How to water the azali?

Azalea is one of the most beautiful indoor flowers. And one of the most whimsical to the conditions of its content. And if there is more or less clear with the temperature and temperature regime, then so with how to water this plant is correct, there are often big problems. Namely, this care factor is one of the key. In the article, consider the rules for watering, its importance and subtlety of this process.

How to water the azali?

Why is it important?

It is from the level of the moisture level of the Earth, not only the intensity of azalsa depends, but also its growth, the development and duration of flowering itself.

The plant loves water very much, but it does not need such abundant irrigation as other representatives of homemade greenhouse.

How to water the azali?

How to water the azali?

Too abundant irrigation leads to the rotation of the root system, the weighting of the soil and grinding growth. But the lack of moisture leads to a drying of the plant, falling down its leaves and to the impossibility of tying the buds.

This feature is explained by the fact that Initially, the birthplace of azaleas were India and China, and there the flower grew in a half and in high humidity conditions.

Professional nerds and experienced rabbing raised the main rule of watering this room plant – the lower the ambient temperature, the less the plant and should irrigate.

How to water the azali?

How to water the azali?

Selection of water and its dosage

Azalea is extremely despicable not only to the frequency of watering, but also to the composition of the fluid itself. So, it is definiciently impossible to use too rigid or ordinary tap water.

The best option for watering is considered to use rain, thawa or simply residual water. In the latter case, the fluid is defended for at least two days in tanks with a wide throat.

An excellent option is the water infused with peat. A half of its handstone lay in stockings and lowered in a container with liquid in the volume of 5 liters and leave for the night. In the morning, the peat is removed, and the softened solution is used by appointment.

How to water the azali?

Azalea, like other varieties of rhododendrons, is quite favorably related to acid soils. therefore Once a month should be watering it with water with citric acid. On a liter of fluid use half a teaspoon of powder crystals.

Frequency of use of such a solution 1 time in 30 days. Lyondon, if necessary, can be changed on oxalic acid. In this case, 4 g of powder is dissolved in 10 liters.

How to water the azali?

The ideal water temperature is considered, which exceeds the temperature of the soil itself a maximum of 3 degrees. If the street is too hot, then you should not use ice water for irrigation. It is best to put a pot of ice packs or snow. Because of the ice water, the growth and development of azaleas slow down, and the flower itself will begin to hurt.

Nuances irrigation

With the quality and water type, we dealt with, now it’s time to talk about the intensity of its use, depending on the number of factors.

During bookmark buds and flowering

This time, many homemade crops are considered to be the main thing, and the favorite flower is beginning to irrigate. And this is a gross mistake.

During the bookmark of the color-kidney themselves Watering the plants are not more common than in a day, and even better 1 time in 2 days. And at the same time the temperature of its environment should be reduced to +8.12 degrees.

Since the beginning of flowering, Azalia is watered regularly, but moderately, only to get a moisture substrate. Temperature at this time increases to +16 degrees. Only the correct ratio of watering and temperature regime will provide long and intensive azalea flowering.

The rest of the vegetation time of the flower is rare and moderate. Approximately 1-2 times a week.

Only in particularly hot days the plant is watered daily, and sometimes twice a day. But this is only in cases of fast and complete soil drying.

How to water the azali?

Depending on the time of year

In winter, watering azaleas is extremely rare, no more than 1 time per week. But this is subject to compliance and temperature regime to +8 degrees.

In the spring and autumn, watering is carried out, leaning on the bookmark of buds and flowering. In the summer, due to high temperatures and low humidity, watering becomes more abundant and regular – 2-5 times a week. In exceptional cases, the flower is irrigated daily.

How to water the azali?

Depending on the place of growing plants

This factor must necessarily take into account, because in the garden or in the household plot, control the level of humidity and the temperature of the air is artificially impossible. Therefore, azalia growing in such conditions, it is necessary to water, Based on the weather, rain intensity and landing space. The main criteria are the same – soil drying velocity, plant development cycle and temperature.

Watering, its frequency and the intensity of watering this flower in room cultivation conditions must be carried out by relying on all the rules in previous paragraphs.

How to water the azali?

Azalya Peresanology

The procedure must be performed at any time of the year, except for winter. That is, at that moment, while the plant does not bloom, and while it does not form buds. Young Azalia transplant every year, adult flower – 1 time in 36 months.

The sequence of watering during transplant will be like this:

  • The plant takes out gently out of the pot and put in a container with clean soft water;
  • add preparations intended to accelerate the growth of the root system and the agent having an antifungal effect (they are divorced by instructions);
  • Withstand the flower in the resulting solution not less than 30 minutes and no more than 1 hour;
  • Then plant a plant into a large new container with a light acid soil and water the same solution in which the roots are soaked.

How to water the azali?

How to water the azali?

How to water the azali?

During the month after transfer, the flower waters water with a growth stimulator. It is enough to dissolve 1 g of acid amber in a liquid liter. Irrigation frequency 1 time in 2 or even 3 days.

Experienced flowers also recommend the first time to maintain the temperature in the room about 22 degrees above zero, and the flower roots cover with a cloth. After about a couple of weeks after transplanting the fabric is cleaned, and the free space in the pot is laying ice cubes. So the moisture will come in the desired volume, and the cold that the plant is necessary will be present.

How to water the azali?

How to irrigate?

The irrigation of azaleas growing both in a room in a flower pot and in the garden or on the flowerbed, can be carried out in one of several ways.

  • Bay of water in the pallet. In this case, Azalea should grow in a pot, which has a hole at the bottom. The pallet pour water the necessary temperature with such a calculation so that the pot is in the water for one centimeter. Soil with such irrigation itself draws so much fluid as he needs. The frequency of use of this method is 1 time in 3 days, no more.
  • Top irrigation. The easiest old watering method. Here water is poured into a pot from above, using a thin spout. The moisture flow at the same time is sent as close to the roots of the central stem. The frequency of such watering – as the soil drying is dry on 2 cm deep.
  • Full immersion in water. The method is quite radical, and it is advised to resort to it only in extreme cases. To do this, take the capacity of the large size and fill it with water almost fair. It is better to add a drug “Zirkon” in accordance with the instructions. Pot with azalia is completely immersed in solution and leave for 30 minutes. It is resorted to such a variant of irrigation or with the full drying of the soil and drying the plant itself, or before it is resetting.

Flowers and botany recommend using periodically tool “Zircon”. It has a combined spectrum of exposure, strengthens the root system, feeds the flower with minerals and improves its flowering. But it is necessary to use it in strict accordance with the instructions.

How to water the azali?

How to water the azali?

Do not forget that the irrigation of Azalea is not only in the simple watering of its root system, but also in the simultaneous making of special fertilizers, for example:

  • “Uniflor Bud”;
  • “Azalea”;
  • “Superphosphate”.

Dilute these funds is necessary strictly according to the instructions. Use them every 15 days from the beginning of the bookmark of buds and before the appearance of mass flowers.

Azalea, like many other indoor plants, loves and spraying cool water. It should be carried out once a week.

Observing these simple recommendations for the correct watering of azaleas at home, you can be confident both in the health of your favorite flower, and that its development and flowering will be intense and carefree.

About how to water the Azalius, look in the following video.

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