Jasmine garden strawberry: description, landing, care and reproduction

Often in nature can be found similar in the appearance of the plant. For this reason, the same flower can wear two names. Such plants include jasmine garden strawberry, or chubushnik. Because of the appearance and pleasant sweet aroma, it is called strawberry jasmine. Your second name – Chubuschik – the plant got due to elastic and strong branches, of which mouthpots and letters did before.


Externally, the plant looks like a low shrub with thin and neat branches. Special features of the Chubuschik – his leaves: they are small, narrow and have an acute form. It is because of the form of the leaves, it is sometimes also called the “Meltar Chubudnik”. On the branches bloom white semi-world flowers with strawberry smell and size in diameter up to 2 cm. Basically blooming flowers one by one, but can and form small inflorescences of 3 pieces.

Flowers shrub abundantly, and because of the abundance of flower branches begin to be fed to the ground. Blossom starts from late June and continues for 3-4 weeks. As noted above, the flowers have a sweet strawberry or strawberry fragrance.

Chubuschnik is a long shrub.From the moment of landing and then every year the plant grows by 7 cm until it reaches a height of one and a half meters. It is practically not subjected to pests and diseases. However, on the other hand, it does not withstand low temperatures and frost. At temperatures below -10 -15 degrees Celsius, the plant can freeze and die, especially for young bushes. If the bushes in a timely manner and correctly care, then in one place the pot can grow many years.

Landing and care

When complying with some rules, you can get a magnificent driving jasmine bush. The canchousenik can be attributed to bushes that do not require special care, and its breeding on its plot can be even novice gardeners.

The most appropriate time to plant the Chubusnik – the beginning of the autumn so that the plant will harden and fall. Before the autumn cold, the land around the shrub must be sprinkled with sawdust. The bush itself should be well covered with woven material or put a snack.

Choothouse can land and spring, but necessarily until the kidney formation. To disembark a bush, you need to choose a sunny outdoor place. In the shade of the branches will be stretched into growth, and the blossom of the bush will be small flowers. Also, the plant will need to freeze from drafts and wind.

On the place of the future wells you need to mix sand, old leaves and humus. Soil according to the composition should resemble forest land. The wells are formed with a depth of 60 cm, on the bottom of the wells should be pouring drainage with a layer of 10-15 cm. As a drainage, you can use a brick brick, crushed stone, pebbles. If you sit down several bushes, the distance between them should be 1.5 meters.

The roots of the bush need to distribute evenly throughout the hole and fall asleep the earth. Then you should form a circle around the wells and tamper the ground inside the circle. It doesn’t matter when you plant a bush, in any case after landing it is necessary to rush to water. Generally, the Chubuschnik needs constant watering especially on hot days and in a period of flowering. At such a time you can pour up to 3 buckets of water on one bush.

So that the Chubudnik lifestyle flows in summer, it follows in the spring when the leaves bloom, pour it to a cow (1 liter of cowboat to 10 liters of water). To ensure the roots of the bush with air and do not give it to the weeds, it is better after each watering the land around him glow from weeds and loose. If the bush has already been poured, then when loosening can be sprinkled with wood ash around it. It is advisable to use potassium sulfate, superphosphate or urea as mineral fertilizers. They are made in 2-3 years after the shrub landing.

Every year in the spring you need to remove old patients or frozen shoots. When the Chubuschnik begins to bloom, the most inflorescences will be on strong last year’s branches. After his flowering, the branches can be deleted, leaving 13-15 branches, on which buds will appear again.


Modifying the strawberry chubusnik, you can four ways: seeds, tanks, cuttings and the division of the bush. Each method has its recommendations and features.


This method takes quite a long time. From the moment of landing until the first colors will take place at least 7 years. But Unlike shrubs obtained by another, such an instance will be the most hardened and stable.

Seeds need to be dried into the soil on the eve of cold and snow. Then, for a safe wintering, the wells should be well covered with sweetheart and dry fallen leaves. In the spring, when snow comes down and warm weather will be installed, the first sprouts will appear.


The method of reproduction is needed to be carried out in the end of spring or early summer so that the root system managed to be formed by the autumn of new bushes. For such a way you need to choose the formed and the strongest bushes.

From the bush should remove all old and weak branches, leaving only large young shoots. Not separating them from the main bush to lay next to pre-cooked wells and fall asleep with sand or peat mixture. Approximately 2 months later, new twigs will appear on these shoots, and with the onset of autumn they can be transplanted into a separate place.


This method of reproduction is best to produce when the canchousenik blooms or recently graduated from his bloom. Cutted cuttings for two weeks are placed in water. So that the cuttings are better to root, they need to create greenhouse conditions, covering them from top with a can or package.

In the first days of autumn, when it is still quite warm, cuttings can be planted in the cooked places on the plot. So that young bushes were able to overvarily, it is better to hide them for the winter.

Dividing bush

This is the easiest and most effective way of breeding for all handicraft plants, including for garden jasmine. It is better to spend it after the plant has fallen away and there is still time before the onset of cold. The selected bush needs to be carefully digging out of the ground, without damaging its root system. Then its root is divided by the number of parts you need, each of which is planted in a pre-cooked well.

Garden Jasmine Pretty popular plant among gardeners. It does not require special care, while it may not just decorate your garden or a plot, but also fill it with a sweet strawberry aroma.

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