered cultures. But sooner or later, the desire arises to try their strength in the cultivation of extends. Mirabilis will be quite promising candidate for such a “training”.


Rare gardeners would not like to grow unusual colors on their plot. At the same time, they usually strive for culture not only to the owners, but also to guests, and ordinary passersby. Mirabilis looks quite attractive in order to at least try to grow it. This family includes over 40 biological species. Like many popular decorative plants, it comes from the new light (or rather, from Mexico).

From European countries, the culture fell into Egypt, where he received the nickname “Pearls”. In Russia, there is only one wilderous Mirabilis – “Night Beauty”. Any other kind of simplicity will not take even minor cold. “Night Beauty” highly appreciated and domestic gardeners who liked bright colors. They positively respond and about how culture smells.

Plant easily spreads to a long distance. An important property is the ability to attract pollinators for other species.

Mirabilis appreciate landscape designers. The bush plant rarely has a height of more than 1 m. It has a powerful root system.

The foliage of Mirabilis is characterized by a juice of green tone and high density. Such a strong structure allows you to save the necessary substances almost until the end of autumn. Colors are characterized by saturated paints:

  • Violet;

  • pink;

  • yellow;

  • Orange.

Soft petals are characterized by stickiness. The germination of seeds and at the annuals, and in many years of Mirabius persists about 3 years.

The most massive variety in our country, which is natural, turns out to be acclimatized in wildlife.

But, besides her, you can grow a multi-flower, and round-hearted Mirabilis. Much depends not so much from a specific species, how much from professionalism and adequacy approach.

The Latin culture name is not without reason due to the word “amazing”; It is fully justified. Rod Mirabilis, according to some estimates, includes almost 60 species. Flowers are revealed at about 16 hours. Close mostly at dawn. And in cloudy weather this may not happen at all.

Already in antiquity of the Aztec, they appreciated the dignity of Mirabilis. They found that he is not only beautiful, but also has valuable medical properties. Roots Plants include a powerful laxative component. Stems and folias suppress inflammation, promote accelerated healing of wounds.

On the “historical homeland” Mirabilis – a perennial, but in a colder European climate he lives only one year. Root system will not be able to withstand even very weak cold.

Cultivation conditions strongly affect the height of the plant. It can vary from 0.5 to 1.2 m. The roots of Mirabili, although they strongly suffer from frosts, can be excellent to carry a dry period. The smell of the plant can attract night butterflies and some moths. The fruit looks like a wrinkled dark brown box, inside it is hidden only one seed.

Types and varieties

From the view “Night Beauty” was obtained, for example, Sort “Iolanta”. Its round bush in height reaches 0.5 m. Journal shoots are characterized by high power. Flowers outdoor resemble a funnel. They are intensely painted, and the whole whisk seemed to be shaded.

The period of flowering “Iolants” continues from the end of June until the first frosts. Attractive can be and “Red Lollipops”. Its bushes grow up to 0.9 m. On the smooth shoots of a large thickness on top there are branching. The diameter of the flowers in the “red candy” is approximately 0.06 m.

Many gardeners like and “Elvira”. Its fluffy bushes reach an average. Branching shoots are distinguished by great strength. The oblong plates of the leaves have a dark green color. The diameter of the colors is 0.035 m.

YALAP is a long-term grass whose height ranges from 0.3 to 0.8 m. Plant form a straightforward, actively branching shoots. Big bright leaves are formed on them. In the first half of the summer, the global inflorescences formed by night colors are developing. The usual flower diameter is 0.025 m, and externally reminds a funnel.

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View of Yalapa is famous for powerful aroma. A mixture of “Tea time” varieties is in demand (“Tea Time”). It forms a lot of flowers. Buds may have:

  • raspberry;
  • white;
  • orange;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • Pink color.

A multi-flowered view is a grassy multi-year variety of Miracle. Its height reaches about 0.8 m. On bare stems growing directly, oblong foliage is formed, self-configuration reminiscent of an egg. For May, the tip of escape and deciduous sinuses form inflorescences. In each inflorescence, there may be 6 buds that bloom alternately.

The discharge type is a relatively compact plant, the height of which is not more than 0.3 m. On the trunk grows the adhesive leaves of oval shape. The length of one sheet ranges from 0.05 to 0.07 m. The upper part of the bell of the bedspread gives 1-3 purple-pink flower. They will bloom in the evenings, and climb – in late morning hours.

Returning to the “Night Beauty”, you must specify that this type the inheritance is painted by intermediate scheme.

When crossing two copies of 50% of the resulting hybrids has pink flowers, and the remaining 50% is painted in white tone.

As for annual varieties, among them allocated “Bruchene Colors”. Direct branches can rise to 0.5 m. Culture is suitable for flower beds, and for slataks. Culture is considered sustainable drought and appreciates heat. Lighting should be at a decent level.

Mirabilis Matis can be used to decorate gardens and open places. But also appreciate it when designing:

  • Kashpo;
  • veranda;
  • terraces;
  • residential rooms.

Landing rules at home

Given the fact that in Russia Mirabilis can be only annual, it is advisable to multiply by his seeds. There is no sense of cutting cuttings or root division. In any case, such a seedling will die during the winter. Even in the case when it is contained in the basement and provide the necessary temperature. For the same reasons, it is impossible to pick up in open ground – Be sure to prepare seedlings.

Mirabilis is in fact unpretentious and can develop even in difficult conditions. But even before you should choose the right plot for it.

It can be grown even on clay land. And yet the optimal result will achieve only with the right approach. Miracle flowers blooms and gives large beautiful flowers only on warm, well lit corners.

Very good if the flowers will be covered with a shadow in the afternoon. Excessive heat can block the emission of buds. Mirabilis is extremely poorly tolerated, but the stronger winds. It is best for it that suits soil with weak acidity or with a neutral reaction.

Exotic plant is somewhat better experiencing drought than excessive moisturizing. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of a founder drainage. And even with such training it is impossible to plant Mirabilis in lowland.

The soil must contain a lot of nutrients and differ friable. It is possible to fight with an excessive acidity of the earth with a negarade. Some use dolomite flour.

“Night Beauty” on the main part of Russia can be grown without problems. Directly into open soil you can plant this plant if:

  • From the end of April, plus temperature is established;
  • Summer lasts for a long time and is heptus;
  • precipitation is relatively little.

Color Mirabilis begins late (in recent days of June and later). To achieve at least such a result, you need to plant seeds in the ground in early May. Since sometimes the earth does not have time to warm up to the right moment, miniature greenhouses will have to use. In them oval seeds lay pairs. The distance between them is 0.2-0.3 m, while the deepening into the ground is produced by a maximum of 0.02 m.

Located landing material We need to pour warm water and cover with transparent polyethylene. It can be removed only after the appearance of sprouts, and then subject to stable weather.

Some gardeners before disembarking soaked seeds in clean warm water. This technique reduces the time of germ.

It is believed that growing chibilis seeds easily and just. But not always such a solution is optimal. The seaside technique is recommended for those who are very important as early as possible flowering. Also this method is suitable for cold climates.

Seying Mirabils to seedlings are required in pots, only occasionally use deep cups.

The roots of this plant are growing in depth, because it is very important to an additional place for them. In addition to packaging, you need to cook either buy a substrate. With independent preparation of the soil use the same amount;

  • peat;
  • washed sand;
  • Derna.
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Before sowing inside the pot, it is necessary to put 0.03 kg of wood ash. Seeds are required to soak in wet napkins for at least 12 hours. If this is not done, you will have to wait an additional 1-2 days before the shoots appear. Per cup (pot) lay 2 or 3 seeds, no more. The fact is that seedling is very large and develops rapidly.

Seed covering soil should occur about 0.02 m, no more. Then poured a small layer of dry land. It is watered with warm water and covered with transparent polyethylene.

Seedlings should be contained at a stable temperature of from 23 to 25 degrees. Shelting film is required to remove after seed germination.

At the same time, the pots are rearranged on the windowsill. At the same time, the conditions of their content carefully comply with the optimal result. Watering seedlings should be moderately. Excessively large humidity may even destroy the plant. Only after complete drying use a slight amount of water for watering.

Mirabilizes to the place of permanent cultivation can not be not earlier than the end of May. Wells advise prepare in advance. There are 0.3-0.5 m between landing points. The exact distance is chosen according to the culture variety. Additionally lay mineral supporting complex.

Correct care

But to limit ourselves to only the general rules of circulation with the seedliness not enough. We still need to know how to care for them after disembarking. Despite the minimum fortitude of the night colors, you will have to take care of leaving. Watering Mirabilis recommended regularly, but not too often.

The exceptions are arid periods: then abundant watering is produced every 7 days.

If the number of inflorescences is reduced, watering interval can be reduced by 1 or 2 days. However, when it does not help, it is impossible to participate in addition. Need to deal with the cause of the problem and, if necessary, cure flowers. With a sufficient amount of natural moisture, watering is completely contraindicated. Excess water for “night beauties” noticeably worse than its deficiency.

Feeding is made at least three times per season. For the first time, a comprehensive fertilizer is used, including nitrogen. It is necessary to lay it immediately after planning seedlings or before the formation of buds. The second supplement is made in mid-July. Third time – approximately in the last days of August.

In the second and third denunciation nitrogen not use. Because of it deteriorates bloom. But mineral components are very important.

Preventive treatment of pests and diseases is practically not carried out. The fact is that Mirabilis is very resistant to harmful effects.

Support the power and health of this culture, if after all the rains or irrigation to break the soil as soon as. It is also recommended to combine this procedure with weeding. Closer to mid-October, the bushes should be pulled out and disposed. Usually the seeds for breeding plants are collected before this year. However, in the warst regions of Russia, you can try to save Mirabilis for the next season: For this root, the roots are abundantly melted or covered with spruce legs.

Methods of breeding

How to use plant seeds, already clear. License is less popular. The fact is that it gives less stable results. If it is decided to try the reproduction of cuttings, it is necessary to dry them, and then process the growth accelerator. Next, the Mirabilis is put in a well-composed substrate; In succession, rooting will occur within 12-16 days.

Upper cuttings can be rooted in peat ground. Her coarse sand add to it. Another option is a spring landing in the open soil of Mirabilis. Such a method allows you to:

  • accelerate development;
  • increase the plant size;
  • for 2 weeks to reduce the waiting of flowering;
  • Guarantee bloom itself (excluding surprises).
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Returning to seed cultivation, I must say that the seeds are required to be said or soak. Sometimes grooves depth 0.03 m. The distance between the seeds is approximately 0.07-0.08 m, and then the shoots should be switched. Excess sprouts or in general throw out, or used as seedlings. Furrows fall asleep with a small layer of land.

Next watering landing moderately warm water. It is necessary to cover the flower bed with a polyethylene film. Some gardeners instead use modern non-woven materials. Samums are also suitable for growing Mirabi. All that need from gardener is the thinning of shoots or a transplant of sprouts to the right place.

For the preparation of cuttings apply the tops of shoots. They are cut in July and August for a length of 0.08-0.1 m. At the same time it will be necessary to delete inflorescences.

Of the drugs that encourage the formation of the roots, the “corneser” is best suited. Some farmers prefer to root the cuttings in the perlit layer or in a homogeneous peat sand mixture.

Keep young plants need in a bright room, which is guaranteed not to freeze. This requires constantly maintaining the soil in a moistened state. When transplanting to a flower garden (end of May or June), it is necessary to plunge the seedling into the ground to the lower pair of leaves. Tubers divide in April or May. To do this, use a well-pointed knife, leaving on each branch of 2 or 3 kidneys.

Points of cuts are sprinkled with a mixture of sulfur and chopped coal. In the process of disembarking, the root neck is immersed by 0.03-0.05 m in the ground. First watering must be made carefully and in limited volume. Otherwise, strong rotting is inevitably.

Seed plant dilution, in addition to less labor intensity, attractively preserving the germination of landing material for 3 or 5 years. Young plants will immediately begin to grow rapidly and can bloom. From growth accelerators when processing seeds use “Epin Extra”. In flower beds, Miragitis is planted according to the scheme:

  • low – 0.2×0.2 m;
  • average – 0.3×0.3 and 0.4×0.4 m;
  • Tall – 0.4×0.5 or 0.5×0.5 m.

Pests and diseases

The fight against rust and various sodes is quite simple. In addition to getting rid of infected leaves, it is necessary to use a fungicide. Usually apply “Fundazole”, but sometimes other drugs are also. To avoid rotting roots, it is enough to normalize watering; If the disease still happened, patients with instances are removed. Soil will have to be treated with fungicide to prevent additional infection with fungus.

Great importance in the prevention of soil characteristics is of great importance.

For this add special microorganisms. Wide distribution received “Baikal-Em-1”, “Agrosis”, “Gutamat”. Safe in a chemical relationship of protection against diseases and parasites – strengthening immunity with stimulants. The appropriate result can give Not only “Epin Extra”, but also “Dominant”, and “Agrostimulin”.

Usage in landscape design

Mirabilis usually plant in the flower bed in the garden large groups. For growing on the balcony or landing on the border, low-speed varieties will fit well. To form a mixboarder or combined discounts, it is recommended to use big growth plants. The same copies are suitable for live elevations.

But the night beauty is attractive and as a solitator. After all, significant dimensions of the bush and brightness of multicolored inflorescences make it a spectacular decoration. You can combine Mirabilis C:

  • daisies;
  • petunias;
  • clove;
  • various cereals;
  • Thousands.

Some gardeners and landscape designers grow it with Nigella, Velhets, Dorfootek. Occasionally near the “Night Beauty” and daisies. The lowest varieties of “night beauties” are often planted in deep caspo. This solution is perfect for the design of the terrace or balcony. Bushes, giving a splashing greens, use as a background for flower beds. Closing colors in daytime watches allows you to apply them as a green base for other plants in a flower bed.

Beautiful Miracle looks in Morning and Evening. The smell of this culture is very strong. This must be considered when planning landings. Knowledge of all these subtleties allows you to get an optimal result when growing Miracle.

About the care of the Mirabista look next.

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