Ignition on the motoblock: characteristics and adjustment

Motoblock now – quite widespread equipment. This article tells about the ignition system, how to configure it and what problems may occur during the operation of the device.

Motoblock ignition system

The ignition system is one of the most important nodes of the mechanism of the motoblock, its purpose is to create a spark that is necessary for combustion of fuel. The simplicity of the design of this system allows users to successfully try to repair or adjust it independently.

Usually, the ignition system consists of a coil connected to the power supply, candles and magneto. When the voltage is applied between the candle and the magnetic shoe, a spark is formed, which ignites fuel in the combustion chamber of the motor.

Electronic systems are also equipped with automatic interrupters, which are triggered to turn off the power supply in case of any malfunction.

How to set and adjust?

If your motoblock is badly started, it takes a long time to pull the starter cord or the motor reacts with the delay, most often you just need to correctly set the ignition. The procedure is described in the instruction manual. But what to do if it’s not at hand, andYou do not remember where this useful brochure was stuck?

Fixing the ignition on the motobock is often reduced only to the adjustment of the gap between the flywheel and the ignition module.

Follow the following recommendations.

Close up with a candle with a carbon, press its body to the cylinder head, taking this element of the ignition system in the opposite of the opening in the end of the cylinder side. Turn the crankshaft. Can do it by twin the starter cord. As a result, a bluish spark should slip between the electrodes. If you did not wait for the appearance of the spark, check the size of the gap between the Stater and the Magneto flywheel. This indicator should be 0.1 – 0.15 mm. If the clearance does not match the specified value, it must be adjusted.

You can try to install ignition for rumor, especially if you have it quite thin. This method is also called contactless. To do this, get the engine, slightly loosen the rubber. Breaker does not rush to turn to two sides. With the maxima of power and the number of revolutions, fasten the design that determines the flash of spark formation, listen. When turning the interrupter, you must hear the clicking sound. After that, tighten the fastening of the traver.

You can use a strobe to adjust the ignition.

Preheat Motor, Connect a strobe in the power circuit of the motor block device. Sound sensor Place on a high voltage wire from one of the engine cylinders. Spend the dismantling of the vacuum tube and stop it. The direction of light emitted by a stroboscope is obliged to be toward the pulley. Run the frightened motor, turn the rubber. Having achieved that the direction of the pulley tag will coincide with the label on the device lid, secure. Tighten the breaker nut.

Prevention and troubleshooting

To prevent malfunctions in the ignition system Try to abide by non-hard recommendations:

  • Do not work on a motor-block device, if on the street there is bad weather – rains, dampness, frost or sudden changes in humidity and temperature modes;
  • If you felt the unpleasant smell of the burner plastic, do not turn on the unit;
  • Protection of important nodes of the mechanism from the penetration of water;
  • Replace the spark plugs about once in 90 days if you actively use the device, this period can be reduced;

  • The oil used for the engine must be high quality and suitable for this model of the brand, otherwise the candle will constantly pour fuel;
  • Conduct regular inspections of the ignition system, gears, in order to prevent the use of an aggregate with cut-off cables, other malfunctions;
  • When you heated the motor, try to reduce the load on the device, so you protect the mechanism from accelerated wear;
  • When you do not use the motoblock in winter, put it in a dry and pretty warm room under the lock, in order to prevent the device under.

What problems may arise?

Main problem – Lack of spark. Most likely, the reason in the candle – or on it was formed a nagar, or it is faulty. Unscrew it and carefully inspect the electrodes. In the presence of a nagar formed by filling with gasoline, in addition to cleaning the candle, you need to check the fuel supply system, maybe there are leaks. In the absence of spark, you need to clean the candle from Nagara. A good output can be heated over with a gas burner turned on, scraping from its surface of frozen fuel mixture flux.

After cleaning the candle, test it service. To do this, from above Details Put on the cap and bring it from it, keeping it in one hand, to the motor motor housing for a distance of about 1 mm. Loose hand Try to start the engine.

Subject to the health of the candle in the lower tip of it, the long-awaited spark is formed, which will fly to the engine housing.

Otherwise, check the gap between the electrodes. Try to push the razor blade there, and in the event that the electrodes are tightly clamping it, the distance is optimal. If the free bolt of blades is felt, adjusting the position of the electrodes. To do this, slightly knock down the rear of the central element. When the electrodes will occupy the optimal position, try again to start the motor. If the spark does not appear, test the health of the magneto.

To check the health of the magneto, after they tested the candle, put on the candle the tip with the drive in good condition. Approom the bottom end of the candle to the magnetic shoe body and start twist the flywheel of the motor. In the absence of sparks there is a malfunction and item requires replacement.

Other problems with the ignition system are possible:

  • weakness or lack of spark;
  • The feeling of the unpleasant smell of burnt plastics in the part of the mechanism where the ignition coil is located;
  • crash when starting the motor.

All these troubles require the inspection of the coil. The best way out is its full dismantling and inspection.

To do this, twisting fastening bolts, remove the top of the ignition system casing. Then disconnect the power wire, pitch the coil element and pull it out. Carefully inspect the appearance of the detail – the presence of black spots suggests that the current did not enter the candle, but I melted the winding of the coil. Especially relevant this situation for motoblocks with contactless ignition.

The reason for such a malfunction – in low-quality contacts on high voltage cable. Requires or completely replace wires. In devices with an electronic ignition system, an automatic fuse shutting down in the event of a malfunction. In the event that your machine is worth any other ignition system, the cable will have to disconnect the personnel. If the spark breaks down when turned on – check the candle tip, most likely, it is contaminated.

On how to adjust the ignition on the motoblock, look next.

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