Making mini tractor with their own hands

Mini tractor – Extremely useful tool in agricultural economy. They can do dozens of a wide variety of works: from landing wintering to harvest and snow cleaning. If the agrium has the skills of handling appliances and a tool, then to independently assemble the unit for him will not be great difficulty. In this case, the cost of the main device will be minimal.

Tools and materials

A small tractor significantly helps in the work of the Agrarians. They can handle land of naughty and summer cottages, collect harvest. The big advantage of the unit is that it can be connected to it. Motarous attached equipment. Compact mini aggregate everyone is good, only it is worth a lot of money. Even Chinese manufacturers recent years have become significantly lifted prices. Therefore, some craftsmen make small aggregates with their own hands, and in quality these mechanisms are not inferior (sometimes even exceed) factory products.

Before starting such a job, you should understand how one or another node works, how it works, what his features. This technique is needed, as a rule, for 3-4 types of work, so when creating an aggregate, you can “place accents”, for example, to strengthen the frame (if there is an increased load) or put wider wheels if the main work will occur in field.

Make a mini tractor just enough, he will not be particularly distinguished by a real tractor. First of all, it should be done a scheme of how to create such an aggregate. There are many spare parts for used from motorcycles, vases and oaks on the market, so finding the appropriate node will not be much difficult.

The beam / bridge can be done with additional fasteners, since often factory analogues do not have the necessary coefficient of strength. The homemade tractor can be without a cabin, but it is not always justified, especially during operation in the roast or cold season. VOM is a power take-off shaft that makes it possible to work attached to units. Types of shafts:

  • Matching,
  • autonomous;
  • Working synchronous.

Rama can be made from the corners “6” or pipes with a diameter of 45 mm. In order for the design to be more stable and durable, metal plates are welded in the corners (thickness 6 mm). PPCs can be taken from the vase. It is important that in its working condition, at least three front speeds and one – the rear. Craving can be “borrow” from the motorcycle. The steering column will suit quite from the domestic car like “Zaporozhets”. It is also realistic to make a mini-tractor with different engines – both single-cylinder with air-cooled and four-stroke carburetor. Such power plants are ideal for creating agricultural machinery.

Benefit from creating your hands a miniature tractor:

  • low price;
  • You can make an aggregate that will meet the personal needs as much as possible.

From the disadvantages you can allocate:

  • The process of creating a tractor may seem like labor-intensive for those who worked little with technology;
  • Car engines work on gasoline, and it is more expensive than diesel fuel;
  • You can not go to federal highways on this technique, you can get a fine.

How to make it yourself?

Creating a miniature tractor begins with a frame mounting that can be made from the tubes. Making such a design should be powerful, but at the same time it should not be very heavy. Often the frame make double. Also popular aggregates with a so-called “broken” frame with a full drive from GAZ-52. The “breaking” frame makes it possible to deploy a tractor over a small radius, which increases the maneuverability of the device. The most important blocks of a mini-tractor:

  • wheels;
  • bridges;
  • transmission;
  • power point.

Mini tractor, made independently at home, begins to be created with the study of drawings and plan schemes. Taking a “related” project for the initial point, you can edit it, make your adjustments. After the individual project has been prepared, he draws on the sheet of Watman. Next, it will be necessary to collect all the necessary nodes, make the basis of the future aggregate. The size of the frame can fluctuate depending on the purpose of the machine – length it can be 1.5-2.5 meters, width – 1.3-1.8 meters.

Very important knot – hydraulic drive, it gives many advantages in the work and makes it possible to manage the most different equipment. Especially valuable in this regard hydraulic node. Its presence will allow you to use the most different attachments – from KUN to the brush for snow cleaning. Hydraulics consists of:

  • hydraulic cylinder 76×80;
  • distributor P82;
  • NSh12 pump.
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The pump works at a speed of 1000 revolutions per minute, sometimes it must be turned off. With the engine, things are easy, the power plant can be put from any car or motorcycle.

Good engine dd 25. This is a two-cylinder unit with a capacity of 12.2 liters. with., Move volume – 0.43 liters. The model is very successful, although it is no longer produced, but on the secondary market of such aggregates a huge number. It is worth such a model no more than 8 thousand rubles. PPCs can be taken from VAZ or DVS “Ant. If the tractor is used in the field, then the wheels are rational 20-24 inches. Front beam is simply prepared:

  • Two “cams” are collected, which can be taken from “Zhiguli”;
  • From the pipe (45×45 mm), the square is made by welding;
  • It is attached to the frame with welding-rack “4”, they are mounted and fixed “cams” of turns, steering steering is installed.

A mini-aggregate beam has a swinging mechanism that is taken from the VAZ to the closer. You can also take a similar element from the UAZ. It is very important that the bridges have congruent gearboxes. It is necessary that the wheel rotation factor is the same. PPC is taken from any car. With 2 boxes, the mechanism will be even more functionality.

It is important to take into account that when installing the hydraulic device on its maintenance is a certain power of the engine. If the engine is low, then the hydraulicock is better not to put. Nom begins to rotate from the crankshaft of the engine, respectively, it depends on the number of filament revolutions. There is also a synchronous species, its rotation coefficient is associated with the number of gear ratio of the mechanism. This feature is in demand, for example, when conducting a sowing campaign.

Creating a point suspension allows you to apply additional equipment for machinery. The three-point suspension is also very important, it should be dynamic horizontally and vertically, which makes it possible to better manage the machine. Brake It is advisable to put on the rear wheels. You can take ready-made knots from the VAZ, you can also “borrow” brake pads. The clutch can be removed from any old “Zhigul” or gas. Steering is also taken from “Vase”. The cabin for the unit is better to foresee, work then will be more comfortable, labor productivity will increase. You can make this node from pipes with a diameter of 20-25 mm, which are welded in the form of a frame. It can then be cut:

  • plywood;
  • tin;
  • Plastic.

Each unit has its own characteristics, so the drawing should always be conjugated with a specific device. For example, it is often necessary to mount the mechanisms:

  • front-turn;
  • rear-wheel drive;
  • small with a side turn mechanism.

Typically, the height of the cab does not exceed one and a half meters, over the head of the employee, the ceiling must be at a distance of 20-30 cm. Before making a cabin, you should collect “skeleton” products from wooden storage. After everything is understandable with sizes, you can cut the tube. Frame mounts are made using welding. After the frame is ready, it is trimmed, they put frames for glasses and t. NS. The most time consuming part of the work is the creation of doors. It will be necessary to mount such elements:

  • Thin tubes;
  • Restores;
  • Fastening.

The design should be easy and durable at the same time. To make the door with automatics, you can put gas elevators. From the inside the cabin can be seen by dermatin or foam sheets, if you have to work in the cold season. Do it yourself you can also make a crawler tractor. This technique has great dynamism and maneuverability. Caterpillars have a gentry effect on the ground, so it is beneficial to use such a mechanism in many ways.

Frame is made from corners, pipes or chambers. The engine is preferable to put diesel. Front and rear axle can also be “taken” from the vase. Good gearbox is in GAZ-53. Caterpillars are made of tires, they are cut off with the help of the sidewalls. Wheels are mounted on the resulting equal rubber blanks. So that the car could dynamically make maneuvers (reversals and t. D.), must be installed to install differential, which can turn off the rear and front wheels if necessary. This is done like this: it is pressed on the brake pedal, the differential switch is made. One wheel freezes, the second continues to move, the unit in this case unfolds.

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From the cargo motorol

If you make a tractor from a scooter (for example, “Tula 210”), then it will be weighing no more than 90 kg. If the main nodes are taken from one “source” (it can be “gas”, “VAZ” or “Oka”), then less time to refine and fit the details. Magneto with one pole is put on the engine. When installing onboard gearboxes (1: 4), the mechanism will be able to function at minimum speeds, while it will not change the traction force. This factor is very important while harvesting, as well as when sowing.

Frame is made from the corners “4”. Capacity for fuel can be “borrow” at the passenger car or make the steel sheet itself 2 mm. On such a mini-mechanism you can carry up to three hundred kilograms of various goods, to make plowing to 17 cm deep.

From “Oka”

Mini tractor can be done by taking spare parts from “Oka”. Little-format car can successfully match the parameters of a small agriculture. Anyway, wheels, engine, fuel capacity, transmission – all these nodes may well come up. Such an aggregate will be distinguished by the capacity and economical consumption of fuel and lubricants. Such a mechanism will cope with the following types of work:

  • enhancement;
  • processing of soil;
  • plowing;
  • transportation of freight.

From “OKI” such nodes are used:

  • power point;
  • transmission;
  • bridges;
  • PPC;
  • wheels;
  • steering thrust;
  • chassis.

In the manufacture of the tools and some materials will be required:

  • apparatus for welding;
  • screwdriver;
  • turbine;
  • Metal in sheets.

To make a frame, you will need a pair of spars (made from channels 10), as well as two traverses (12 and 16). For the transverse mount, you can use the “6”. The engine is better to put a four-cylinder, with a capacity of 45 liters. with., as the air cooling system is present on it. Redo the bridge is optional, it can be left unchanged. To make a transmission, you must attach the checkpoint to the carrier frame. In the handwheel, the rear wall is cut off, the hole is cut in the center.

To maintain the right pressure in the hydraulic system, a pump is required, which is placed next to the shaft. Each shaft wheel is controlled by a gearbox. If work is a lot on rough terrain and in the field, put better wheels more (up to 24 inches). Usually such aggregates are combined without springs. Spars as in front and behind the back to further enhance. PPCs allowable to take from “Oka”. If you put the engine from “UD2” (it is more powerful), it will be possible to work with large sites and transport heavy loads. Mounted cabin, lighting, fuel tank.

From “Loise”

The unit made from Loise may be all-wheel drive, and the rear-wheel drive can be disconnected if necessary. To make such a tractor, you will need a small amount of effort and working time. The engine can be put Sadko DE-310, you can put two gearboxes to it. Frame is made from corners or chambers. For operation of the hydraulics, the H12 pump is used, it employs a hydraulic cylinder 78×110, R82 distributor. Pump is used only in some cases. The shaft, as well as the gearbox, can be taken from any motorcycle, sometimes the shaft is cut (or prolong), a new “star” is put on it. Power selection shaft is also easy, it will be no more than 1.5 thousand revolutions per minute.

From “Zhiguli”

The easiest way to create a tractor from “Zhiguli” is the most acceptable option. You can always find a variety of spare blocks. Unfortunately, the power plant in “Zhiguli” works on gasoline, and it stands in our time. The lion’s share of agricultural equipment functions on diesel fuel. When planning a project to create a mini tractor from Zhiguli, several questions should be solved. The engine is placed in front of the driver and must necessarily have a protective screen. Frame is made from the corners “4”, its size is 1.2 x 2.1 meters. The fuel tank is placed in the back, it can be done independently from tin or take from any passenger car.

Front suspension necessarily enhances. The drive is made on 4 wheels. All work is done on this algorithm:

  • The scheme is prepared;
  • Rama is done;
  • Created body;
  • All nodes are combined;
  • Installed steering.

Mini tractor from “Zhiguli 2106” will be powerful enough to do all the necessary work and transport cargo to 500 kg. Also when creating it, you can take various nodes. GAZ-53 takes a box of gear, bridges are taken from “Zhiguli”. Wheels can be taken from MTZ-84. When installing wheels, bridges should be strengthened, it may also have to change the brake.

VAZ engine has a power of 59.4 horsepower (there are more powerful). Engine volume – 0.65 liters. It has a good efficiency and relatively small fuel consumption. When creating a mini-tractor from the “VAZ”, it should be especially carefully reading the layout and location of all nodes. At the very beginning, you should decide on the location:

  • PPC;
  • Capacities with flammable;
  • power plant;
  • protective screen;
  • Cabins.
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Rama is rational to make shorter, and the suspension is better to put more powerful. PPC can also be taken from GAZ-53, wheeled pairs from various machines. From “Vase” only the rear axle, the steering block. If the plans are setting the full drive, then the engine is needed at least 42 liters. with. Such an aggregate will be able to pull the hydraulic B, will work normally with increased load. Tractor is better to do all-wheel drive.

The process of creating a mini tractor from “VAZ”:

  • conducting welding with the frame;
  • Installation of chassis;
  • installation of wheels and fuel tank;
  • Installation of power installation and transmissions;
  • Installation of cabin, protective screen (casing).

An important part of the work is shortening the rear axle:

  • A cup is cut off, the ring of the flange is removed;
  • It can be removed, fluttered;
  • inside the cup drills a hole;
  • semi-axes are aligned and weld;
  • The bridge is inserted into the finished recess;
  • Welding works are carried out;
  • The bridge to the frame is attached using the V-structure.

From “Zaporozhets”

To make a tractor from “Zaporozhets”, you should work with nodes. Front and rear axle can short. The gearbox on the “Zaporozhet” is not very powerful, it can be replaced with a box from “Vase”. Hydraulics is quite suitable, but may have to change the hoses and fittings to newer. The frame of the cab is made of pipes with a diameter of 2 cm, is trimmed with plywood or PVC sheets. The “Zaporozhets” engine is quite suitable for the tractor, but you can put something more powerful. If you install the “VAZ” checkpoint, then you can work with any attachment. All used aggregates must pass thorough cleaning and verification.

From motorcycle

You can assemble the tractor and from the Ural motorcycle.

He was done like this:

  • Rama welded, which consisted of two blocks. Pipe length – 2.1 meters, width – 0.95 meters.
  • Transmission is placed from “VAZ”. The torque pulse is transmitted through the chain on the “Star”, then goes to the drive shaft into the front and rear axles.
  • Mounted electronic ignition taken from “VAZ2109”.
  • Two gearbox is raised – from the motorcycle and car “Moskvich 412”.
  • The drive is made complete. Cylinders have air cooling.
  • Steering thrust take from “Moskvich”.

The machine turns out quite powerful, passable, “pulls” without special difficulties a trailer with a load weight up to 0.5 t. It can be used both in agricultural work and for cleaning the territory of snow.

Safety technique

When working on the tractor, security techniques should be followed:

  • To work on the tractor, you need to have a special training;
  • Before starting the engine, the transmission switch is in the “H” position;
  • The hydraulic distribution clutch is set to the “Neutral” position;
  • The water barrier can be cross if it is a depth of no more than one meter;
  • Transportation of people and animals on the trailer is prohibited;
  • In the cockpit, only two people may be present;

  • On the floor of the unit should be a rug made of rubber;
  • Before starting work, a preventive inspection of the engine, cabin, fasteners, gearbox should be made;
  • If the car was standing for a long time without movement, it should be “driving” it at idle, without loads;
  • The steering force should be no more than 0.44 rad (26 °), with an indicator of 0.62 glad (36 °) will need to adjust the hinges;
  • The brakes should be regularly checked and regulated if necessary;
  • The pneumatic system should have a pressure of about 0.5 MPa (4.78 kgf / cm2);

  • batteries must be firmly attached to the base;
  • The speed of movement is allowed about 25 km per hour;
  • Hinged equipment must correspond to the TTX mini tractor;
  • At the beginning of work it is recommended to check all connecting fasteners.

How to make a mini tractor with your own hands, look in the following video.

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