Masteryard Snowflowers Model Row Overview

    In the winter season, one of the main problems of many dacms, owners of private land, entrepreneurs and owners of various types of production is snow. To eliminate snowflows, it is often not enough human strength – that is why it is necessary to resort to the help of automated cars.


    Technique designed to clean snow produced on the sets of enterprises and factories located not only in our country, but also beyond. Despite the rather large variety of manufacturers, there are only a few truly authoritative companies, one of them – MASTERYARD. Snowflowers of this company can perform almost the entire list of work with snow on the roads, urban streets, in the courtyards, on household plots, cottages and farms. More precisely, many models of the company include:

    • Cleaning of a blind, wet or overlaid snow;
    • discarding snow over long distances;
    • Clearing snowflowers;
    • cleaning roads and tracks;
    • Grinding snow and ice blocks.

    Read more with the commercial lineup of this manufacturer.


    This synopter model is a gasoline wheel device equipped with an electric starter. Distinctive feature of the unit – the presence of the function unlocking the wheels, as well as the heating systems for handles. The manufacturer assures that this model is equipped with all the functions that are necessary for uninterrupted and efficient operation. Manage the device under the power not only experienced professionals, but also beginners. In addition, the process of active activity is not accompanied by strong noise and is designed to work at quite low temperatures.

    Pros of devices

    • Installed engine – four-stroke, developed and assembled by engineers in the USA. It is this version of snow blowers that has a low level of vibration and noise when working.
    • The model is equipped with a special auger system with two cascades, a reliable belt and an additional impeller, which significantly increases the effect. Such a design is indispensable when working with wet snow, as well as with deposits of zoyarened snowdrifts. A screw system provides snowing snow for quite a long distance – up to 12 meters.
    • There is an electric starter. You can start the engine by simply pressing the button even at very low temperatures.
    • Variety of speeds. The gearbox provides the ability to switch 8 speeds: 6 of them are front, and 2 – rear.

    In addition, the benefits of MASTERYARD ML 11524BE include a gearbox that is reliably protected by fastening bolts, as well as a durable metal design (this applies to the chute for the ejection of snow, polozov, frame, deflector and other devices).

    Masteryard MX 6522

    Experts recommend using this model for clearing areas whose area does not exceed 600 kV. meters.


    • Warranty – 3 years;
    • Move volume – 182 cube. centimeters;
    • Engine power – 6 horsepower;
    • Weight – 60 kilograms;
    • Volume of fuel tank – 3.6 liters.

    The indisputable pluses of the unit refers to the engine assembled in China, designed to work under conditions of low temperatures (which is relevant for the weather conditions of our country). You can regulate the direction of snow emission due to a special lever, and the turn can be carried out at 190 degrees. The standard set, in addition to the main device, includes 2 additional cutting bolts (“fingers”), nuts, keys, a blade for cleansing the deflector and other parts.

    Masteryard ML 7522

    This unit is a universal design. It is capable of working on any surfaces, under any temperature conditions. MASTERYARD ML 7522 is a Chinese assembly device, however, according to consumer reviews, is a rather high quality snow blower. In the car for cleaning snow, a fairly powerful engine B & S 750 Snow Series OHV. It is important to note that this technique is equipped with special pneumocoles that are endowed with the aggressive protector. Thanks to this element, the snow blower has the ability to close quite tightly with the road, not gliding. And small dimensions and dimensions of the machine provide maneuverability and ease of movement.

    Masteryard ML 7522B

    The manufacturer is counted The advantages of this device such indicators:

    • American Engine Briggs & Stratton 750 Snow Series;
    • Protective bolts (or so-called fingers);
    • The ability to unlock the wheels – this can be done by exemption from the rigid connection of the wheel hub from the drive shaft;
    • Snow HOG 13 wheels with high adhesion capability with expensive;
    • The possibility of rotation of the emission of 190 degrees.

    Experts recommend carefully learning the instructions for the operation of the device, which comes with a snow blower. Thus, following the rules for working with the machine and manufacturer’s recommendations, you can provide uninterrupted and long-term work model.

    Masteryard MX 8022B

    Such a modification is an excellent assistant that provides simple and efficient cleaning of the tracks from the accumulated and explosion snow. The manufacturer indicates that the device is optimally used in areas whose size does not exceed 1,200 kV. meters.

    Important parameters:

    • warranty period of operation – 3 years;
    • Engine Volume – 2015 Cube. centimeters;
    • Power – 6 horsepower;
    • Mass – 72 kilograms;
    • Fuel tank volume – 2.8 liters.

    Self-propelled snowstock has a special two-stage cleaning system, and snow emissions can be made by 12 meters. Snowflower functionality is enriched with chain type wheels (thereby ensuring a reliable transmission), as well as a frictional mechanism of metal.

    Masteryard MX 7522R

    This model of technical devices intended for snow cleaning belongs to quite affordable devices with a democratic value. At the same time, it should be mentioned that this model is devoid of additional functions, as it is equipped with only basic capabilities and elements. The maximum area that can be processed by snow removal is 1,000 meters, so for more large-scale production uses should be paid to more powerful models.

    Selection of spare parts

    It is important to remember that all listed models, as well as spare parts for them, can be purchased not only in the physical outlet, but also online. In this or different case, pay special attention to certificates of quality and licenses, otherwise you can purchase a poor-quality or fake product. If you purchase spare parts on the Internet, then you need to look for proven stores working with customers for several years and having feedback from buyers.

    What model to choose Masteryard snow blowers, look in the following video.

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