Mini tractor “Fayter”: Features and tips on the choice

Mini tractor “Fayter” possess the technical characteristics of a full-fledged agricultural machine. Features of mounted equipment allow planting plants, soil treatment, harvesting. Mini tractor has positively proven itself in communal services.

Advantages and disadvantages

The small-sized agricultural equipment is actively implemented due to:

  • low cost;
  • warranty obligations of the manufacturer;
  • quality service;
  • constant availability of spare parts.

    Mini tractor “Fayter” is different and other decent characteristics.

    • Significant fuel mixture savings.
    • Availability of a two-position gearbox. It makes it possible to effectively use all engine settings.
    • Extended use of hinged equipment. It appears due to a powerful cylinder with the maximum rod.

    The shortcomings of the mini-tractor are reduced to operational characteristics.

    • Low power generator does not provide a full battery charge. It is inconvenient when operating in winter.
    • Because of the lightweight weight, the likelihood of tipping the machine. Ballast cargoes in the configuration are simply missing.
    • Due to poor clutch, the drive pair of wheels gives slip on loose soils.

    The hydraulic system is characterized by a small performance resource. With untimely maintenance, its breakdown leads to the complete inoperability of equipment.

    Mini tractor do not provide for the presence of a cabin or at least some windproof. It limits the operation of the technique in bad weather. In the summer, the mini-tractor will effectively focus her grass, and will also cope with other economic tasks.

    Models and their characteristics

    The technical component of mini-machines allows them to attract them to a universal class of technology. All technical components are the development of the Chinese manufacturer.

    For example, Model “Fayter” T-15 It is characterized by an improved power unit, the engine motor is good. The design uses high-quality clutches of clutch, improved load capacity. Without mounted units Dimensions Machines are comparable with a small motoblock: 214 * 90 * 117 cm. The total weight of the aggregate is 410 kg, and the distance from the engine to the road is 18 cm.

    Technique shows excellent maneuverability in limited spaces. Model engine diesel single-cylinder, Motion and 15 l. with. and volume – 993 l.

    Another popular model – Fayter T-18. This unit is equipped with an 18 liter S1100 engine. with. In the car there is an improved gearbox. The weight of the unit is 630 kg, permissible cutter – 140 cm. The technique is equipped with a device blocking a differential, which are equipped with a full tractor. For hydraulics there is a three-position distributor. To control the technique there are two modes – fixed or free. Large wheels of this tractor provide ease of movement by smelting. Diesel motor easily cope with large loads.

    Option T-22 In comparison with the previous one, there is more endurance. The ZS1115 engine provides power in 20 liters. with., It is characterized by a cylinder of 11 cm, a piston running 12 cm, with a volume of 1115 cm cube. Differential gearbox here Planetary. One of the leading wheels can spin in the opposite direction, blocking the movement with too heavy work. Hydraulics provides high-quality lifting, descent, braking. Tractor seat and track changeable.

    Equipment provides for the largest selection of hinged equipment. For example, a side braid that is impossible to use on the T-15 version.

    Optional equipment

    Special mini tractor canopies allow the use of mounted equipment. Among the copies are the most commonly used spare parts:

    • seeder;
    • rake;
    • cultivator;
    • plow;
    • harrow;
    • sprayers;
    • potatoes;
    • mowers;
    • brushes;
    • Soilphrus.

    The operation of additional equipment directly depends on the power take-off shaft. Type of this device on Fayter mini tractors independent, with two speeds and mechanical control. Fewer turns – 540 per minute, greater – 1176.

    The tractor can move with hinged equipment on the road, as the hydraulics helps to highlight the details. Frame of modern mini tractors reinforced, so the machine copes even with heavy elements.

    For example, a mass of attachments with a soil supplied in the kit, – 24 kg. The tractor equipped with a hollow produces a processing speed of 2-7 km / h. The depth of the soil processing is 12-17 cm, and the width of the row – 120 cm. This makes it possible to plowing as large areas (from 1 to 10 hectares), so a small field of 20 acres.

    In addition to the soils, a plow or potatoes may be included in the basic configuration. Maintenance of technology should be carried out according to the instructions. It implies a mandatory inspection of oil and fuel. In the work of the equipment should not be observed noise and leaks. Periodic examination of the tractor systems will help to remove breakage.

    Possible malfunctions

    Any technique need careful attitude. This will help to avoid failures in work, and therefore expensive repairs. Preventive inspections will prolong and operate. But even with a competent approach to maintenance with a tractor, a number of troubles may happen that can be divided into groups associated with the moves of the engine or components. Knowing the main signs, find out and eliminate the cause and independently.

    For example, if the tractor does not start:

    • The reason may be the presence of air in the tank;
    • abrasion of the components of the fuel system;
    • malfunctions in valves;
    • Starter breakage;
    • Incorrect work of the piston system.

    Inspection of each system involves a strict sequence of actions. Test you need each system separately with special professional devices. Only so you can reveal and eliminate possible malfunctions.

    For example, clutch adjustment allows you to adjust the length of the thrust. This will ensure the smoothness of the crossing of the lever and the normal operation of the release bearing. Important moment in this work – adjustment of clutch gaps. The optimal value between the heads and the paws of the frosting bearing is 0.3-0.5 mm.

    If during the work the tractor is greatly heated, possible reasons can be:

    • unsuitable oil;
    • cooler leakage;
    • damaged valves and gaskets;
    • clogging of filters;
    • Excess permissible loads.

    Subcase lubricants and overload machines lead to premature wear of the tractor’s work parts. If the oil flows, there may be to wear the components of the pistons.

    Faulty parts can be changed. It is only worth remembering that new details must be high quality. Also need to pay attention to the performance of the ignition.

    Tips for choosing

    Fayter – Development of Chinese Engineers. The company manufactures equipment for sale in Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Moldova. Technique inexpensive, known for its quality, allows you to use a variety of attachments.

    When choosing first you need to decide on your own goals. For example, The mini tractor can be useful in:

    • cleaning tracks from snow;
    • agricultural workers;
    • Treatment of volumetric lawns.

    Important are the advantages of Chinese tractors as:

    • price;
    • reliability;
    • availability and variety of spare parts;
    • Easy control.

    The most popular type of equipment for cleaning the territory from snow – shovel-dump. It happens the rearless or alternating. For the device, the device is sufficiently hydraulic cylinders of the thrust that all versions “Fayter” are equipped. The desired power for the equipment is approximately 18 liters. with.

    To clean the territory from snow, it is better to choose the version of the “FAYRA” from T-18 to T-25.

    For other work, any version of the technical device will suit. In the basic package includes soil. All other hits will have to buy. Equipment optional to choose branded. Devices are perfectly compared with the options of Belarusian production, other Chinese firms.

    How to use?

    An instruction manual needed in the work is supplied by each instance of the “FAYER”. The document has all information on the technical features and rules for the use of technology. There are photos of assembly, as well as possible terms of technical inspections. The first mandatory recommendation for all models – running in. It is needed that the details of the engine be smeared and laughed to each other.

    Without running, elevated friction will appear, which leads to the likely output of the engine.

    Officon involves the use of equipment on small capacities. Standard time for the event – 8 hours. At the end of the work time, it is recommended to replace oil and fuel in the engine.

    With any work on the tractor, it is recommended observance of safety. For example, service involves mandatory fuel and oil level check. Also, the rules include a mandatory check for the serviceability of the steering wheel and brakes. Hydraulite should work with the correct settings, and from the engine should not come out of foreign noise.

    Air and fuel filters also require periodic check and cleaning. They are quickly clogged with garbage, and late maintenance leads to malfunctions throughout the system.

    If the mini tractor can be preserved for winter, gasoline oil is recommended to drain, and disconnect the candles. The tractor is cleaned from dirt, and its parts are abundantly lubricated with oil. This will prevent corrosion. To store equipment it is desirable to choose a dry and clean place.

    Ownership reviews

    Mini tractor “Fayter” are popular, and therefore become a frequent object of discussion on different forums. The opinions of owners are accompanied on the resources. Users noted such advantages of technology as:

    • price and extended complete set;
    • excellent assembly and confident hydraulic engineering;
    • Economical fuel consumption.

    Other customers who bought a “Fayter” do not note the merits at all, and refer to such disadvantages as:

    • disgusting assembly;
    • the need to refine certain elements, such as belts;
    • factory marriage chains;
    • Excessive softness gearbox.

    Of all versions, the T-15 mini tractor won a special popularity. He works high quality season without breakdowns. No problems and hinged equipment are detected. The tractor shows a confident power when driving on the smelting. All characteristics declared by the manufacturer correspond to nominal indicators.

    Of the minuses of T-15 there are a low power battery and the lack of safety arc.

    T-22 tractor is described by users as high-quality universal and economical technique capable of carrying large loads. Of the minuses of the unit notes the absence of a cabin, but it is not on all versions of mini-tractors. Initially, the technique is bought not for harsh weather conditions.

    In the next video you will find a full overview of the mini tractor Faiter T-15.

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