Mini tractor “Centaur”: models and tips on choosing

Tractor “Centaur” are made specifically for individual use and housekeeping. They can be applied on farms with a large plot of land as an additional labor force. According to the technical characteristics of the tractor “Centaur” stand on the middle stage between powerful motor-blocks used on a professional basis, and low-power devices with engines up to 12 liters. with. One of the important features of Mini tractors “Centaur” is to use economical motors working on diesel fuel.

Advantages and disadvantages

The mini-tractor is a unique vehicle designed to perform various types of work in the economic sphere. The optimal area of ​​the land being processed is 2 hectares. In addition, the unit can be used to transport additional equipment and trailers, the total mass of which is the maximum as possible. Due to the wide wheelbase of the Mini-tractor “Centaur” can move around rough terrain with the maximum permissible speed of 50 km / h. Although the most acceptable speed is 40 km / h. A constant increase in the speed regime can lead to the depreciation of parts of the aggregate. It is worth noting that this vehicle is allowed to move on road roads.

The mini tractor of Bulgarian production has a certain number of advantages, at the expense of which they are valued by their owners.

  • Multifunctionality. In addition to its main purpose, the aggregates can perform any other types of work, for example, plowing the earth.
  • Durability. Thanks to high-quality care and proper operation, the unit will serve for a long time.
  • Price. To compare with foreign analogues, “Centaur” on pricing policy is more affordable.
  • Unpretentious. Aggregates “Centaur” well perceive any fuel for refueling. The same applies to the replacement of lubricants.

  • Fitness to cold conditions. Use mini tractors not only in the summer, but also in deep winter time.
  • Operating process. The use of an aggregate does not require any skills and special knowledge, cope with him for any person.
  • Accessibility of spare parts. If the breakdown occurs, the detail will not be difficult, even if you have to order spare parts from the manufacturer’s factory. They will come quickly, and most importantly, be sure to fit the technique.

In addition to this list of advantages, the “Centaur” exists only one disadvantage – this is the lack of a normal landing place for the driver. In summer, it is quite difficult to stay on the seat, especially with sharp turns and reversals. But in the winter in the open cabin quite cold.

Models and their characteristics

To date, the model range of mini tractors “Centaur” is presented in several modifications. Below is a brief overview of popular devices.

  • Model T-18 It was created for maintaining exclusively agricultural work, due to which it was endowed with a low power engine. The maximum processing area by the unit is 2 hectares. This tractor model is distinguished by durable hodovka and excellent traction data. These distinguishing features allow the aggregate to take passenger cars or additional mobile means in the form of trailers. Maximum load capacity is 150 kg. The maximum weight of towing cargo – 2 tons. It is worth noting the simple management of this model, with which even a child can cope. Modification of T-18 has become the basis for creating four other models of tractors.

  • Model T-15 endowed with a powerful engine equal to 15 horsepower. It is very worn, steadily tolerates harsh temperature differences, unpretentious to climatic changes. Increased level of humidity does not affect the engine. And all thanks to the liquid cooling of the motor. Due to these important factors, the T-15 mini tractor can work without interruption within 9-10 hours. As for the engine, the four-stroke motor operates on diesel fuel, which indicates the economy of the aggregate. With a full operation of emissions of toxic substances into the atmosphere, not noticed. It should be noted that even with reduced rollers, the thrust is well seized. Another important point for which this unit is valued is a silent job.

  • Model T-24 – This is one of several models of a whole series of small-sized equipment designed to handle land. Maximum maintenance area is 6 hectares. Mini tractor T-24 can carry heavy loads. Additional properties of the unit are the possibility of harvesting, leaning grass and full-fledged participation in sowing. Due to the small sizes, the T-24 mini tractor is conveniently located in the usual garage. An important feature of the unit lies in a four-stroke motor operating on diesel fuel. Due to this, the car has a very economical consumption. In addition, the mini-tractor motor is equipped with a water cooling system, which has a positive effect on the operation of the device in a hot period of the year. Running the engine is made either from an electric starter or manually. Setting the operating speed is set immediately thanks to the checkpoint. In this modification there is a manual gas function. The driver does not need to constantly harm on the pedal and maintain the same pace of driving.

  • Model T-224 – one of the most powerful among the mini tractors “Centaur”. Its prototype and analogue is the modification of T-244. In the design of the T-224 unit, there is a hydraulicer and two cylinders, which have direct exit for hydraulics. Powerful four-stroke motor has 24 l. with. Another important nuance is a four-wheel drive, 4×4, equipped with a durable strap. Modification T-224 easily copes with the transportation of large-sized cargo with a maximum weight of 3 tons. The width of the aggregate rut is manually adjustable. Thanks to this feature, a mini-tractor can perform work on the fields with different quantities. When the rear wheel displays the distance changes by about 20 cm. The water cooling system allows the unit to work without stopping for a long time. By itself, the T-224 model is a rather budget unit. But despite the low cost, he copes with its duties qualitatively.

  • Model T-220 It is intended for gardening and gardening. Can also carry loads and care for landings. As a supplement, the owners can purchase hubs capable of changing the rut sizes. Engine unit is equipped with two cylinders. Motor power is 22 liters. with. In addition, there is an electric starter in the system, which plays an important role in the process of starting the motor at low temperatures.

To create your own modification of the acquired device, manufacturers are advised to start with power take-off shaft.

Optional equipment

Each individual model of the list presented above is designed for certain types of work in the economic sphere. Despite this, each modification may have additional attachments. These parts may be included in the unit, and in some cases it has to acquire them separately. Among them:

  • Pluge nozzle;
  • Equipment for cultivation;
  • tillage;
  • potatoes;
  • potatoes;
  • sprayers;
  • hiller;
  • haymaker;
  • Lawn mower.

Tips for choosing

Choosing a high-quality mini tractor for use in its own economy – the process is quite complicated. Each manufacturer tries to offer goods with their own features. To facilitate the task, you need to know what criteria should pay special attention.

  • Gabarits. The size of the purchased unit should be placed in the garage, as well as move along garden trails and perform steep turns. If the main task of the tractor will be in trimming of lawns, it is enough to purchase a small instance. For in-depth work with soil or snow cleaning, large cars will be the best option, which, accordingly, power is also more.
  • Weight. In fact, the more the mass of the mini-tractor, the better. A good model should weigh a ton or a little more. Suitable gabarities of the unit can be calculated by 50 kg formula per 1 liter. with. If the engine power should be approximately 15 horsepower, then this number must be multiplied by 50, so it will be the most suitable weight of the aggregate.

  • Power. The most optimal and acceptable option for the mini tractor used in the economic sphere is a 24-liter engine. with. Thanks to such a device, work on a plot of 5 hectares is greatly simplified. This technique has a standard set of chassis. This is a four-stroke diesel engine with three cylinders. Some structures use a two-cylinder engine. If you need to process the Earth with an area of ​​more than 10 hectares, you should pay attention to the models with a power value of 40 liters. with. For minimal work, for example, a lawn haircuts, a model with a capacity of 16 liters will be suitable. with.

Otherwise, as for the appearance, convenience, as well as the steering wheel, should be trusted with their preferences.

How to use?

Operation of mini tractors “Centaur” in different modifications in general is not different from each other. But first of all, to start work, you need to carefully examine the instruction manual. With the knowledge gained, each owner will be able to understand where which parts and elements are located inside the system, which must be pressed and how to start.

The first thing to be done after buying an aggregate is to run the engine. On average, this process proceeds for eight hours of continuous operation. At the same time, the power of the engine must be at minimum revolutions so that each part of the motor is gradually smeared and stood in the appropriate grooves. In addition, in the process of running, you can determine if there are internal malfunctions or factory marriage. After primary work, it should be replaced by lubricant.

Ownership reviews

Mini tractor “Centaur” proven themselves from the very good side. Cheaper Chinese technique will not be able to cope with the task, and expensive Japanese and German models are mainly used for industrial purposes. The same applies to the quality of aggregates.

In some cases, the owners begin to complain about emerging problems. Non-critical faults are easily eliminated by their own. At the same time, the breakdown itself, most likely, occurred due to improper operation of the aggregate. Other users clarify that with the proper care of the mini-tractor “Centaur” can work for many years without any breakdown and damage. The main thing is not to overload the system.

To date, “Centaur” is the most popular brand of mini-tractors with compact size and powerful engine.

Overview and review of the owner of the mini tractor “Centaur” see next video.

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