How to wash an inflatable pool?

What happiness – to have a personal pool on the street in which you can refresh yourself at any time. So that the pool served for a long time and pleased his owners, it needs to be regularly serviced. We are talking about cleaning – this procedure must be performed with some rules.

When you need cleaning the pool?

In the pool can not keep clean water. Even the use of special chemical reagents cannot provide such a result. After some time, the water acquires a green shade, begins to excavate the unpleasant smell, walls and bottom of the pool are covered with slippery raid.

Operation of the basin becomes impossible, therefore it is required to replace water and engage in cleaning.

Bathing in such conditions will lead to negative and even dangerous consequences:

  • Bacteria contained in water are dangerous to human health, especially for children;

  • Green bloom makes a swimming pool with slippery, which makes its operation at traumatic;

  • Polluted water quickly causes the work of the auxiliary equipment;

  • Any water, in addition to distilled, is subjected to blossom, in other words, it is beginning to live and actively multiply blue-green algae;

  • While swimming in the water, hair, skin particles, sweat, cosmetics, sand – all this contributes to the rapid water pollution;

  • The wind into the water is also entered by a large amount of garbage.

No matter how much you want, but to protect the water in the pool from pollution will not work. Therefore, nothing remains how to clean it in a timely manner. Such simple actions will make bathing safe and will save tons of water.

How to clean from the raid?

Flight on the walls of the pool is different. Depending on its nature, the appropriate method is selected.

Lime formation is obtained from severe water, which contains a large amount of solid particles.

They stick to the surfaces, gradually forming a white, complex flaw. Remove it in several ways.

  • Using the brush will require a lot of time and physical effort. The brush and rag is actively, but cautious three walls and bottom until the floor removal. This method can be applied in the case of a small raid, which will not be required to spend a lot of time. If for the season this procedure was not carried out, then it makes sense to prepare a reservoir for the winter, more efficient way.

  • Chemicals in a large assortment are presented in specialized stores. With their help you can easily, quickly and without unnecessary gestures, clean the reservoir even in the case of a thick chain, which is often found after the summer. Together with limestorm formations, various kinds of pollution and stains are removed, disinfection of the bowl is carried out.

Slipky, green flare need to be removed throughout the season. Eliminate this trouble can also be using various methods.

  1. Special, water vacuum cleaner you can quickly wash the inflatable pool, without merging the water. This method is characterized by high efficiency, small temporary costs and ease of execution.

  2. If the reservoir is severely polluted and the vacuum cleaner does not cope, you will have to lower the water and clean the cup using brushes.

  3. Filters are able to remove pollution from water and bowls that we can not see. If you do not use the filter, then the water will be much faster and deter. Filters are different, they differ in principle of work and cost:

  • Sandy is the most accessible option within which quartz sand is capable of removing pollution from 20 microns;

  • Cartridges are able to delay the rubbish from 10 microns, such filters are more expensive, but they also cope with their tasks;

  • Diatoms detaining SAT from 3 microns, are the most expensive, quickly clogged, therefore need a frequent replacement.

How to get rid of greenery?

Return the greenhouse and clown water transparency in several ways. After studying each of them, you can choose the optimal and convenient way. Remove the green shade and neutralize the entire pathogenic microflora using special chemicals.

  • Zelenka, which is sold in each pharmacy and is available in any home first aid kit, is a powerful antiseptic. For a small children’s reservoir, there is enough one bubble, for the pools you will have to spend more 2 bottles. After using the green, the water will become transparent, with a beautiful, emerald tint.

  • Hydrogen peroxide – another available antiseptic, which perfectly copes with an unpleasant and dangerous greens. Hydrogen peroxide with water enters the chemical reaction, the result of which is the formation of active oxygen. It is he who has a destructive effect on harmful microorganisms. Hydrogen peroxide can cause burns on their hands, and therefore they must be protected by gloves.

  • Copper vigor is used to purify the water for a long time – this is a proven, well all familiar method. This tool has a wide range of action, allowing you to get rid of algae, fungi, microbes and other troubles. In working with copper vitriol, it is important to comply with the recommended dosage and not forget about the measures of individual protection. A ton of water will require no more than 0.9 grams of powdered agent, which must first be divorced in water, but only after that pour into the tank. To increase the efficiency of the action of the vapor, you can add a conventional cook salt.

  • White used for water chlorination. This method is the most efficient and rapid, with the longest effect. After using whiteness you need to measure the chlorine level in water so that the bathing is safe.

How to care for an inflatable pool, look next.

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