How to store an inflatable pool in winter?

After completing the bathing season in front of the owners of inflatable and frame pools, it is not an easy task. The fact is that the pool will have to be removed for the winter for storage, and how to do it right, not everyone knows. There are certain rules and requirements that will help save the pool in a suitable state of more than one year.

How to prepare?

The most important stage is preparing for conservation. This case can leave 2-3 days, so it is necessary to prepare thoroughly. The list of tips is as follows:

  • Focusing on the weather, you need to choose time to prepare the pool, – perfect will be dry and sunny days;
  • In a specialized store you need to purchase sparing facilities for cleaning and disinfection of the pool;
  • Also need prepare soft rags or sponges, Paper towels (can be replaced with a rag), litter (it can be a film).

When everything you need will be ready, you need to roll out water from the pool. You can do this in two ways: manual and mechanical. It all depends on the volume of water, the presence of forces and free time.

A small amount of water can be deleted with buckets, and to dry out a large pool, a pump will be required.

There is one more important point: if chemicals were added to the pool, for example, for cleaning, then such water is unacceptable to pour into the household. Need to merge it into the sewer. If water without chemicals, it can be sinking a bushes and trees.

Is it possible to store in the cold?

If the pool is large and transported it is difficult, more rational to cover the construction of a polyethylene film. Secure the shelter can be bricks or any other heavy objects. This is a simpler and inexpensive option. If the means allow you to buy a special awning in the store.

If possible, disassemble the design is better to do. Awning, plastic and metal parts will be spoiled under the influence of low temperatures, so it is categorically forbidden to leave them in the cold. Need to disassemble the product and parts to transfer to the residential premises. You can use for storage:

  • attic house or barn (warm);
  • garage;
  • workshop;
  • storage room;
  • Summer kitchen and other similar rooms.

Only frost-resistant models can be left at a minus temperature. As a rule, these are quite massive and strong structures, to disassemble that very problematic. With them, the algorithm of action will be as follows:

  • Choose warm and dry weather;
  • Built-in auto chlorine cleaned from disinfecting drugs and dispenser;
  • In the circulation mode, run the system washing (if there is such a functionality), in time it will be enough 25-30 minutes;
  • Fully drain the water and dry the pool using paper towels or rags;
  • Wash all elements: illumination, lights, stairs and handrails;
  • Remove lamps and protective glasses, you also need to isolate wiring.

After that, the pool must be filled with clean water. To prevent the development of bacteria that can harm, rationally use additives, for example, Puripool.

    Then installed compensators.

    Of course, even a frost-resistant design for winter time it is better to cover with a special awning or polyethylene. This will provide additional protection.


    In order for the pool well overwhelmed and remained suitable for use next season, it must be properly removed for storage. After preparing the pool when the water is already poured, and the walls, the bottom and other parts of the design are sucked, it can be removed. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

    • To lower the air (in case the inflatable pool);
    • The frame must be released from the awning, and then disassemble the entire design;
    • regardless of the type of basin, the awning must be treated with Talc – this step can not be overlooked, because the talc prevents the sticking and formation;
    • Carefully fold, if possible, getting rid of large folds;
    • Package all the details, with most swimming pools Completed Special Storage Bag.

    If you comply with these simple rules for conservation and storage, the pool, regardless of its cost, will serve from 5 to 7 years.

    How correctly remove the inflatable pool for the winter, look next.

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