Koluna Fiskars: models and their characteristics

Kolunov Fiskars produced by the Finnish company of the same name, enjoy a huge demand among Russians. The popularity of the tool is due to the high working qualities of the instrument, modern appearance and long service life.


Colon Fiskars is an ax of a new generation, a characteristic feature of which is the presence of Teflon coating on a blade. Thanks to such a coating, the column is distinguished by a long service life, high strength and absolute resistance to corrosion. Besides, Teflon has a rather low friction coefficient, as a result of which a long time remains sharp and easily enters the wood fiber. The following distinguishing property of Finnish products is excellent functionality, ergonomic forms and an attractive appearance of tools. Thanks to a three-dimensional handle equipped with touchpoints, the seizure of the axle is obtained very convenient, because of which the hands are less tired during operation.

The Handle of the ax is made of the super-modern fibercomp composite material and is covered with elastic elastic material SoftGrip. Both products are perfectly transferred both extremely low and high temperatures, while maintaining their initial forms and operational characteristics. BLagodar coating SoftGrip handle perfectly depreciated and partially quenching the impact of impact vibrations, arising from the contact of the kolun with the working material. Pressing the axle in the ax occurs by casting and is carried out under high pressure. This guarantees high reliability of the connection of both parts and completely eliminates that the “head” flies during operation. Another important property of Fiskars kolunov is shifted to the blade center of gravity. This significantly improves the safety of operation and contributes to a more uniform distribution of the force of the wood.

Advantages and disadvantages

High demands of Kolunov Fiskars The global market causes a number of important advantages of this tool.

  • Thanks to the procedure of double hardening the Kolun blade is very strong, which allows you to work with wood any breeds, without fear of damage to the working surface of the tool. In addition, Teflon coating, a quarter reduced friction, makes it possible to easily remove the column from any, even the most narrow splitting of wood.
  • Koluny differ quite a long service life and can be used for 10 years or more. This is due to the stamped-wrought-writing method of their manufacture, as well as the use of only high-quality modern raw materials.
  • Compared to most forged analogs equipped with wooden axes, Fiskars models are distinguished by low weight and balanced device. In the process of developing Kolunov, all the subtleties of the cooking process of firewood were taken into account and the most secure design was created for use.
  • All Koluns Fiskars are equipped with a protective plastic case, reliably closing blade. This makes the tool completely safe when transporting and stored.

Judging by numerous reviews, technical defects in Kolunov fiskars were not found, and the only minus consumers consider high in comparison with domestic stamped models. However, thanks to the convenience of use and durability, the product ultimately pays off.

The lineup

The range of Fiskars’s Koisons consists of a large number of modern models, each of which is very strong and durable. However, some of them are mentioned in customer reviews much more often, because of which it is worth considering their careful.

  • Model Fiskars X11-S 1015640 It is one of the easiest in the family of Kolunov Fiskars and weighs only 1.2 kg. The length of the product is 49.1 cm, width – 19.6 cm. Double hardening steel blade covered with antifriction makeup and enclosed in a plastic protective case. The tool is designed to split lanes not exceeding in diameter 20 cm, and despite its small weight is well removed from the wood. The pipeline is traditionally made from high-tech fibercomp and covered with shock-absorbing layer SoftGrip. The cost of this model may vary depending on the supplier, but on average amounts to 2900-3000 rubles.

  • Model Fiskars X27-XXL 122503 represented by the most powerful and heavy tool from the entire range of Kolunov. The product is intended for professional use and is distinguished by ergonomic, thought out to the smallest detail, construction that can noticeably reduce the load on the arms and back. Kolun’s blade is subjected to double hardening and has a rounded shape. Models with such configuration behave much better than analogs with a direct blade and are not stuck in narrow splitters of wood. “Head” has a Teflon coating and is connected to the optical method of crimping. It does not allow it to slip when there is no accident under any circumstances. The handle has a two-component performance and is equipped with a shock absorbing layer. The product is distinguished by fairly large dimensions and is designed to work with liances with a diameter of more than 30 cm. Kolun weight is 2.56 kg, and the total length is 91.5 cm. The cost of Fiskars X27-XXL 122503 also varies depending on the dealer and on average is 5 200 rubles.

  • Model Fiskars X25-XL 1015643 (122483), Like the previous product, refers to the category of particularly powerful kisuns and weighs 2.4 kg. The tool is designed to work with thick lanes with a diameter of 30 cm and more and can be used both for professional activities and as a home assistant. The total length of the product is 72.5 cm, the blade width – 23 cm. Standing Colong 4 950 rubles.

  • Model FISKARS SOLID A19 122142 refers to the average weight category of ax and weighs 1.72 kg. The main purpose of the tool is wood billet, however, due to the rounded form of the blade and its sufficiently sharp edge with its help, you can quickly and easily cut down the medium thickness tree. This refers the product to the discharge of universal and significantly expands the scope of its use. The “head” of the tool is easily pulled out of the wood, and the elongated handle in the case of a blunder will not allow the blade to stall in the foot and stuck in the ground. In addition, the end of the etching is equipped with a hook-shaped protrusion that does not allow the kolun to slip out of the hands during shock or shock. Length of the Fiskars Solid A19 122142 model is 72 cm, the cost reaches 2 160 rubles.

  • Models Fiskars X17 Splitting Axe and Fiskars X21-L 129047 are a lightweight variant of the ax and are meant to work with lines with a diameter of up to 20 cm. The length of the first product is 60 cm, the weight reaches 1.5 kg. The second column has a length of 75 cm and weighs 1.6 kg. There are 3,300 and 4 360 rubles tools, respectively.

Criterias of choice

When buying a kolun, you must pay attention to a number of important technical characteristics of the product.

  • The main criterion is the weight. This is due to the fact that the rod of firewood is a very time-consuming process, and work with a heavy tool causes quick fatigue. However and too light kolun can not be. Otherwise, the strength of the blows applied to them by lanes may not be enough to split the wood. Optimal for Kolun is the weight of 2-2.5 kg. Such a tool is convenient to prick chocks of medium and large size, while maintaining efficiency for a long time. It is in this weight range that the models produced by Fiskars are located, which distinguishes them from massive 3 and 4 kilogram colunov other firms.

  • The following selection criterion is tool blade. Kolunov Fiskars are divided according to this feature for 2 categories. The first is represented by the so-called eared blade intended for working with dry wood. In raw lanes, such models are often stuck, because of which many consumers believe that the blade fastened, and begin to sharpen it. As a result, it turns out only worse, and the effective splitting of chocks cannot be achieved. In this case, only the strengthening of the blow or the application of the second strike, after which it is usually splitting well. The second type is represented by wedge-shaped blades that are designed to work with raw wood and differ in blunt wide blade. This form allows several blows to effectively split thick lanes. Wedge-shaped blades do not need sharpening and should always remain stupid. Otherwise, they will be stuck in wet wood and the efficiency of work will decrease.

  • Another important feature that needs to be paid when buying is the length of the handle. This parameter has a direct impact on the strength of impact and safety. In order not to make a mistake in the choice of length, you need to take a column and attach it to your hand. The optimal is considered the length of the shoulder to the wrist. By the way, an experienced way can be decided with weighing. For this, the ax is taken into the right hand for the end of the ax and for a while they lower it down. Then left hand support right elbow and try to raise the handle vertically. If this fails, you should choose a lighter column.

Read more about how to choose the right Fiskars colon you will learn from the following video.

Despite the high cost, Kolun Fiskars gradually displaces traditional massive models with wooden solids, which is confirmed by growing demand and approving responses on the Internet.

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