Lawn Grass Seed Consumption

Beautiful green lawn in the park or next to the house always pleases the eye, but sometimes it seems that it is not so easy to grow it. This is a rather erroneous opinion, because to grow fresh lawn for everyone, the main thing is to choose the right grass and calculate the required amount of seeds to the required area. Sometimes there are small questions.

But experts argue that if you understand the question in more detail, there will be no problems. Further detail you read the factors that affect the required amount of seeds, we will learn the level of seeding, and consider understandable calculations and the finished formula.

Factors affecting the number of seeds

Just take and falling lawn seeds completely does not mean – get a quality result in the end. This is due to the fact that each lawn grass has its own characteristics, for example, growing in a certain region and climate. Where one grass will be green all summer, as well as at the beginning of autumn, the other may be sluggish from the first germs. In addition, the soil is of great importance.

A properly chosen amount of seeds will affect the beauty and density of the lawn, as well as the ability of grass to go, will also depend on the percentage of seed shoots. When calculating the calculations, it is very important to take into account the sprouts that may die during the skewering process. With independent compilation of herbal mixture of several seeds, it is extremely important to take into account the overall characteristics of the selected grasses, and also take into account the requirements for their landing, cultivation and subsequent care.

It is known that those plants that grow next to each other are in constant interaction, which means that they compete with each other. This factor also affects the number of seeds for planting the future lawn.

On the necessary mass for planting seeds can also affect weeds growing on the selected area under the lawn. Any weed grass always competes with a lawn, although her last will use it well enough.

Type of lawn

It is worth noting that choosing a ready-made mixture for landing or make it yourself on how much the purpose will be at the lawn in general. From this will also depend on the consumption of seeds.

  • For partner sites, it is not recommended to save on grassres, because they always require timely and high-quality care. They must be lush and beautiful. This kind of lawns are usually not intended for games, walking with animals and sports, they are very gentle and are often created for beauty.
  • When creating a lawn for games, graft seeds are most often used, which are very resistant to external influences, they are not fitted over time. As a rule, for fields for games and homemade lushes, specially created grassmes are used.
  • To grow an ordinary lawn in the garden, you can consider the seeds of the mint or oatmeal, they have a small consumption. To decorate certain small sites, flower beds or borders recommended microculeve.

Summing up, it can be said that when choosing seeds by type of lawn, it is very important to consider the herbs to be resistant to temperature drops, aesthetically attractive, as well as capable of rapid reproduction and absorb useful elements from the soil.

Humidity quality

Not every region in Russia can boast of fertile black earth soil, on which the lawn grows perfectly, which is why breeders annually remove improved grades of lawn herbs. They are able to grow even in the most arid places and in the northern regions of the country. For example, the norm for a good green cover in the grass diseases is considered up to 30% of mint. In order not to guess with the number of seeds, as well as directly with the type of lawn grass, it is recommended to choose grassmes with seeds that are without much difficulty adapt to the most different soil.

In addition, before sowing seeds, the soil can be fertilized and adding the necessary feeders to it. These procedures will help to increase seed germination. On the germination of seeds may affect the presence or absence of a drainage system, with a very large moisture of the plants are subjected to various types of diseases, which means that many of them or will not go, or will be externally sick.

Save rate

It is known that you should choose high-quality seeds by taking into account their germination. As a rule, the germination of lawn grasses is very high and sometimes reaches 100%. Many manufacturers indicate the germination of lawn packaging. It is not recommended to acquire lawn mixes, on the packages of which it is said that the germination is only 75%. Taking into account all the above factors affecting the consumption of seeds, they can be extremely small, and the lawn will be scarce.

But I also want to emphasize again that the germination is ideal only if the soil and good weather conditions are suitable for seeds, otherwise the germination is reduced, therefore, the seeding rate increases. Before calculating the rate of seeding the seed, it is important to extort the area of ​​the future lawn. Usually, as the basis of the flow of lawn grass, 1m2 is taken. Sewing standards for meter square observe extremely important, because they will further depend on the density of herbs. It is worth noting that the quality of the seeds themselves can affect the consumption, as well as care for glowed plants.

If the seeding rate is too exceeded, it will create a shortage of friendly sunrises, young green plants simply will not have enough space and looping substances. The same applies to the rise of the seeding rate, if the seeds are too little, the lawn will be less attractive, and the grass is rare and unevenly growing.

It is believed that the main parameter when calculating the seeding rate is considered to be the level of seeding of each herb, which is included in the herbal mixture.


On average, the square meter requires about 30-50 grams of seeds. But here there are their nuances. Depending on the type of grass, the seeding varies and the calculation of the seeding, for example, about 25 grams of seeds are used on the square meter, but when landing ragged already 30 grams, and sometimes 35 per square. M. Specialists also recommend paying attention to the type of soil, the soils are sighable of approximately 35-40 g per 1 m2, and on a heavy about 45-50 g per m2.

On average, 4-5 kg ​​should be taken on a hundred land, in the old days the flow rate differed and accounted for 6-7 kg per hundred, but such consumption many experts were considered too large. When using such a number of seeds, a too lush green grass car was obtained. To make sure how much seeds must be sown, you can use the finished formula: n = n * p / d.

  • N. Refers to the norm of seeding seed.
  • N. Severe rate for a specific variety of grass. Considered in kilograms per hectare.
  • P. The amount of grass in%.
  • D. Sitness of seeds. To calculate the consumption of all seeds that are used in the grass, the result is summed. As a result, it turns out a norm for one or another grassmery.

This formula is relevant to calculate the minimum heat sowing rate of lawn grass seeds, in fact, experts recommend to increase consumption several times. For example, The minimum size of the seeding of a red oatmeal is 15 g per meter square, while the optimal zeroing rate in the soil is considered 30-40 grams. If there are doubts about calculating the number of lawn by the formula or simply distrust of the manufacturer according to information about the germination of seeds, you can spend a small experiment at home. To do this, it is recommended to hang 80-100 seeds at home and wait for the result. Usually it takes no more than a week.

About how to sow lawn and what care is needed afterwards, see the following video.

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