Huter cultivators: Features and types

An indispensable assistant of each farmer and gardener is a cultivator. This modern unit greatly facilitates the soil processing process, plant landing and harvesting. Despite the fact that the agricultural market is represented by a good choice of technology, the HUTER cultivator has a well-deserved popularity with the owners of land plots. He has high technical specifications, good equipment and is able to operate with additional attachments.


Motor Cultivator manufactured by the German Huter manufacturer is a new generation device. Its design provides all operational capabilities that make the aggregate universal and convenient to use. The main feature of this technique is its perfect balancing, which engineers thought out in such a way that when performing work, the operator’s hand does not feel a special load. This became possible due to the special location of the engine to the vehicle, which is installed in the front of the structure. Motor attached to the frame, its weight creates an additional load on the cutters, this allows to reduce the efforts of the operator when plowing and simplifies the conduct of other heavy work types.

The cultivator is produced in various modifications, but all models petrol single-cylinder engine. It works at high power and easily copes with loosening, outbreak, digging root and groaning. True, if the processing of heavier soil is required, the operation will need to be performed in two passages. HUTER Motor Cultivators Models are characterized by a long service life, but in cases of breakdowns for them, you can quickly find spare parts for them, as they are always produced and commercially available. Such units are perfectly suitable for both cottage sites and large farms.

Cultivators of the Huter trademark are shipped to the market in various modifications that differ not only by design, but also by technical parameters. Therefore, before choosing one or another type of unit, you need to take into account its capabilities and conditions of operation. The owners of land plots use several models of these agricultural instruments. Consider their details.

Huter GMC-1.eight

This cultivator is designed for cottages and middle farms, is considered an economical and compact option. The design is equipped with a two-stroke gasoline motor 1.25 L. with., Fuel tank is designed only 0.65 L. Due to the fact that it is made of transparent material, the owner has the opportunity to constantly track the level of gasoline. With the help of such an aggregate, it is easy to implement the cultivation of areas, densely planted with trees and shrubs. The processing width in it is 23 cm, depth – 15 cm.

The design of the device includes a manual starter and a telescopic handle that easily develops. In this form, the aggregate takes up little space when storing and transporting. The manufacturer completes the device with mills, the diameter of which does not exceed 22 cm. The cultivator has only one speed – the front, and weigh only 17 kg. Despite such a simple description, the unit received a lot of positive feedback and became popular among many dacities.

Huter GMC-5.five

This mini-model is also considered compact and adapted for small farms. Thanks to the reverse and one front speed, with such an aggregate you can easily perform maneuvering on a small plot. The unit is produced with a gasoline engine with a capacity of 5.5 L. with., and since the air cooling system is supplemented, it does not overheat at long work. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 l, making work without interruptions to stop at refueling. Weighs the unit 60 kg, they can handle areas with a width of 89 cm with a recess into the soil by 35 cm.

Huter GMC-6.five

Refers to the middle class of equipment that is sold at an affordable price. Suitable for both small and medium plots. Due to the fact that the engine power is 6.5 L. with., This cultivator can be processed even virgin. The model is characterized by good maneuverability. In addition, the unit is provided with a chain transmission, which increases its strength and reliability.

The manufacturer supplemented the model with special wings, they are placed above the cutters and protect the operator from the departing dirt and lumps of the Earth. The control system is installed on the handle, rubber overlays make the work convenient and protect their hands from slipping. One of the advantages of modification is the ability to adjust the cultivator in height. The fuel tank is designed for 3.6 l gasoline. Weigh the unit 50 kg, they can handle the sections of 90 cm wide, deepening in the soil by 35 cm.

More powerful models

A few more models should be mentioned in this review.

Huter GMC-7.0.

This device is different from the previous modifications of high performance, since its design includes a gasoline engine with a capacity of 7 liters. C. The small weight of the unit, which is 50 kg simplifies not only its transportation, but also. The design of the cultivator is equipped with pneumatic wheels facilitating its movement, and six cutters are able to process areas with a width up to 83 cm and a depth of 32 cm. Belt Tank – 3.6 L. The cultivator is produced with two front and one rear speed.

Huter GMC-7.five

This model is considered semi-professional and designed to carry out work of any complexity, regardless of the type of soil. Since the power of the motor is 7 l. with., The unit is able to quickly cope with the processing of large areas. Due to the fact that the design is equipped with a power take-off shaft, on this cultivator can be installed various attachments. Transmission is represented by a three-stage gearbox, which allows the device to develop the maximum speed of up to 10 km / h. The weight of the device is 93 kg, the volume of the tank is designed for 3.6 l gasoline, processing width – 1 meter, depth – 35 cm.

Huter GMC-9.0

This modification engineers have developed specifically for the cultivation of large areas. It can cope with the processing of the area to 2 hectares. The gasoline motor is characterized by an increased power in 9 liters. with., which expands the possibilities of the cultivator and allows it to be used not only for the cultivation of soil, but also for the transportation of goods up to 400 kg. The main advantage of the model is the cost-effective fuel consumption, while the fuel tank accommodates 5 liters of gasoline, which is enough for a long time. Weigh device 135.6 kg, they can handle areas width 1.15 m, deepening in the soil by 35 cm.

Types of hinged equipment

Huter cultivators are produced simultaneously with a wide selection of hinged equipment. Such adaptations make the aggregate multifunctional and increase its performance. Therefore, in order to make it easier for labor in the country or farming, the owners need to additionally acquire attachments and transport equipment. The Huter trademark to its cultivators supplies the following types of devices:

  • soils;
  • pump for water supply;
  • potatoes;
  • harrow;
  • hiller;
  • trailer;
  • mower;
  • plow;
  • Snow removal.

Since the design of the cultivator is equipped with a special coupling, all of the above types of equipment can be installed without any problems on it. In models with a small weight, for this uses weightlifiers. Weightlores help fittings to dive into the ground. Depending on how the volume and type of work is planned to be performed on the site, the owners need to additionally acquire such devices.

Operating Rules

After buying an aggregate, it is necessary to run it. It represents a number of actions that are aimed at extending the life of the cultivator. As a result, the details are traveing, and the nodes are lubricated with oil. Before starting work (and running including), it is important to fulfill the following activities:

  • pour oil and fuel;
  • Run a motor according to the instructions from the manufacturer – it should work at idle at least 20 minutes;
  • Make a repeat time, as well as smoothly increase the engine speed to the maximum indicator (in this mode, the motor must operate 4 hours);
  • After testing, you can install the wheels and check the operation of the unit without hinged equipment;
  • When the runoff will be produced, you should drain and change the oil.

Despite the fact that the HUTER cultivators are working carelessly, sometimes they may fail. The reason for this most often serve the incorrect operation or long-term operation of the motor at high loads. To prevent breakdowns, specialists are recommended to follow the following rules.

  • Regularly check the oil and fuel level in the tank. With its lack or complete absence, the details of the motor will fail. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the motor oil 10W40 must be used for the aggregate. Its first replacement should be performed after 10 hours of operation, then periodically pour a new one every 50 hours of operation. As fuel for the cultivator, gasoline is suitable with octane number not lower than 92. Before pouring the fuel, in the tank you first should open the lid and wait a bit until the pressure in the container is equalized.
  • You can not close the air damper when the motor starts, otherwise you can pour the candle. If the motor does not start, the main reason is considered a candle malfunction. It should be checked, clean or replace. Sometimes the candle in the operation can be shifted, in this case it is enough to simply clean. Sometimes the candle tip can be observed, drying or replacement can be performed.
  • It is also important to control the operation of rotating parts and check the belt size. If necessary, tightening fasteners and adjustment of cables, belts. If this is not done, then in the future you can encounter the fact that the wheels will stop rotating. In addition, due to the weakening of fasteners, the reducer of the cultivator will start working noisily.


To date, most farmers and owners of cottages appreciate the work of HUTER cultivators. They became real assistants in the economy. The device greatly simplifies physical labor and saves time. Among the main advantages of the device, the owners have allocated efficiency, compactness and high performance. In addition, the possibility of installing trailed and hinged equipment makes them multifunctional.

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