Major malfunctions and repair MotorPome

Motor-pump – a surface pumping device that is widely used in different branches of life and human activity. On the shelves of modern specialized stores, you can see a large amount of these devices, which differ not only by price and the country of manufacture, but also by appointment. Purchase of motorcycles are expensive financial investment. Before going to the store, it is necessary to consult with specialists and explore the advantages and disadvantages of each model so that the purchased goods do not disappoint low quality and has not been useless. For the service life of the Motor Publi affects not only the model and quality of assembly, but also the right operation and competent care.

When breakdowns occur, it is not necessary to immediately contact specialized service centers. Having a standard set of tools and minimal machinery repair experience, you can independently solve the problem that appears.

Types and causes of faults

Motor-pump is a simple device that consists of two parts:

  • Motor internal combustion;
  • Pump part.

    Experts allocate several types of breakdowns of gasoline, electrical and gas apparatuses and the causes of their occurrence.

    • The inability to start the engine (for example, 2SD-M1). Possible Causes: Lack of fuel in a tank, low oil level in the motor, improper position of the device, the presence of oil in the combustion chamber after improper transportation, opening the Cold Motor Carburetor flap, the absence of a spark between the electrodes during the rotation of the engine shaft, clogging the filtering device is closed Fuel.
    • Availability of interruptions during operation. Reasons: Air filter pollution, rotor speed controller breakdown, valve seat deformation, low quality fuel, gasket wear, deformation of outlet valve parts.
    • Engine overheating. Causes: Incorrectly specified engine operation parameters, the use of inappropriate fuel, performing work at an altitude of more than 2000 m, operation in unsuitable climatic conditions.
    • Nutrition of water into the pump. Causes: Lack of flooded water in the pump, air intake in the intake hose, loose fixation of the filler plug, air passage under the sealing gland.
    • Low volume of pumped water. Causes: Input air flow, intake filter contamination, discrepancy between the diameter and the length of the hose, overlapping or blocking the fence cranes, finding the water mirror at the maximum height level.

    • Breakdown of time relay and protection system. Causes: Pollution of the internal system of the pumping device, work without oil receipt.
    • Availability of extraneous noise. Cause – deformation of internal parts.
    • Automatic shutdown of the machine. Causes: The occurrence of overload in the system, engine integrity disorders, soil.
    • Magnet breakdown in vibration device.
    • Breakdown of launcher condensation.
    • Heating of the working fluid.

    In low quality goods that were collected by the handicraft method, it is possible to observe the wrong collection of all equipment and illiterate fixing underwater cable.

    Ways to eliminate faults

    If the motor-pump does not start, it stalls under load, does not pump and does not download water, it does not start, you must carefully remove the impeller, disassemble it. For each type of breakdown there is an individual solution to the problem. If it is impossible to launch the motor-compartment, you must perform the following activities:

    • fuel bay in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions;
    • checking the level of fill with the help of the probe and, if necessary, carry out an additional fuel bay;
    • horizontal accommodation of the device;
    • Checking the engine shaft using the launch cord;
    • cleaning the carburetor float chamber;
    • removal of contamination in fuel filter;
    • Full closure of the damper of the carburetor;
    • removal of nagar from the spark plug;
    • Installing a new candle;
    • Opening of the fuel supply crane;
    • Cleaning the filtering devices by unscrewing the bottom cork on the float chamber.

    If there are interruptions in the device, it is necessary to carry out the following manipulations:

    • cleaning the filter and all approaches to it;
    • Installing new filter parts and snails;
    • determining the nominal value of the rotor speed frequency;
    • Increased pressure in the compressor.

    In case of strong overheating of the engine, it is necessary to perform several actions:

    • engine adjustment;
    • Compliance with the temperature mode of the environment during the operation of the device.

    Often, when performing the work of the motor-pump ceases to suck the liquid and pump water. In case of this problem, there is an established algorithm of actions:

    • Pulling the water into the pumping part;
    • hermetic closure of the filler plug;
    • replacement of seals and glades;
    • replacement of the suction hose;
    • Sealing air flow penetration places.

    Many owners of the motor-pump eventually notice the decline in the volume of the pumped liquid and the sharp drop in the performance of the device. The elimination of this breakdown consists of several manipulations:

    • checking the combination of the intake sleeves to the pumping equipment;
    • fixation of fastening clamps on the nozzle;
    • Flushing filter parts;
    • Attaching the hose of the corresponding diameter and length;
    • Moving the installation to the water mirror.

    To eliminate breakage of the time relay, it is enough to clear the internal equipment from polluting elements, add missing oil and check the integrity of all parts. To resume silent operation of the motor-pumping, it is necessary to check the lack of mechanical damage and various component parts defects. Remove the breakdown of the device disconnecting, only electrical service center can only. Before you call a specialist, you can only check the distribution box on the possibility of voltage drop and remove visible soil particles inside the device.

    Replacement of the magnet vibration device, starting condensate and the collection of the entire device is prohibited from independently without special education and experience.

    Measures preventing damage

    After purchasing the necessary equipment, professional masters recommend first to carefully examine the instructions of the manufacturer and the rules of operation of the motor-pump, which consist of several positions:

    • monitoring the structure of the pumped fluid to prevent clogging of the pumping equipment;
    • Regular testing of the hermetic connection of all parts;
    • compliance with the time range of the device, depending on its type;
    • Timely fill fuel in the fuel tank;
    • constant control of the oil level;
    • timely replacement of filtering devices, oil and spark plugs;
    • Check battery capacity.

    It is strictly forbidden to perform the following list of activities:

    • pumping an unforeseen liquid type;
    • the use of low-quality fuel and its bay into a working apparatus;
    • Operation without all necessary filtering components;
    • disassembly and repair without the presence of the necessary practical skills.

    Specialists recommend annually to conduct a number of preventive measures that prevent the appearance of different types of breakdowns:

    • Regular removal of garbage and pollution;
    • checking the tightness of piston components;
    • checking the cylinder and piston ring;
    • removal of nagar;
    • repair of separators of support bearings;
    • Diagnosis of water pump.

    In the event of failures in the work of the motorpads, you must immediately begin to solve the problem. Most of the tasks The owners of the device can eliminate themselves, but there are a number of problems that only specialists from service centers must solve. The most demanded services of repair organizations are oil change, checking the operation of spark plugs and installing new, replacing the drive belts, sharpening chains, change different filters and a general technical inspection of the device. Ignoring even minor problems can lead to serious faults and even the breakdown of the entire device, to restore which there will be significant financial costs, sometimes commensurate with the purchase of new motor-pump.

    Proper operation and timely repair of the device is the key to long-term operation of technology without financial investments for repair and replace components.

    On how to replace the starter of the motor-pump, look in the following video.

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