Interskol snow blowers: varieties and features of operation

    Mechanized Snow Cleaning Aggregate Call Snowplow Machine. In climatic zones with a large amount of precipitation in winter, it is quite difficult to do without such equipment. Of all the “Interskol” snow blower presented on the market, became in demand due to compactness, maneuverability and affordable price.


    Interskol’s units were created for operation in park areas, so their design is adapted to clean snow along the edge of the road, in narrow places, but people managed to adapt such equipment for cottages and private houses. There are headlights on the machines that allow you to exploit snow removal machines in the dark, which is important, since the sun sits down before and at the end of the working day the territory has to do at dusk.

    Spare parts and components to get to the “Interskol” content, the manufacturer took care of this. In general, the reliability of the main nodes pleases users, the repair is not required so often. It is worth saying that Interskol company is engaged in the production of construction and garden equipment and has proven itself as a reliable manufacturer that supplies high quality assembly units. Motor is screwed to the frame with cut-sized bolts that have increased reliability.

    Modern mechanized devices for removing land and snow no longer a dream. They have an affordable cost and company proved that a high-quality snow removal unit can be sold at an attractive price.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Snow blowers have many advantages, among them:

    • Easy maintenance, because in the territory of the country without difficulty, you can find a service center or a corporate store, where the original spare parts for snow removal techniques are supplied;
    • The weight of the unit is distributed correctly, so even when climbing on a small slide, it does not lose equilibrium;
    • The manufacturer successfully selected several velocities on which the unit can function;
    • During the operation of any snow blower there is no strong noise, which is important;
    • Wheels have a wide protector and resemble tractor from the outside, since it is designed specifically for difficult places of operation;
    • Snow is discarded for a long distance.

    After operation, some users noted insignificant disadvantages of the design of equipment. For example, the headlights work only with the engine, so they cannot well cover the territory. The control knob does not have the desired convenience, since there is no possibility to adjust it to the operator’s growth.


    Two models of snow removal machine from the company Interskol are equipped with gasoline power units that can only work on AI-92, and a fuel quality makes special requirements. When using fuel with a lower octane number, problems may occur in the future, more precisely, the unstable engine operation will be traced from time to time.

    The gasoline four-stroke engine has air cooling in the design, and its valves are arranged at the top. Rama welded. It has sufficient strength to keep the engine and body. There is also in the construction of a bucket, auger that cuts off the snow. The handle is the control panel.

    Transmission of frictional, it provides for eight gears, of which six ahead and two ago. Separate attention to the chute made of durable material, which can be adjusted by setting the required snow emission angle.

    All models of snow removal machines are gathering on the territory of our country, in the city of Bykovo, which is located in the suburbs.


    “Interskol CMB 550”

    In the design of this unit, a Chinese 4-stroke engine is installed, the power of which is 5.5 horses. Exactly, the model is inexpensive, a manual starter is provided in its design. In addition, the manufacturer has provided a variable transmission and friction clutch.

    If necessary, you can block and unlock the wheels. The bucket has a width and height size 570×535 mm. There are eight speeds, two are responsible for the movement back, and six – for moving forward. Total weight of 70 kilograms.

    There is a special device that allows you to clean the bucket from the nanile snow. The configuration has additional fasteners for storing equipment or motor during preservation periods.

    Additionally, the model is equipped with headlights on LEDs. Wheels have an impressive width and high-quality protector, due to which snow removal techniques demonstrates excellent grip even with Founding.

    Autonomous lighting allows you to carry out high-quality cleaning of the territory at any time of the day. There are developed primrates by which the clutch coefficient is incremented with expensive. The auger has a belt-shaped, gear form, so smoothly enters the snow mass, even if she has already pressed. Increased productivity, the model must be required by the emission system with two steps.

    This model is replaced by another, more improved version, but it can also be found in the market or in specialized stores.

    “Interskol CMB 650”

    This unit can easily compete with most foreign analogues. The design provides a manual starter, so the cost of equipment is not exceeded.

    Motor force in 6 answers the snow blowing machine.5 L. with., which is produced in China. It works on gasoline, there is a friction gear. Dimensions of the bucket in millimeters 560×540, where the first value is width, and the second is height.

    Speeds less than the previous model, only five ahead and two back, but this is enough to quickly and efficiently clean the expressive territory. Snow mass is discarded by 12 meters.

    On the transport tape there is a screw made of durable metal. The special design of this element allows the cutting part to be soft and without jerks to enter even in frost. The groove provides a modern cleaning system, if necessary, the operator can adjust the gutter to work below the desired angle. Gruppes provide an excellent coupling with a road surface, there is a built-in reverse, which helps to easily leave if the snow removal equipment is stuck in a snowdrift or pit.

    The manufacturer has provided snow emission system with two steps, from here and attractive machine performance for the user. The installed headlights make it possible to work in the dark.

    “Interskol CMB 650E”

    This is not an electric snowpressure, but an improved self-propelled version of the previously described model, which in the design there is a double start-up system, that is, an electric and manual starter. The engine under the housing demonstrates power in 6.5 L. with., There is a cooling system. There is a gasoline unit, the volume of fuel tank is 3.6 liters.

    The maximum distance to which snow can be discarded is 12 meters. The bucket has dimensions of 560×540 mm (width and height). There are two speeds for moving back and five to drive forward. Total construction weight in full configuration 73 kilograms.

    Of the advantages, you can highlight the ability to customize the rotation of the gutter 90 degrees to any side. There are in the design and a powerful lighting device so that it can be removed snow even after sunset. Running the machine is easily produced in all conditions, and the grindes on wheels provide proper grip with a road surface.

    Wheel Camera should always be densely pumped to avoid many problems at the time of operation of equipment.


    • Tire pressure is required to periodically check that the snow removal machine retains its unsurpassed permeability. This applies to any of the presented models.
    • The grease for the gearbox is selected in accordance with the requirements prescribed in the instruction manual.
    • At the time of conservation of technology, all working fluids merge, important nodes are lubricated.
    • It is worth changing the oil through every 15 hours spent.
    • Special attention is paid to the state of the transfer belt, since it has a certain period after which the part should be changed.

    When choosing a friction ring on a snowmowder, its size is taken into account.

    Snowflower Overview “Interskol” SMB-650 See next video.

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