Lawn mowers with grass collecting: features and types

To give the garden and the preservation area of ​​aesthetic look, it is necessary to perform regular mowing of grass. The desired result is achieved with the help of a special unit, designed quickly and beautifully form lawns.


Lawn mower with grassball – it is moving on wheels technician for leaning herbs with an attached container for the collection of beveled greenery. Convenient design allows you to save time for cleaning the territory from cropped grass, remaining with a hand-made mechanical lawn mower, which does not collect greens in the container, and scatters it on the ground.

On the duration of the operation of the lawn mower with a container for grass affects the material from which the body of the product is made. The stronger is steel construction, but it is subject to corrosion. Aluminum housing is distinguished by strength and ease. The disadvantages of the plastic product refers to its briefness.

According to the resource of the expendable energy lawn mowers are divided into electrical and gasoline products. The electrical device is great for small sites. The advantage of gasoline aggregates is mobility, independence from the electricity and the possibility of their use on huge areas. When refueling the tank, gasoline should exclude any ingress of foreign substances: water, oil, dirt.


The process of cleaning and washing different models is not the same. It is important to find the consumer to find a design with a minimum time for cleaning a container intended for beveled greenery.

This directly depends on the material from which the product is constructed.

Plastic option

Plastic tanks are very comfortable. Easy and durable material does not crack, does not fade in the sun. Plastic box is usually embedded in electrical and gasoline structures. Compared to other species of tanks, the hard container has some advantages described below.

  • The explicit advantage of the model is convenient unloading: simple and easy shading out grass from the container.
  • The product is easy to wash: some designs are equipped with a washing hose with a fitting.
  • The plastic container is perfectly ventilated due to the unimpeded air pass through the holes in the walls. Good ventilation contributes to the seal of greenery. Models created using the latest air flow technology have a very high density of grass. Such a product does not need frequent cleaning.

    The minuses include periodic clogging of the ventilation gaps of greens. As a result, the passage of the air flow is reduced, the beveled grass with difficulty penetrates the container. In order to avoid such problems, constructions with a collection, which accommodates only 30-40 liters.

    The German company Al-Ko produces overall tanks with a powerful ventilation system. The container capacity is 70-80 liters. Tank is designed for gasoline equipment.

    Fabric bag

    The easiest product is a mower with a fabric bag for beveled grass. The container is made of intertwined durable threads or synthetic tissue. The bag is usually attached to gasoline models. Collections from textiles have several positive aspects:

    • Mild grassball harness does not attach an additional weight mower;
    • When working the unit almost does not vibrate;
    • The dismantled bag does not occupy a lot of space, which affects the convenience of its storage;
    • there is an opportunity to increase the volume to 90 l;
    • The collection of herbs is easy to disconnect from the design and has an easy way to sharing the greenery.

      The unconditional minus is the difficulty and duration of the removal of the contents of the bag. Requires long and thorough sharing.

      Some models are attached to a special brush for cleaning the walls of herbal collection.

      The power of the air flow is reduced due to the lack of a ventilation system.

      Combined option

      Combined grass bar for lawn mowers is designed from plastic and fabric. Hard material, placed on top and bottom, gives a bag gorgeous shape. The upper part is equipped with ventilation holes. Some models have a built-in filter that allows you to stuff a big container completely. The universal compilation is endowed with indisputable advantages:

      • The combination of fabric with plastic gives the ease of the product;
      • Plastic helps to preserve the form of the structure;
      • With the help of plastic, an excellent ventilation system is created;
      • With a very large density, the grass does not fall out of the container, and it is rambling;
      • Greens shake out of the collection very easily;
      • Fast Cleaning Container does not cause any difficulties.

      Companies providing modern lawn miles are located in different countries.

      The trading mark should not be the main criterion when choosing an aggregate, because some Chinese devices may also differ excellent quality.

      Mountains of famous brands Makita, Hyundai, Stiga, Bosch, Viking are very popular. The best modern models recognized the devices described below.

      • Self-propelled lawn mowerMakita PLM4621 Equipped with grass mulch fixture. The width of the mowing is 46 cm, height – from 2 to 7.5 cm. Aggregate weighs 32.5 kg.

      • Non-purpose gasoline mower Hyundai L4310 It has a mulching nozzle. There is central adjustment of the height of the mowing. The volume of the collection is 45 liters. Provides for the radiation of the greenery 42 cm in width and 2.5-7.5 cm in height. The fuel tank places 1 liter of gasoline.

      • Self-propelled electric mower STIGA COMBI 48 ES has an adjustable handle and folding handle. The pluses include steel housing, nozzle for grinding grass, gorgeous maneuverability, large wheel diameter (front – 18 cm, rear – 24 cm), good capacity of herbal collection (up to 60 l).

      • Model Al-Ko 119617 Highline 46/5 SP-A possesses 7 levels of mowing. The height of the lawn is adjusted from 3 to 8 cm. Weighs device 32 kg. Very durable case provides aggregate durability. Mower has incredible stroke resistance. There is a possibility of mulching. Additional nozzle allows you to change the greens to a state suitable as a fertilizer for soil.

      • Bosch Arm 37 does not have tool to grind herb. Hard trail places 40 l. There is central height adjustment of the height of 2 to 7 cm. The width of the mowing is 37 cm.

      • Austrian gasoline mower Viking MB 248 distinguishes compactness and excellent maneuverability. Case made of steel. Fabric soft bag holds 45 l. Weighs device 28 kg.


      When choosing a lawn mower should pay attention to the possibility of mulching. It is better to choose a product with a knife or a special wedge, crushing the bevelled grass at the moment of the bow. Chopped into small pieces of greens becomes a source of moisture, which has a positive effect on cleaning the container from grass. The knife must have a sharp and durable blade, so the perfect option is the blade of steel.

      The diameter of the model model has an important value. The design with large wheels can easily and quickly move along the plane.

      Mower with a bag for collecting herb, having a front-wheel drive, has good maneuverability, but when filling the tank, the grass center is shifted, there is a slipping of the front wheels on the surface of the greenery. Rear-wheel drive appliances most convenient. During the operation of the gasoline unit, the rear part is exposed to a strong load, which creates additional comfort when working.

      Gasoline lawn mowers are not suitable for uneven plots. Any thirty perduct slope makes it difficult to use such a mower. Electrical models are well suited to work on relief surfaces. They are distinguished by silent, maneuverability and ease.

      For an uneven plot overgrown with bunign, you need to select a device with a powerful engine. In order to avoid its overheating, it is necessary to take a break every 15-20 minutes of work. Do not forget about the length of the cord and extension cord, since electrical structures have a limited range. They are more suitable for a small area.

      For a small area, Viking MB 248 is well suited. Mower gaggates beautifully between the flower beds, skillfully bypassing all the bumps. A huge plot with ease handles Al-Ko 119617 Highline 46/5 SP-A unit. He copes perfectly with high grass and surface irregularities.

      How to choose a lawn mower, look next.

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