Hyundai cultivators: types, attachments and instructions for use

Through all the time that motor-cultivators of such a Korean brand, like Hyundai, exist in the modern market, they managed to establish themselves as one of the most versatile machines for agricultural use. Models of this well-known company on “excellent” will cope with the treatment of any soil, while possessing low fuel consumption and more than an acceptable noise level.

What it is?

Among the most significant advantages of Hyundai cultivators, you can allocate endurance, simplicity when applying and impellent service. This company’s technique does not need specific care. From the user you will need to make the necessary lubricant in time and change the consumables as the needs. Another significant plus is a decent power supply, which will allow to apply for active work with Hyundai cultivators. Different equipment of mounted type.

If you need a lightweight type of cultivator for soil processing, then it is best to turn your attention to the electric machine. There will be no additional nodes in their package, for this reason, this type of equipment will have greater maneuverability, they will be very easy to manage. But this kind of model can be irrelevant for some farmers. If your site is located outside the city, then it is possible that you will not have the ability to connect your electrocultivator to the power source. In this case, the easiest solution can be the acquisition of a gasoline model for the soil processing from Hyundai.


Detailed designed design made Hyundai products resistant and as easy as possible in control. A distinctive fact is the ability to adjust the device handle under the user’s growth for convenience when working. The use of own engine helps to call the Hyundai model most economical when using fuel. The four-stroke engine is environmentally friendly, since it highlights the minimum of harmful products if it is compared with a two-stroke.

Hyundai cultivators line can be used on various sizes of the site, which must be processed. You can find quite lightweight devices, the average power level of the device and practically universal tools for working on a farm with the most significant capacity.

The advantages of all models of Hyundai cultivators:

  • Adaptation to the most common AI-92;
  • increased efficiency, which will provide a small consumption of gasoline;
  • powerful and omnant internal combustion engine, which has a resource more than 1,500 working hours and light starting system;
  • reinforced coupling with a hitch of a special kind to apply any attachment;
  • forged cutters in the form of a saber, which reduce the load on the device when plowing;
  • ease when moving and adjusting;
  • no strong noise;
  • Convenient engine placement to provide low vibration.

    Electric cultivators – this is the most appropriate type of equipment for high-quality processing of not the largest on the ground area. They are great for cultivation or weeding of vegetable garden, groaceous dipping and many other types of work. Since these products do not distinguish harmful gases, they can be easily used in the greenhouse or in the winter type garden. It is necessary to know that the electrocultivators are not bought to plow virgin and extremely heavy soils – here it is best to use gasoline equipment.

    Views and models

    Consider the most popular brand cultivators.

    Hyundai t 500

    This cultivator is one of the most compact models of this manufacturer. Hyundai T 500 can be easily choosing to burst soil, high-quality dips, for planting various crops and even harrowing. Models running on gasoline in this in-demand configuration are equipped with internal combustion engines Hyundai IC 90, which is equipped with a special system for cooling with air, convenient starter and excellent protection. Motion of such an engine – no less than 2000 hours. The service life of such a motor can easily be done longer, simply by changing the spark plugs in time – after 100 hours of operation, and air filters – in 45-50 hours of full operation.

    Plow the soil will help you cutters in the form of a saber from excellent wrought steel. The speed of their rotation will be 160 revolutions per minute. The depth of plowing can be adjusted by a versatile couch. On the sides of the cutters will be present 2 small discs from the metal required to protect plants from possible damage.

    Hyundai T 700

    One of the most sought-after aggregates for plowing gardens, which have dimensions up to 15-20 acres. Motor will have a built-in cooling system, high-quality protection against any possible overload. The engine itself is very simple. You can easily repair such a motor independently, since the model has the ability to unhindered access to the main nodes, and parts can be purchased in any specialized store. When working this device will move on the front transmission. Warranty of the plant itself on such an aggregate will have almost 100 years.

    Sabel cutters made of special steel. Cultivation width is easily adjustable – you can select the desired of two positions, setting up even additional elements for soil processing. The depth of plowing can also be adjusted using a couch.

    Hyundai T800

    This is one of the most powerful aggregates from the Hyundai brand. The engine has thermal protection from different overloads, there is a special cooling system, as well as all above the considered models. The standard power supply will be almost 35%, and the resource of the work is not less than 2000 hours.

    There is a special gearbox in a solid steel case. The mechanism is not serviced, and he does not need oil refueling. Warranty from the factory for this unit – century. For gas station with gasoline, the cultivator is equipped with a solid steel tank at 0.6 liters. In the oil crankcase there is a special protection from exploitation on the “dry” go.

    Hyundai 850

    This is one of the most sought-after Hyundai cultivators working on gasoline. And all because of a unique motor with two shafts of brand development of plant specialists. The engine will easily withstand the work in the most difficult climatic conditions and quickly ever even values ​​with a slight fuel consumption.

    A feature of this model is simplicity when controlling, high wear resistance of mechanisms and various parts, as well as the presence of pretty durable cutters. All necessary switches for uninterrupted operation are on the knob of the unit. For the prosperous launch of the motor will be responsible for the system “Light” start. In addition, the Hyundai T 850 is very maneuverable.

    Hyundai T 1200 E

    One of the most powerful aggregates to plow the land plot before work. It has 6 high-quality metal mills and an excellent engine, characterized by special reliability. The reverse and the front wheel will make the maintenance of the device on the plot as easier as possible. Width can be adjusted depending on the number of available on the device cutters. The model can be equipped with universal mounted tools. The working panel can be folded, which will save space for storing the unit and its long-term transportation to the long-range.

    Hyundai T1500 E

    Electrical model Hyundai T1500 E This configuration will be equipped with a very durable frame of steel. It was specially covered with high-quality anti-corrosion substance, which significantly prolongs the deadlines for the operation of the entire mechanism.

    The Hyundai instrument device includes a motor from the manufacturer, which is equipped with an excellent protection from an unsperested start and air cooling system. This engine is considered one of the most environmentally friendly, which makes this model of the cultivator such a popular. He will not need constant service, it is very easy to fix it with his own hands without resorting to the help of a specialist, which will allow you to save money.

    Milling machine made of durable steel. The working body has a special design and special ribs of stiffness to facilitate its entry into a rather non-dusting soil. The highest speed of movement of metal cutters of this mechanism is 160 revolutions per minute.

    Hyundai T 1810E

    It is a rather quiet and ergonomic electric cultivator that will not require special maintenance or special skills when managing. To manage it can easily be able to manage.

    The best engine placement guarantees the lowest percentage of vibration. This is the best choice for active work in greenhouses.

    Hyundai TR 2000 E

    This is also an electrical model. Released for use on small garden sites for high-quality soil loosening, as well as mixing it with various fertilizers. The processing width in just one pass will be 45 cm. Special disks that are attached on two edges cutters, protect plants from cutting blades.

    In order for the cultivator as long as possible working properly, you need to keep clean all its external surfaces and ventilation holes. Here is an asynchronous engine from Hyundai. The model weighs little and has excellent maneuverability.

    The operator panel can be adjusted height. Special wheel will make it possible to move the device on the uneven surface without difficulty.

    Accessories and hinged equipment

    Many models are needed in order to eliminate the jams of the instrument in fairly heavy soil due to a large clutch area of ​​the equipment blades with communes of the Earth.

    Plow in the form of a rank is used to create a garden, with it can be used to make a weeding, dip potatoes. Extension cords need to increase the distance between wheels or between soilscep. The design will make it possible to establish the desired width of the rut without any problems, while considering any features of the available lawn or processed bed.

    The plow-atrochet is useful for active plowing of the Earth and can become an excellent means in order to mix the fertile layers of soil qualitatively.

    In a specialized store manufacturer easily, you can easily purchase any spare parts for all models of cultivators – a manual starter, engine speed controller, steering wheel, drive belt, kickstarter spring.

    User manual

    Be sure to read the instructions for the operation of this device (it is included) in order to familiarize yourself with the main functions and conditions for the long-term use of each of the above models, specific characteristics and all possible methods of cultivator fault repair. The detailed user guide will allow you to apply all the available functionality of the device and will increase the service life in accurate compliance with all available rules.


    According to users, for its price, Hyundai is a good cultivator, quite lightweight in work, it can be actively used in the country due to a powerful and reliable engine. Belts are cheap and replace them can be easily. The entire design of the device (excluding only the engine) is very simple, and it can be easily repaired independently. The balance is observed between the possibility of the cultivator “Run” and deeper “go”. It starts quickly. Do not suit. Product users really like – from working with him they get great pleasure.

    From flaws, users note too much weight for pensioners, and they mainly work with the Earth. And also not everyone likes, as an instruction is compiled, much is incomprehensible, and the drawing of the assembly assembly is completely absent.

    Hyundai Cultivator Overview See next video.

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