Lilac Rochester: Features, Description and Growing

Lilac is a fairly common plant in our country. To date, there are more than a hundred varieties of this fragrant shrub. American variety “Rochester” is characterized by snow-white flowers, spreading branches and, importantly, good winter hardiness. Consider it in more detail.

Description of varieties

Lilac Ordinary Rochester is a unique view derived by American breeder scientists in 1963 in the Rochester town of the same name. This variety has no analogue, Although it is considered the progenitor of modern shrub titled Radical Doubling – “Radical Makhrovaya”.

The Rochester variety is distinguished by empty bushes reaching 2.5 meters in height and 3.5 in width. Compared to other varieties This lilac is considered not too high. For her, a long development period is characterized. The bloomed flowers are painted in a snow-white color, the number of petals can reach 25. Flowers publish a saturated pleasant aroma.

Petal shape – round, slightly elongated. Socuagement differ sufficient density, located vertically, Well formed. The flowering period falls at a fairly time. Bushes are thrilled thick foliage of dark green shades, there is a light shine.

American Lilac grade boasts a high degree of winter hardiness, which allows you to grow it in the regions with a cold climate. The plant prefers bright areas, however, will be able to endure and half.

Lilac landing should be made in fertile soil. In addition, the Earth must have a moderate humidity. For this weakly acidic, loamy, neutral soils.

Do not place seedlings in the ground with a high level of groundwater. Excess moisture will negatively affect the growth of a young shrub. Usually lilac “Rochester” grown by groups to create live elevations or alleys, Nevertheless, the single shrub is also successfully fits into any landscape design.


Ordinary lilac is one of the most popular shrubs that grow gardeners of Russia. It is especially worth noting its winter consistency and immunity to certain diseases. Such features allow plant to plant even in regions with sufficiently harsh climatic conditions. With proper care, the lush fragrant shrub will decorate any local or country area.

Lilac seedlings landing in the cold regions of Russia should be produced at the end of summer (last week of August) or early autumn (the first days of September). According to gardener reviews, this time is the most suitable for the addiction of the plant to the soil, There is a rapid root and, which is especially important for this territory, Strengthening the root system before the first frost. Therefore, too late landing is most likely to lead to the rapid death of a young plant.

In any case, you should take care of winter shelter: use a layer of mulching from moss, sawdust, peat, straw. It is enough just to set down them a nearby circle. The main rule – the elements of the layer should be solely dry, otherwise it is not possible to avoid the formation of rot in the pricing space.

When the snow melts, mulch will need to be removed, so the soil will overtake much faster.

Lilac “Rochester” is an unpretentious plant, so there should be no problems with the choice of place for landing. As a soil, sandy or rocky, the degree of acidity can be any. Do not land a shrub in raw, wetlands, not the best option will be heavy soil.

Recommendations for landing seedlings:

  • dig a hole with a size of 50×50 cm;
  • On the bottom, put organic fertilizers, such as manure or litter, mineral formulations or ash are also suitable;
  • Earth near the trunk is well compressed;
  • Best time for landing – evening or cool day.

Care and subordinate

Grow a healthy, beautiful shrub in its garden will be in compliance with all the rules for lilac. This plant does not need frequent watering, but the soil around the trunk should be maintained. Abundant watering falls on May-June, but already Since July, bushes do not watered, otherwise it will lead to the awakening of the kidneys.

Feed the bushes without necessity is also not worth. During the landing, the required number of fertilizers has already been made, which is sufficient for the growth and development of the root system during the first three years. As for adult shrubs, they will fit here Annual feeding in small quantities. For this, organic-based fertilizers are used – manure, bird litter.

Complex mineral formulations are made once every three years.

An important procedure in the care of lilac “Rochester” is pruning. She assumes the removal of old, sick branches. Start this event is better in spring: as soon as the brushes are swinging, you can cut dry twigs. Such measures will lead in the future to abundant flowering. Gardeners do not recommend trimming lilac in the fall, it can lead to a complete absence of blossom.

Sanitary trim is a removal of 3-4 old shrubs, on the site of which young people appear. This procedure should be done very carefully, without damaging the bush, which long and badly heals.

Overall Lilac ordinary “Rochester” – a good option for decorating a home or country area. It is thanks to the winter hardiness that she loved Russian gardeners so. Following the recommendations on landing and further care, you can grow a spreader, beautiful plant with snow-white flowers, publishing a pleasant fragrance.

You can find out the secrets of breeding and care for lilac by seeing the following video.

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