How to wash the frame pool?

If earlier the pool was considered an element of luxury, today it is an excellent solution for the arrangement of the local area or the country area. However, most people, swimming and playing in the pool, are fond of forgetting that it is necessary to follow the design and care. We are talking about mandatory cleaning of the reservoir both from the outside and internal.

In this article we will talk about how to clean the frame pool, what materials and tools can be used to preserve the integrity and functionality of the tank.

How to wash the frame pool?

Features cleaning

First you will deal, why do you need cleaning the pool, because many believe: if it is only water, it should be clean. But this is an erroneous opinion. The swimming pool for the cottage or cottage is a reservoir that is in the open area and, of course, can be contaminated with sand, leaves, feathers, insects, various garbage. Do not forget that the cosmetics, sweat and hair bathing fall into the water and, therefore, on the walls of the reservoir.

And also need to wash the pool from:

  • algae;
  • mold and bacteria;
  • rust, limescale;
  • “Other life”, which is formed in water.

    How to wash the frame pool?

    The reason for this kind of pollution is the sun. Its rays, constantly heating water, contribute to the emergence of various microorganisms.

    Everyone is well aware of what to swim in the dirty pool is not only unhygienically unpleasant, but also dangerous to health. That is why with a certain periodicity you need to wash the tank.

    To handle the frame pool, you need:

    • Before cleaning, determine the level and nature of pollution;
    • If necessary, clean the plumbing devices, filters and pumps, water and the walls of the reservoir;
    • Select a suitable cleaning method;
    • Use only special detergents and cleaning products.

    How to wash the frame pool?

    How to wash the frame pool?


    Tell me how to clean the pool – and water, and walls. So that there are no questions and misunderstandings, let’s talk about all kinds separately.

    We clean water

    To purify water in the tank there is no need to buy special drugs. To put in order water, you can use a screwdriver.

    • Saccha – With it, you can collect large garbage from the surface of the liquid.
    • Water or underwater vacuum – The equipment is intended for removal from the bottom of the design of small garbage, dust, sand or clay. The device can be manual or automatic type.
    • Plastic Mop – It must be connected to the garden hose, and as a result, this design will work like a vacuum pump.
    • Chlorine tablets – the drug instantly dissolves in water and disinfects it. To determine the required number of tablets, you need to know exactly the bulk of the pool.

    How to wash the frame pool?

    How to wash the frame pool?

    How to wash the frame pool?

    How to wash the frame pool?

    Experts recommend installing a filter system that happens sandy, cartridge and diatom. Each of the filters is designed to remove garbage of a certain size. But do not forget that they should also be cleaned periodically and change to a new device.

    Clean the walls

    If it’s time to cleanse the pool from greenery, dried black and lime plates, it is necessary to use special drugs that will help wash the reservoir quickly and efficiently.

    In addition, it is necessary to determine the method of cleaning the walls, which happens:

    • chemical;
    • mechanical;
    • Electrophysical.

    How to wash the frame pool?

    In the course of work, all these methods can be combined, it is not necessary to apply only one. Such a tandem will provide an opportunity to better perform cleaning and get rid of more dirt and microbes. But before proceeding with the washing of the walls, you need to remove all the large and fine garbage from the water. And only after the drain of water can be started to work.

    Chemical and mechanical method

    It will take to purchase:

    • telescopic brush, it is desirable that her bristles are tight;
    • scraper, rag to remove dirt from hard-to-reach places;
    • Chemical preparation capable of removing flask and algae;
    • Disinfectant.

    How to wash the frame pool?

    The process consists of the following steps:

    • Apply a chemical to the entire inner area of ​​construction with brushes and sponges;
    • well process each suture of the frame pool;
    • When the chemical preparation is absorbed into the flare, you need to apply the mechanical effect and remove the dirt;
    • Wash the design with water and rags thoroughly so that there are no traces and remnants.

    You need to choose a drug for washing the pool, considering not only the nature of the pollution with which the remedy should cope, but also the finishing material covered with a bowl of the tank.

    How to wash the frame pool?

    How to wash the frame pool?

    Do not forget about your own security – using “chemistry”, it is necessary to protect the open parts of the body, applying special personal protective equipment.

    Electrophysical method

    This method is to use for cleaning and washing special devices, based on ozone, silver, copper and ultraviolet. These devices are installed next to the tank and are connected to it or are located directly in water.

    It is worth noting that this method of cleaning is more expensive, because these devices, if they are high-quality, efficient, reliable and durable, silence.

    How to wash the frame pool?

    Specialists recommend: in case of severe pollution, contact the company that provide professional cleaning services.

    Means for washing

    The modern market offers a wide selection and assortment of funds from different manufacturers for cleaning frame pools both open and closed type. Next will be discussed about the most efficient and popular funds.


    Name of the drug



    Promotes the dissolution of the lime. Can only be used if the reservoir is covered with acid resistant material.


    Removes algae, fungus and disinfect water.


    Possesses a preventive property. The use of this drug contributes to preventing the growth of algae. They can be treated as an empty reservoir and a green liquid in it.

    Chlorine-containing drug

    Capacity washing with this drug is called “shock”. Specialists argue that substances that are included in its composition remove all possible types of pollution.

    How to wash the frame pool?

    How to wash the frame pool?

    How to wash the frame pool?

    How to wash the frame pool?

    Given the large selection of drugs, it is necessary to choose and buy only products from a reliable and well-proven manufacturer and preferably in specialized stores.

    Electrophysical tools




    Satures water with oxygen molecules, disinfects it. Removes an unpleasant smell from the liquid, the taste, makes it transparent.


    Connect to filtering equipment. Destroys bacteria and prevents the growth of algae. Contributes to the liquid of silver and copper ions. With constant use, the tool disappears the need for chlorination.

    UV – emitter

    This is a special lamp that irradiates water and thereby destroys bacteria.

    How to wash the frame pool?

    How to wash the frame pool?

    How to wash the frame pool?

    Electrophysical preparations for cleaning the tank also need to choose only well-known brands, be sure to keep the check and warranty card. Connect the equipment only according to the instructions.

    Prevention measures

    Fully prevent the pool pollution is quite difficult. But you can do everything possible to minimize the appearance of bacteria, mold and microorganisms in the pool.

    In order for water in the reservoir and wall structures as long as possible remained clean, it is necessary:

    • After each bathing in the pool to clean water;
    • establish special filtering systems that will perform the function of cleaning and mitigating water;
    • Before swimming in the pool, it is advisable to take a shower to wash off the sweat and dirt;
    • monitor the pH level in water – it should be in the range of 7.0-7.4;
    • Change the water 1 time per week – this manipulation will save the filtering system, pipeline, connecting elements and other equipment that is in the tank.

    Preferably in the period when you do not use the reservoir, cover it with a special awning or a simple film, which will prevent the leaves, dust and other large garbage into the water.

    How to wash the frame pool, look in the following video.

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