Husqvarna Motor Cultivators: Assortment and Recommendations for Application

    The introduction of new technologies and equipment in agriculture has led to improving the performance of works of many farms. Among the sought-after gardening equipment used today, it is worth highlighting motor-cultivators. In the list of sought-after devices, the Swedish technique of the Husqvarna concern is occupied by the Swedish technique, which is in demand worldwide.

    Pros and cons

    Swedish agricultural equipment, according to the reviews of the owners, is allocated by a number of high performance characteristics. In addition, in comparison with the rest of the European equipment presented in the market, the equipment is implemented at an acceptable value. However, for the maximum full view of such aggregates, it is worth considering all having positive and negative features of Motor Cultivators models Husqvarna.

    Among the positive characteristics it is worth highlighting the following.

    • The range of aggregates is presented in a large variety of devices of various power and modification, in the light of which any consumer will be able to pick up a technique that will satisfy its individual requests in terms of solving agricultural tasks.

    • Thanks to the installation of powerful and productive motors of Robin-Subaru, Husqvarna or Briggs & Stratton, the technique is highlighted by its durability and the minimum risk of breakdowns even during long-term operation.
    • Husqvarna cultivators can be equipped with a reverse function. Such a feature of the model range eliminates the situation when agricultural equipment will be stuck in the ground, even subject to work with wet soil.
    • The manufacturer took care of the convenience of operation of their aggregates, so most modern models have an ergonomic telescopic removable control handle, which can be removed if necessary. Such a feature is relevant for transportation and storage of cultivators.
    • All machines are available with a gearbox that does not require additional service.

    • To protect the operator during the implementation of tasks for the processing of the Earth, many models further have on their housing shields that will be able to protect the mud commerce. In addition, they will protect cultures from damage to the device.
    • Husqvarna Motor Cultivator has small wheels on its body that allow us to transport equipment. There are also aggregates with handle-carrying.
    • The configuration of the Swedish equipment involves manual start of the engine, so that the device is quite simple to lead to the working condition.
    • This technique is highlighted by high-quality belt clutch. This node has a large operational period and is quite rare fails. In addition, the mechanism is reliably hidden from the outside of various kinds of pollution. Due to chain gearboxes, aggregates have the opportunity to move not only forward, but also back.
    • In the basic configuration, motorcultivators contain several cutters, as a rule, the set consists of 2, 4 or 6 parts. In action, these elements can rotate along the movement of the machine or against it.

    But the technique is not devoid of flaws.

    • Since high-performance machines are distinguished by their capacity, they also stand out by their impressive dimensions, which significantly limits the circle of persons who can exploit the aggregates.
    • Chain transmission devices need special conditions of use, since any solid object falling into a mill can cause damage to the entire chain.


    The units of severe Swedish equipment are equipped with American four-stroke engines of the Briggs & Stratton brand, as for the Middle and Easy Class Motoroblocks, the manufacturer launches them to the market with Motors of the Asian Robin-Subaru concern.

    Despite its origin, all installed mechanisms are highlighted by their high quality and durability. In addition, the engines have a small mass and quite economical in terms of consumption of fuel.

    A feature of the configuration of gasoline engines in Husqvarna’s motor blocks is the horizontal location of the crankshaft with the top of the valve installation. Such a location scheme facilitates the start of the engines, regardless of temperature conditions. Running devices manually.

    Units operate using chain type gearboxes, thanks to which even light motoblocks will be able to handle heavy soil treatment and virgin.

    Models and their specifications

    The market presents a fairly large range of agricultural equipment from Sweden.

    Product classification occurs as follows:

    • Husqvarna T – units recommended for sites with a small area;
    • Husqvarna TF – motor-blocks designed for work on medium-sized land areas;
    • Husqvarna TR – heavy devices for the tasks in a large area.

    It is necessary to stay in detail on the most popular.

    Husqvarna TF 230

    Small and lightweight motoblock, additionally equipped with a special bumper to protect the engine. The device has a folding handle and wheel on the housing for convenient transportation of the aggregate.

    Husqvarna’s motoblock runs on the engine of the same name, has a convenient speed switch.

    Husqvarna TF 324

    Gardening equipment with american engine. Motor-cultivator is released ease of operation and minimum vibration during movement. The design of the device contains protective barriers to prevent damage. PPC is located on the handle, the motoblock is additionally equipped with a couch.

    Husqvarna TF 334

    The device has a sis mill, the movement of which occurs in the course of the cultivator. The unit operates at two speeds: 1 rear and 1 front. The mass of the device is 56 kilograms.

    Husqvarna TR 430

    The technique is equipped with large wheels, thanks to which its permeability is significantly improved. Motor-cultivator contains two pairs of cutters, the movement of which is carried out in the opposite direction. For maximum performance and good clutch with a soil, the cultivator has a counterweight on the housing.

    In this model, the technique does not develop handle. Moto Motoblock is 90 kilograms.

    Husqvarna TR 530

    The popularity of the machine is due to the depth and width of the soil processing. The device has 2 speeds: 1 rear and 1 front. Functions a motoblock on an Asian engine and carburetor. The volume of fuel tank is 3.6 liters. In the basic configuration, the technique is implemented with two pairs of cutters.

    Husqvarna T50 RS

    Easy technique, the mass of which is 53 kilograms, in the package of the motor block contains 4 cutters, the speed switching is carried out using the built-in system in the handle.

    In this model, the handle can be adjusted in height and angle of tilt, the motor-block is compatible with most of the attached equipment, you can additionally install a snowmobile.

    In addition to the above devices, the Swedish concern offers mid-type machines, which are also in demand on the market:

    • Husqvarna TF 338 9673168 01;
    • Husqvarna TF 335;
    • Husqvarna TF 225;
    • Husqvarna TF 325;
    • Husqvarna TF 434P;
    • Husqvarna TF 224;
    • Husqvarna TF 545P and others.

    Hinged equipment

    To enhance the functionality of the devices, the manufacturer suggests a machine of various types of attached and trailed equipment. Thus, when using auxiliary instruments, not only cultivation and plowing can be performed, but also a ridge, dipping planted crops, forming a furrow to dry or watering plants. In addition, the additional inventory will allow the use of motoblocks for the rest of the hay and billets of animal feed.

    Among the options of the components used, which can be attached to the motoblock using a standard clutch, it is worth highlighting the following:

    • trailer;
    • adapter;
    • Rankers and flat;
    • sets of inventory for sowing work;
    • Cultivators in the form of paws;
    • Snow blowers.

    When using the Husqvarna’s Husqvarna Motor Blocks, any class can be used together:

    • with a hayflower;
    • sprayer;
    • generator;
    • Motor Pompoy.

    There are also a number of additional tools that are intended for some device models:

    • edge;
    • Swing plows;
    • Wring nozzles beds;
    • Rake for moss.

    In addition, motor-blocks can be operated with wheels with a large diameter that are implemented separately.

    Subtleties of use

    A distinctive feature of foreign agricultural equipment is the need to refill with gasoline devices, whose mark will not be lower than 90. As for the oil, the manufacturer recommends acquiring the SaE-10W-30 brand for the gearbox.

    Also the unit needs regular lubrication of all mobile mechanisms. For these purposes, the universal type lubricant products with waterproof base should be used.

    Technical prevention of equipment is reduced to regular cleansing work that relate to the air filter in the system. For productive work, the mechanism will need to be processed every fifty hours of operation of the equipment. Fuel filter should be cleaned twice as much as.

    The manufacturer in the attached instruction gives clear recommendations regarding the need to maintain certain nodes in the motoblocks, as a rule, it does not take a lot of time and effort.

          Among the special requirements it is worth highlighting the need for the primary runoff of techniques after its acquisition to wipe all nodes in the unit. These works involve the launch of the device for use at idle for an hour. After that, on medium power, clothing a motoblock with additional tools. It is important to run through the motoblock on the new oil, and then – replace it. Separate attention deserves the replacement of the gland on the gearbox, as well as the diameter of the shaft in the engine.

          Husqvarna Motor Cultivators Overview See in the following video.

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