Lawn mowers AL-KO: pros and cons, varieties, choice, operation

Al-Ko lawn mowers managed to gain popularity from Russian owners of country housing and summer residents. Inexpensive and reliable gardening equipment is widely represented in the market, and attracts attention to the variety of model range. Classic and frontal lawn mowers of the German brand have an interesting design, good complete set, but even in the store it is difficult to understand what should be a knife for mowers, if you have to harvest hay or need to process a large plot. It is important not to get confused in suggestions, and take the right decision.

What a lawn mower AL-KO better solves the tasks of the gardeners, and what is worth choosing a farmer – to deal with the topic will help a detailed overview of the electrical and gasoline self-propelled models, as well as reviews of owners who have already rated all the advantages and disadvantages of technology in practice.

Features and destination

AR-KO lawn mower – a product of the German company of the same name, successfully operating in the European market for more than 80 years, and not going to pass their position. The company’s factories are located in Eastern and Western Europe, in Asia countries, the model range is regularly expanding and improved. At the same time, the manufacturer’s head country still remains common – Germany, and German quality standards operate German.

The main purpose of Al-Ko mowers – haircut grass, and electrical models are ideal for lawn or lawn at the house. Mulching options additionally turn cut stems into a valuable fertilizer. In addition, the brand has a line of gasoline lawn mowers with a front knife, which is used on the most uneven or remote objects, in the fields and meadows.

It can, if necessary, can be easily turned into a snowy cleaning machine for a winter period – such a hybrid technique is simply indispensable on a plot of country house.

Distinctive features of Al-Ko lawn mowers can be called good corrosion resistance, easy adaptation to working conditions. In addition, the search for replaceable parts for brand technique is also not difficult, and the timing of the equipment for the care of the garden exceeds the standard 2-3 years.


All types of lawn mowers produced by the Al-Ko brand can be divided into two large categories: self-propelled, in which the drive is installed on the wheels, and noncommodating, they are actuated by means of human muscles. Electrical models are infrequently equipped with such additions.

    Gasoline self-propelled lawn mower – the most rational technological solution.

    According to the type of its design, modeling equipment techniques can be several species.


      Spindle lawn mowers are suitable for regular care for english lawns. They are universal, completely silent, easy to work. Mechanical lawn mowers do not distinguish harmful substances into the atmosphere, have a long service life. Spindle options are not intended for cutting high grass,

        Electric wired

        Simple option for small and medium-sized lawn areas. The technique provides uniform cutting of herbs at a given height and under the desired angle. The equipment can make the minimum noise level, costs without complicated maintenance, as safe as possible.


        Lawn mowers for small gardens, where there is no possibility to work with power from wires. The most maneuverable, comfortable, produce the minimum noise level. With such a technique, it is good for work on the sealing plot, pass between trees. Replaceable battery, depending on the tank, is enough for 30-60 minutes.


        Lawn mowers with restriction of the area of ​​mowing with a special closed contour. The technique returns to the base itself, does not leave the perimeter of the paved cable. This technique is able to cope even with a large front of work without unnecessary difficulties. The most powerful models are able to do without launching the cable, due to the grass sensors, and handle autonomously up to 2000 m2.


        The optimal option for lawns is an area of ​​1000 m2. Such al-ko lawn mowers have powerful gasoline engines, wheel drives to improve patency, practically reasonable in operation.

        Frontal with gasoline motor

        Professional technique suitable for the preparation of hay or clearing large areas, maintain order in parks and squares. Such equipment has increased productivity, is considered as environmentally friendly among motorized equipment.

        The lineup

        Most popular can be called al-ko lawn mowers with a gasoline or electric motor, as well as robotic versions of technology. Consider how the rating will look for each of these categories.

        Robotic lawn mowers AL-KO include a number of options.

          Robolinho 4100

          The most productive lawn mower in the ruler is able to autonomously process the area to 2000 m2. Battery capacity for 4.4 a • h enough for three hours of continuous movement. Upon completion of the cycle, the robot returns to the base, the grass during cutting is reset back, the proof width reaches 32 cm.

            Robolinho 3100

            Robotic technique model capable of pumping up to 1200 m2, has a width of a slice of 30 cm and a lithium-ion battery for 2.9 A • h. The technical equipment includes the engine brake, the wheels of floating, piano type, the lawn mower is able to overcome the angle of inclination to 35%, it is enough for 2 hours of operation, charging the battery takes as much time. Powerful, low noise model with the release of grass back and adjustable cutting height.

            Solo by Robolinho 700 E

            Compact lawn mower with low noise and ejection of herb back. It is enough to care for a lawn to 700 m2, the bike width of 22 cm is enough for high-quality and thorough treatment of the site. Battery lithium-ion, 2.3 a • h, deck and steel body, movement is made using four wheels, the model is capable of overcoming a bias up to 45%, the stand-alone work lasts 60 minutes, the same technique needs to be filled.

            Electric lawn mowers have their own special properties.

              AL-KO 113103 SILVER 46.4 E

              The model is calculated for the processing of an area of ​​900 m2, equipped with a 1600 W engine, in stock 2 rear wheels with a diameter of 28 cm and front pair by 20 cm. The lawn mower is equipped with a grass collector, in which there is a filling indicator, adjustable by the handle, the function of mulching and the central adjustment of the cut height at 7 levels. The processed width is 46 cm – a good choice for plots of medium square, light and maneuverable.

                AL-KO 113549 34.8 LI

                Compact and easy self-propelled mower with rear-wheel drive, a punctural width of 34 cm, equipped with a mild trailer for 30 liters. The model is capable of providing high-quality cargo care of 200 m2. Installed battery has a capacity of 2.5 A • h, the manufacturer includes 2 batteries.

                AL-KO 112856 CLASSIC 3.82 SE

                Wheeled noncommodating lawn mower with rigid grass collector, middle noise level, punctural width of 38 cm. The model is designed for processing up to 500 m2 of lawn, varies the height of the cut of 3 levels from 20 to 60 mm, has power from the power supply, the motor capacity is 1400 W. Good solution for regular haircuts of the lawn near the house.

                Gasoline lawn mowers are also represented in the ranking.

                  Al-Ko 119844 Highline 46.8 SPI

                  Self-propelled lawn mower equipped with an electric starter. The heavy machine is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton motor for 3 liters. with., Dec and hull are made of steel, front wheels have a smaller diameter than rear. With it, you can process the area to 1400 m2, the passage width is 46 cm, it is possible to install a mulching nozzle.

                    AL-KO 119769 Highline 527 SP

                    Self-propelled gasoline lawn mower with BRIGGS & STRATTON engine, rear wheel drive, punctural width 51 cm. The model copes with the processing of the area to 1800 m2, in the kit there is a rigid grass collector, rear and side reset, a nozzle for mulching. The height of the misement is adjustable to 7 levels in the range from 30 to 80 mm. Dec and steel steel, reliable, technique are quite powerful and productive.

                    AL-KO 119733 CLASSIC 4.66 SP-A

                    Reliable lawn mower with a gasoline 4-stroke motor. The model is capable of making grass on an area of ​​up to 1400 m2, equipped with a container for collecting cut stems, a projection width reaches 46 cm, no mulch function. The technique has a modern design, easy to manage.

                    How to choose?

                    To correctly choose the al-ko lawn mower for the site, it is important to pay attention to its technical and functional equipment. For instance, In terms of reliability, all other models won unlooking mechanical options – they are practically sureless. Frontal lawn mowers have their own “range of tasks” – they are considered professional, optimal, if you need to treat large areas.

                    For 10 acres, their use is rational only as all-season agricultural machines with a snow blower function.

                    Matter and other indicators.

                    1. Height of the mounted grass. Robotic and wired electric mower simply will not cope with thick thickets. Mechanical models are also designed for constant cutting of a well-kept lawn. For all other purposes only gasoline equipment will suit.
                    2. The features of the relief and the area of ​​the plot. The more height drops, the more difficult it is to produce work with one of the muscular power alone. If you have to regularly process large areas, it is worth choosing exactly self-propelled equipment.
                    3. Options. Mulching, presence of grassball, adjustment of the height of the mow – all this is quite useful additions. But they may not come in handy on a specific area, which means that the money will be plated for excess functional.
                    4. Noise level. If they are planned to be placed in the places of lively building or where there are restrictions on the loud sounds, it is better to choose a mechanized technique without a motor or robotic helper.
                    5. Autonomy of work. If the optimal solution seems to rock the grass on the lawn on a schedule, you can start a robotic mower, which exactly at a specified time will go to the territory of the site and return to the station upon completion of the clearing of the territory from the new row.
                    6. Price. Inexpensive models well show themselves on well-groomed sites. In all other cases, it is better not to save, choosing equipment for the totality of all parameters.

                    How to use?

                    When using gasoline and electric lawn mowers it is very important to always follow the instructions. When initial assembly and launch you need to make sure that the cutting knife or disk is installed correctly, does not hide the protective casing.

                    Metal elements for mowing may be laugh in the process. But they will optionally have to change – sometimes it is enough to remove the item and accurately straighten it.

                    Mounting of the grassborder can also cause some questions. Hard containers typically have special elements with which they can be fixed on the mower. In the mulching models, a special plug must be present, allowing to grind grass. When using it, the grass collector is removed.

                    Technique with an electric motor – the simplest in service. It requires only control over charging battery, and wired models – regular cable integrity check. The common weak point of all types of mowers are wheels – periodically it is worth checking the mounting bolts.

                    With gasoline machinery, operation and maintenance are much more difficult. Before the first time you start the engine, you will have to find out how to fill a specific model. In two-stroke and four-stroke engines to fill oil and gasoline is needed differently. First, the technique is checked at idle. When signs that the motor works with failures, knocks, you need a screwdriver to adjust the position of the gibler. Knives for the repair is better to dismantle.

                    Air filter – another vulnerable system. If it is clogged, cleaning or replaced. It is possible to do this in a garage, carefully observing safety techniques.

                    If the lawn mower weak or the drive belt fell, it is better to contact the service center.

                    When the work is performed independently, it is necessary to produce them in the storage position by sending the gear up. To change the belt, you have to separate the fastening bolts.

                    Review reviews

                    According to the owners, the lawn mowers AL-KO have quite obvious advantages. German mechanisms work without failures, equipped with a large margin of strength. In addition, there is simplicity in management – with most models, a fragile woman will easily cope, and an elderly person. There is a large selection of professional aggregates. In addition, users praise with spacious hard grassballs, with which it is easy and simply disposed of cutting grass.

                    Electrical models are criticized for not too ergonomic handles. In addition, only top versions are coping with serious thickets, only the budget techniques do not have to wait for. Restriction on the length of the wire, the need to place it outside the place of the cat – in high stems you can simply cut the cable, is also a disadvantage.

                    In the frequency of repair of gasoline models there are some complaints. After 3-4 seasons of operation, full-time parts are wear out and require replacement.

                    Al-Ko Electric Gas Overview in Video below.

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