Installation of equipment for the pool

The modern pool is not just a huge bowl with water, but a whole complex of profile equipment for feeding, circulation, heating and cleaning the liquid. Additional equipment, such as highlighting or dust protection. Comfort and Security guarantee special slides, stairs, rubber coating. Depending on the design, the installation of part of the equipment for the pool can be performed with your own hands, the main thing is to make a connection scheme, to work properly and select materials and installations.

We select equipment

Full list of equipment, as well as its technical indicators, power or types of models depend on the individual installation conditions, the type of construction itself – the open pool or indoors. However, for the right and comfortable arrangement of the modern basin, such equipment must be necessary.

  1. Construction or Water Bowl. Inexpensive option for street accommodation – polypropylene bowl, composite or plastic pool. More expensive, but reliable and durable concrete design, trimmed with tiles. In the premises it is recommended to equip only concrete or stone pools, since with a random leakage plastic pool applies to house significant damage.
  2. Aggregates for dialing and circulating water. The liquid into the bowl is pumped up with special pumps, installations will also be required for drain, water pumping when it is replaced. The power of the devices is selected not only by the size of the future pool, but also depending on the intended frequency of its use, water pressure in the pipeline system.
  3. Claim and Preparatory Equipment. In all modern basins, special filtering equipment is installed – especially in street structures, where water supply is not made from the central pipeline, and from the well. It will secure rest, prevents breakdown and extends the service life of another providing equipment – heating devices, pumps.
  4. Aggregates for heating fluid. Will be required primarily for pools in the room – on the street in summer water is heated due to sunlight. It is possible to create a system of heating only part of the water volume, with zoning the pool thickets, such as separation of the part with a small depth for children.

It is recommended to use and additional equipment for disinfection and cleaning the pool.

The deeper water purification will ensure complexes of ozonization and chemicals, and from street dust and leaves will protect the tarpaulin coat, fixed on the automatic frame. Remove pollution from the walls of the pool without the need to drain the water conveniently a special vacuum cleaner.

The designs of stairs and slides are selected as necessary and according to the owner’s preferences, it is mandatory only to purchase a rubber coating or use a tile with a special surface on the attacks to water.

Mounting scheme

Mounting equipment for the pool is drawn up at the planning stage, markup of the territory. Elements of equipment must be installed in a certain order – part of the equipment and communications are laid before the installation of reinforced concrete or plastic water bowl. A detailed connection scheme will depend on the characteristics of the design of the pool, installation conditions, but there are mandatory rules for its preparation.

  • Bookmark of pipeline elements. Elements of the system of the pipeline (supply and water drain) are laid to fill concrete. Under the pipes, special niches or gutters are shoved and equipped, which, after installing the communications, are poured with a special solution of cement with plasticizers. The pipeline system is displayed in a separate technical room.
  • Installing equipment in a technical utility room. Such utility rooms are often called pumping, but, in addition to water supply units, it is also installed disinfection, filtering equipment, water heating devices, hill equipment, water rides, fountains.
  • Electric installation work. After installing the equipment and installation of communications, it is necessary to connect it to the electrical network, it is important that all possible details are grounded. All equipment must be connected via separate circuit breakers – for each unit you need to lay your cable, plan the placement of the shield for all equipment.
  • Commissioning works, testing mechanisms. When you first start, test and check both electrical equipment and elements of the system of communications for possible leaks, blockages. The functioning of the pumping, filtering equipment is checked, adjustable and adjust their parameters.

When drafting the installation scheme, it is necessary to schedule around the perimeter of the pool bowl, the space for the parapet, its width must be at least 0.5 m, and the surface is desirable to cover with rubber mats. If you plan to embed a staircase or slide into the concrete bowl, at the stage of its construction in the appropriate places it is necessary to envisage and mount the elements of fasteners.

Technical requirements

Special technical requirements are presented not only to the design itself, but also to the installation room, the utility room. The technical room requires an emergency water removal system – a veil with a submersible pump, the gender of the floor to which will be from 1-2%. The room with the pool should be equipped with ventilation, be heated. Recommended temperature – from +5 to +35 degrees, humidity level – 60-65%. Cable cross section for units and equipment – from 2×0.75 mm. At the end of the water supply pipeline, you must provide a shut-off valve and exhaust manifold.

About how to install equipment for the pool, look next.

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