Leske on a lawn mower: how to choose and wind?

With the arrival of spring, country sites become the main place of stay of many of our compatriots. However, with the arrival of warm days such a problem appears as fast-growing grass. Constantly to make her handmade oblique is uncomfortable, and indeed all kinds of grass givend to this old worker tool. Much more convenient to use modern lawn mowers for these purposes. Particularly popular among them acquired devices with a fishing line, which is easy to change if necessary.

How to choose a suitable fishing line?

For trimmers working from both electricity and gasoline, nylon fishing racks are suitable. This consumable material can be used both for manual tools and for the wheels lawn mowers. It is important to choose the right line, as this directly affects the result of the work, and on the service life of the aggregate. Of course, in the proposed assortment, the fishing line is very easy to get confused, especially beginners. However, there are quite a few tips from specialists and those who have already tried various options.

For electric trimmer with a power of less than 500 W, a thin line with a diameter of 1 to 1.6 mm is suitable. It will be perfectly cut the lawns with low grass. If the tool power is in the range from 0.5 to 1 kW, it is better to give preference to the fishing line, the diameter of which will be 2 mm or a little more.

It will be enough to throw thin grass or grown weeds, but not too thick.

For gasoline trimmers, as well as motocos you can not take a fishing line less than 3 mm. Such thickness will allow you to easily cope with any bungyan, dry stems, thick grass. The diameter of more than 4 mm is suitable exclusively to benzokosum with high power. It turns out that a thick fishing line is needed for powerful techniques. It is not recommended to use for low-power trimmers, otherwise it will work badly, constantly wound on the coil and create an additional load on the engine.

As a rule, in standard packaging is up to 15 meters of fishing line. However, in order to replace the string on the coil, sufficiently length is about 7 meters. It also happens that the fishing line is made by bays 250-500 meters. Required when choosing a string, you must specify the date when it was produced. Too old nylon can quiet and become too breaking. If it happened, then you can soak the fishing line for a couple of hours in water, but it will not be fully.

When choosing an important parameter is the cross section of a string that sometimes happens.

  • Round cross section is universal. It is used for the grassland of the middle thickness and density. When working may be overcome, but it is not too fast.

  • Square or polygonal section is more efficient compared to the round. Due to acute corners, the stalks of the plants are cut off with a greater speed and better.

  • Ribbed, twisted and asterisk-like section is the most effective. Such a fishing person manages very quickly to mow grass. And its main disadvantage is the rapid wear.

The dryer for the trimmer is made of nylon, which is distinguished by strength, ease, low price and wear resistance. To make the value of the material even cheaper, polyethylene add to it, but then the fishing line overheats faster. In thick strings there is a rod of graphite or steel. Sometimes they are reinforced, which increases strength and service life.

It is worth noting that prices for two-component strings are higher than on standard nylon.

Device in a mower

In the trimmer, the element on which the string is stretched is very easy to arrange. He is called the “coil”. It usually consists of the upper and lower part (grooves), between which the partition is passed with a deepening. It is for these grooves and you need to hire a fishing line. However, before it is stretched through the deepening.

Before pulling out the coil, you should unscrew the special button that is directly on the gas mower body. Before changing the fishing line, you need to remove the coil from the mower.

This is easy, but there are its own features depending on the trimmer configuration and the coil itself.

  • In small electronic mowers, the motor and the coil are in the lower part, and the buttons are located on the sides of the Bobbins. If you click on them, then the upper groove of the coil and part where you need to wipe the fishing line.

  • In lawn miles with a curved bar, which does not provide a knife, the coils have special cough nuts. In such instruments, you need to hold the bobbin so that it does not move, and at the same time turn the nut is not clockwise. It is she who keeps all the bobbin, which is easy to remove after that.

  • Mowers with a straight barbell, for which you can install a knife, have a hole right under the bobbin. To remove the coil in this hole invested in a screwdriver, the bobbin is fixed. After that, you need to check the coil on the movement of the clockwise and remove from the aggregate.

Sometimes letters can occur on the coil in the form of a latch. They need to click on to disconnect the coil parts. An option is also possible when the top and bottom of the bobbin are connected by carving. In this case, it is enough to take hands for the top and bottom, and then twist in different directions until they develop.

How to wind?

Knowledge of how the coil disassets can speed up the process of replacing the fishing line. It all depends on what kind of construction has a coil and what a mustache. Fill the thread into the coil, in which only one worker mustache is quite simple, especially if you stick to a consistent plan.

  • Depending on the parameters of reels and the length of the fishing line, the initially installed is recommended, it is recommended to choose a string from 2 to 5 meters.

  • First you need to remove the bobbin from the tool, and then open it.

  • In the hole inside the bobbin, it is necessary to establish one of the end of the fishing line.

  • Next, the string should be turned on the drum. And this is done in the opposite direction from ordinary spool rotation. Usually on trimmers from the inside of the bobbin there is an arrow that shows in which direction you need to wove.

  • Part of the fishing line must be pulled out and fix in a special belt on the inside of the bobbin. His destination is to hold winding when bringing a bobbin to the working condition.

  • The end of the string should be done into the hole located on the outer part of the Bobbin.

  • At the last stage, it is necessary to collect parts of the bobbin and put on the rod mowers.

Installing a fishing line on a coil with two mustache occurs somewhat different way. First you need to determine how many grooves passes through the inside of the coil to which the fishing line is worn. There are options with one groove, and then both ours need to get out together. There are also models with two grooves, when each of the mustache goes on a separate.

For all coils with two mustache, it is recommended to use a string from 2 to 3 meters long.

In the model with one groove

  • Leske should be stretched into the hole, and her mustache fold together and equal.

  • Then cooked in the direction opposite to the rotation of the bobbin on the mower. Often inside the coil is an arrow indicating how to wear a fishing line.

  • The ends of the strings are fixed in the specials or simply temporarily stick with their hands and are drawn into the hole located on the outside of the Bobbin.

  • After that, the spool closes and fasten on the bar, after which the mower is ready to work.

In a variant with two grooves

  • Fishing line first fold in half to determine where the middle of the fold.

  • Next, the loop formed on the bending is done in the groove, which is formed between the two grooves.

  • After that, you can both dads to get out on a separate groove.

  • Fix the mustache and collect the coil is completely the same as already described above.

For the first time to open the coil and the new fishing line is not always easy. Over time, this procedure becomes almost automatic and will not take long time. Some coils have an automatic system that independently winds the line. As a result, it remains only to correct the end of the fishing line, and everything is ready. In such models, the string must be put in a hole, which is on the outside of the case. Next, the bobbin is going, and when the winding rotates, the fishing line occurs on it.

The convenience of such coils is that it is impossible to incorrect winding, since the fishing line will always spin only in the right direction.

Safety technique

Compliance with safety will allow you to quickly and safely insert a new fishing line in a mower coil. Be sure before the replacement starts and the coil will be removed, it is necessary to turn off the device, especially the electric lawn mowers. It is important to constantly remind yourself of clicking on a special blocking button. On each mower, it can be located in different places, but it is necessarily indicated in the manual.

You should remember the adjustment of the cutting element. Otherwise, the work will be unstable and low-quality. Most often on the aggregate itself there is a button that allows you to adjust. If, when you click on it, nothing happens or the string has weakened its tension, then you need to hold the button and with an effort to stretch the line from the coil.

Winding the fishing line is a very responsible process. It is important to keep all the stages correctly to pull the line well. Do not use other materials, except special nylon strings. It is worth remembering that it is impossible to put wire from metal, rod or iron cable instead of a fishing line. It is dangerous, as the equipment can very easily cut the shoes even from the coarse material and inflict the injury to someone who uses oblique. Before putting on a new fishing line, it is important to carefully familiarize yourself with the instruction manual of the device, as some models of lawn mowers may have their own characteristics of the structure that it is important to consider when replacing.

How to replace the line on the trimer, you can learn from the video below.

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