Mini tractors “Chuvashpiller”: pros and cons, tips on choosing

Soil treatment is considered a laborious process, so the owners of land plots perform it with the help of agricultural equipment, which is presented in the market in a huge assortment. Especially popular with farmers enjoy a mini tractor “Chuvashpiller”, produced by Cheboksary Tractor Plant.

This unit is perfectly suitable for small and larger fields, characterized by economical fuel consumption, compactness and good permeability.


The Russian manufacturer has successfully established itself in the agricultural market as a reliable supplier of tractors, attachments and spare parts, but the main production of the plant is the mini tractor “Chuvashpiller”. This unit is assembled using Russian and foreign components, which greatly simplifies its maintenance and acquisition of spare parts. The technique produced under this brand has high quality, long-term and safe operation, since it meets all EAS standards and GOST. Mini tractor can be used throughout the year, regardless of climatic conditions, for plowing plots and cleaning the territory of snow.

The main feature of the mini-aggregate “Chuvashpiller” is its compactness and versatility. The little tractor is suitable for giving and large farms. It is an analogue of such brands as Mitcubishi, Xingtai, Swatt and Dongfeng and is not inferior to them by performance. To date, the model range of such aggregates includes more than 10 samples that constantly defeat at international exhibitions. Each modification is characterized by technical characteristics and power.

Advantages and disadvantages

The huge demand for mini tractors “Chuvashryller” is explained by their trouble-free operation and easy to maintain. They perfectly cope with the processing of any type of soil and come even at temperatures -40c, which allows them to be applied as a reliable assistant in winter. In addition, the advantages of technology can be attributed:

  • economical diesel engine;
  • high performance;
  • four-wheel drive;
  • availability of safety arc;
  • Completion of a two-circuit plow and soil cut;
  • constant availability of spare parts;
  • acceptable price.

As for the shortcomings, they include a narrow high-speed range and the absence of heating of the cabin in some models, which complicates work in winter.

Models and their characteristics

The manufacturer delivers mini-tractors “Chuvashpiller” of various modifications, each of which is characterized by design and technical features. Therefore, before purchasing a model, it is important to consider its characteristics. The most popular modifications are considered the following.


This is a small size unit, which is produced with a diesel engine of the R195ND brand and has a power of 12 or 18 liters. C (depending on the configuration). Its fuel tank is designed for 5.5 liters of diesel. Additionally, the device is equipped with a water cooling system that protects the single-cylinder motor from overheating. Despite its small design, the unit successfully copes with the processing of soil at dachas and farms. The main advantage of this modification is the economical fuel consumption, adaptation to operation in high and low temperature conditions, the ability to use with different attachments.

The tractor is sold in the assembled form, the base bundle includes a corporate plow, but at will, it can be additionally equipped with a milling cutter for soil processing. The price of the product depends on the number of revolutions, the torque from the engine is transmitted using a clinorem. The weight of the unit does not exceed 500 kg, the clutch has one disk, it turns off mechanically when you press the pedal. The design is equipped with two rear and six front transmissions, the rut width is adjustable and can be set from 110 to 140 cm. The brakes in this model double-sided, they are drum type, due to the wheel formula 4 × 2, the rotary radius of the device reaches 2.6 M.


This mini tractor has received many positive feedback due to reliable operation, excellent passability and maneuverability. In addition, the modification is easy to repair and can be applied not only as agricultural, but also construction or utility technique. The unit is available in configuration with a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 35 liters. C, which is started by an electric starter. Diesel consumption is 248 g / kW in one hour, design sizes 335 × 150 × 148 cm, weight 1586 kg. The device has 2 rear and 8 front gears.


This model refers to a heavy class technique that is suitable for work on the field, in a communal and subsidiary farm. With the help of such a mini tractor, you can carry out various types of field work, from planting plants to potatoes, hay and soil cultivation. Unlike previous models, the device is produced with a cabin, panoramic hatch and has a wheel formula 4×4. The design provides high-quality air filters and a comfortable seat for the operator, which is adjustable to its height. In addition, the unit is provided with a heating system and wipers, the main feature of the model is the presence of differential blocking, headlights and beep.

The grip of the mini tractor two-disc was dry, the manufacturer also supplemented the design of the ammeter and special sensors, indicating the level of cooling liquid and oil pressure. The device is completed with a powerful MOT brand LD4L100BT1, its capacity is 50 liters. with., Run is performed by electric starter. The unit has 2 rear and 8 front gears. Its size 3120 × 1485 × 2460 mm, weight 2400 kg.

You can connect hinged equipment from various manufacturers to this mini-tractor, the main thing is that their weight category is respected and the method of fastening parts.

Optional equipment

Mini tractors of the brand “Chuvashpiller” are multifunctional, as they can work with attachments. Additional devices can be used both branded from the manufacturer and third-party factory. The following equipment is easily connected to all models of units.

Soil cutting

Their standard size does not exceed 1.2 m. At the request of land owners can select models with less width coverage. Soils are characterized by less energy intensity than lemmy plows, so in order to increase the efficiency of power mechanical transmission, a double-row chain on the soil resistance is applied.


For mini tractors “Chuvashpiller” are suitable for four-, three- and two-circuit plows, the soil processing is well and using the supporting wheel devices.

Trolleys and trailers

Any modification of the tractor can work with TM540 and TM500 trolley (depending on the carrying capacity). For heavier modifications often choose dump truck fixed trailers.

In the event that the techniques and equipment parameters correspond, you can also use high loading trailers on hydraulics.


For chuvashpiller units, the manufacturer recommends connecting 9G-1 mower.4A, 9G-1.4, 9G-1.6 and 9G-1.6A. The above models allow you to perform the collection of legumes and cleaning the spaces from weeds. In addition, such mowers can be used to work on slopes and hilly areas.


This fixture is necessary for sporing the bevelled grass, which is harvested for the winter. The mini tractor is usually connected rake with a width of the coverage of a plot of 140 cm.

Their teeth are made of high-strength metal and are characterized by a semicircular curved form.

Potatoes and potatoes

For the collection of roots, it is best to use the device for model 4U-1 or a vibration potatoes.

Shovels and snow removal

The size of the shovel must be no more than 2539/2580/810 mm, as for snow blowers, the manufacturer launches such models to tractors: 220, 240 and 504.

Their coverage width is 1.6 m, for installation of snow blowers requires the power of the unit from 25 to 35 liters. with.

In addition, other types of hinged equipment can be connected to mini-tractors, the bars, seeders, higgers and chains of anti-skid are selected.

Tips for choosing

Before purchasing a mini-tractor “Chuvashpiller”, it is necessary to take into account not only its weight, dimensions, cost, but also the purpose. In the event that the technique is planned to be used to work on the field, you should give preference to more powerful and heavy models that will easily cope with soil processing. As for the dimensions of the unit, they must correspond to the size of the room where the tractor will be stored. If on the site you only need to clean the territory and haircut of lawns, it is recommended to give preference to easier modifications, they are compact and do not spoil the coating. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the following indicators.

  • Drive unit. It can be rear, front and full. The device with a full drive has a large burden and weight. For processing, aisle can be purchased with rear-wheel drive.
  • Transmission. Most often, the technique is released with mechanical transmission, buying a tractor with a stepless and automatic transmission, you need to have a certain experience in working with machinery. In addition, such modifications are more expensive.
  • Wheel formula. Reliable is considered a tractor in which this figure is 4 × 4.

A huge role in the design also plays a hydrotransmission, a type of hydroclap, a cassette mechanism and a power selection shaft.

How to use?

Chuvashpiller’s minitractor is a universal and reliable device in operation, but that this technique will surely light up long time, it must be used correctly. In addition, the safety rules should also be observed during operation: it is impossible to mix fuel with butter and smoke during the tractor refueling. Before running the engine, it is necessary to carefully examine the manual from the manufacturer and perform control of all fixings (it usually concerns the clutch of the clutch, controls and braking systems). You need to start and stop working when the gearbox is located in the neutral position. It is impossible to work the engine at high speeds, it can lead to a drift of technology.

We should regularly carry out the technical diagnostics of the tractor, damaged parts are subject to mandatory replacement. It is best to work with the technique during the daytime, while it is possible to get out of the cabin only at a complete stop of the unit and finding the lever in a neutral position. Hinged equipment must be connected to devices according to the manufacturer’s prescriptions, it must correspond to the weight of the tractor. With long-term non-use of the equipment, it should be placed on the covered room, pre-drained the oil, fuel and clearing the parts from dirt.

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