Husqvarna snow blowers: description and best models

Husqvarna snow blowers are well known in the global market. The popularity of technology is due to its reliability, long service life and acceptable price.


Husqvarna’s snow blowing equipment is engaged in the Swedish company, the history of the existence of which has more than 300 years. Initially, the company manufactured various samples of weapons, and only after 250 years from the moment of its foundation passed to the release of exclusively peaceful products. So, since the end of the XIX century, sewing machines, kitchen stoves, lawn mowers and stoves began to go from his conveyor, and only hunting rifles remained from the weapon. However, since 1967, the company has finally reoriented to the release of garden and agricultural machinery and the production of small arms refused. It is with this time that the start of the serial release of equipment for logging and snow removal equipment is connected.

To date, Husqvarna snow blowers are a business card of the enterprise and appreciated by specialists of utilities and owners of private farms.

The main advantages of snowproof equipment include high quality assembly, excellent maneuverability, good performance and low fuel consumption. In addition, the Swedish snowflower produces little noise, is distinguished by the wide availability of spare parts and full maintainability of the main nodes and aggregates. All without exception, the HUSQVARNA snow removal technique is made of high-quality materials, due to which they are famous for their reliability and wear resistance. This allows the use of aggregates in difficult climatic conditions, without fear of their performance.

Special flaws from Swedish technology not marked. The exception is only harmful exhausts formed during the operation of the gasoline engine.


Husqvarna snow blowers are self-propelled devices equipped with internal combustion gasoline engines. The most commonly used engines of the “Briggs & Sratton” series, designed to work with an extremely low air temperature. The chassis of the aggregates is represented by a wheel chassis with wide radial tires “X-Track” equipped with a deep tread. Moreover, some modifications of aggregates are produced on a caterpillar move, which makes the car very passable and allows it to overcome any snow barriers. Such models are marked with the letter “T” and especially popular in the northern regions with a large number of winter precipitation.

On the front of the unit there is a wide and voluminous dump with a screw located inside it. The auger is made in the form of a spiral-shaped serrated tape, which easily copes not only with a snowy infusion, but also with an icy crust formed on the surface of the snow. After crushing, the snow with ice is moving to the central part of the casing, where the rotor blades are captured and go into the fool. From the termination by means of a fan snow under pressure is thrown away for a decent distance.

The adjustment of the position of the exciting scraper is carried out with the help of special sleds located on both sides of the casing, which allows cleaning the snow cover of any depth.

All snow blowers are equipped with manual and electronic engine start systems, which allows you to start the motor absolutely under all weather conditions. In many samples, the differential lock is established, which allows to align the traction force of the wheels and ensures their rotation with the same force. This significantly increases the permeability of the unit and does not allow it to be stopped on slippery sections.

The machine is controlled by levers that are equipped with heating, and headlights are installed for the possibility of completion of work in the dark time on snow blowers. Moreover, to reduce noise and vibrations, each unit is equipped with a silencer.

The lineup

A wide range of snow removal equipment is one of the indisputable advantages of Husqvarna products. This greatly facilitates the choice of the desired model and allows you to purchase an aggregate according to the estimated conditions and the intensity of the use of the machine. The following is a brief overview of snow plows with a description of their operational qualities and important technical parameters.

Husqvarna ST 224

The Husqvarna ST 224 model is a powerful snowplow unit capable of working with a snow cover thickness up to 30 cm, and characterized by high resistant and maneuverability. The machine is equipped with a traditional two-stage snow cleaning system, which first it grinds it high quality, and then picks up and throws. Control handles are heated and can be adjusted in height. The model is equipped with powerful LED headlights and an electric starter that allows you to start the engine in all weather conditions. The impeller of the rotor has a three-blade execution, the width of the grip is 61 cm, a screw diameter – 30.5 cm.

On a snow blower installed gasoline engine with a volume of 208 cm3 and a capacity of 6.3 liters. with., that in the equivalent corresponds to 4.7 kW. The speed of rotation of the working shaft is 3600 rpm, the volume of the fuel tank – 2.6 liters.

Transmission is represented by a friction disk, the number of gears reaches six, the diameter of the wheel corresponds to 15 ‘. Weighs the unit 90.08 kg and has dimensions 148.6×60.9×102.9 cm.

The noise load on the operator does not exceed the maximum permissible standards and is within 88.4 dB, the vibration on the handle is 5.74 m / s2.

ST 227 P

The Husqvarna ST 227 P model is highly durable and is able to work in heavy climatic conditions. The aggregate control system is equipped with an amplifier, and the bridge has differential lock. This allows the machine with ease to pass complex sites and not bounce on ice. Powerful wheels have a deep tractor protector, and shifted down the center of gravity makes a snow blower most stable.

The model is equipped with an 8.7 liter engine. with. (6.4 kW), bright LED headlights and rubber lining on bucket, protecting garden paths and sidewalks from possible scratching. Aggregate wheels provide for the installation of a special chain that increases the stability of the machine on the ice. The width of the bucket capture is 68 cm, the height is 58.5 cm, the diameter of the auger – 30.5 cm. Recommended vehicle speed – 4.2 km / h, the number of gear reaches six, the volume of the fuel tank is 2.7 liters, the weight of the device is 96 kg.

Husqvarna ST 230 P

Model Husqvarna ST 230 P is designed to maintain large areas and is often used when clearing automotive parking, parking and squares. The unit is considered one of the most powerful in the model range and is highly valued by public utilities. The machine includes a super-durable belt, which has increased wear resistance and long service life, Electric starter that allows you to run a motor with all weather conditions, as well as powerful adjustable polls, allowing you to independently set the height of the bucket. The model is equipped with an endless engine with a capacity of 10.1 liters. with. (7.4 kW), 2.7 liter fuel tank and LED headlights. The width of the bucket capture is 76 cm, the height is 58.5 cm, the recommended speed of movement is 4 km / h. Weighs device 108 kg.

Husqvarna St 268Ept

The HUSQVARNA ST 268EPT model is a powerful aggregate on a tracked run, designed to work in particularly difficult conditions. The machine with ease overcomes any snow barriers and is equipped with additional cutting straps, helping the most effectively discharging deep drifts. The device is equipped with an engine with a power of 9.7 liters. with. (7.1 kW), 3 l fuel tank and capable of developing speed up to 3 km / h. The width of the working bucket is equal to 68 cm, the height is 58.5 cm, the diameter of the auger – 30.5 cm.

The weight of the aggregate reaches 148 kg. The machine is equipped with a transmissision of a stepless type, because of which it is capable of moving only forward and at one speed. The model is equipped with halogen headlights, reliable polishes and a special twist intended for cleaning the socket from snow.

Moreover, the fool has a special control lever. with which you can easily and quickly change the direction of the snow masses.

Husqvarna ST 276EP

Husqvarna ST 276EP snowfather is also very popular with utility workers and has high performance, unpretentious in service and wide accessibility of spare parts. The machine is equipped with a power engine 9.9 L. with. (7.3 kW), 3 l fuel tank, lever, allowing you to adjust the direction of the socket, and the gearbox with four front and two rear gears. Capture width – 76 cm, bucket height – 58.5 cm, screw diameter – 30.5 cm. Permissible speed – 4.2 km / h, the weight of the unit – 108 kg. A distinctive feature of this model is an extended deflector, which allows you to effectively discard snow at a strong side wind.

In addition to the considered models. The company’s snow blowers line includes such aggregates as Husqvarna ST 261E, Husqvarna 5524ST and Husqvarna 8024STE. The technical characteristics of models are not much different from the samples presented above, therefore it makes sense to consider them more. It should only be noted that the devices also have excellent working qualities and are widely used in utilities. The cost of the aggregates varies from 80 to 120 thousand rubles.

How to choose?

Before you start choosing a snow blower, you should clearly substantiate the need for its acquisition and decide on the use mode. So, if the unit is selected for clearing a small country area or a private area of ​​a private house, then it is wiser to purchase a simple non-intended device and not overpay for the machine with an internal combustion engine that requires regular maintenance and careful care. If the snow blower is chosen for public utilities enterprises, you should pay attention to the conditions in which the technique has to be operated.

For cleaning alley, squares and sidewalks, you should buy only a wheely model, otherwise there is a risk of scratching the surface of the tracks tracks. And for clearing snowy snowdrifts in the warehouses, wholesale bases and industrial enterprises, on the contrary, the tracked technique is more preferable.

And the latest important criterion of choice is the engine power.

So, to work in conditions of low-level winters with a small depth of snow cover, the model Husqvarna 5524st with a 4.8 liter engine is quite suitable. with. (3.5 kW), whereas it is better to choose a model with more than 9 liters for clearing. with.

User manual

Exploit snow blowers Husqvarna easy. To do this, it is only worth familiar with the memo to use and clearly comply with the rules registered in it. So, before the first launch, it is necessary to stretch all threaded connections, check the oil level, the presence of grease reducer and pour fuel to the tank. Next, you need to test the engine, which can be performed either by manually through the cable or by electrical starter. After the engine starts, it is necessary to leave it in a running state by 6-8 hours for running.

Then it is recommended to drain the engine oil and make it a replacement for a new. Only a special oil intended for engines of this class is necessary. When it is elected, it is necessary to take into account the freezing temperature and try to choose a liquid adapted for lower temperatures. It is also necessary to pay attention to the lubricant density, which indicates the number of additives, and choose a liquid with a higher density. And last – oil brand. It is advisable to acquire proven products of famous brands.

After each working cycle, it is necessary to clean the technique of snow, and then run the engine for another a few minutes. It will help evaporate moisture residues and prevent corrosion. With the conservation of the unit for the summer, it is necessary to thoroughly wipe it with a dry cloth, lubricate the main components and aggregates and wear a protective case on top.

Despite the overall reliability and durability of snow blowing equipment, small malfunctions are still happening, and some of them can be tried to fix it yourself.

  • Engine jamming often happens due to foreign objects in the snow. To eliminate the problem, open the engine compartment, clean it from foreign objects and check the items for damage.
  • If the machine starts, but does not move from the place, then the reason is most likely in the faulty state of the belt. Motor in this case can not transfer torque to the transmission, which is why it does not work. More often the belt is not repaired and require replacement to a new.

  • If during the work of the snow blower rinsing hard, then the problem may be hidden in a lack of either the absence of lubricant in the bearing.

To eliminate malfunction, the part must be lubricated using watering can and syringe for this.

  • If more serious troubleshooting is found, such as noise in the engine or broken cutting bolts, you must contact the service center.

Additionally about husqvarna snow blowers, see the following video.

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