How to spray cucumbers for?

Probably there is no such summer cottage or a garden area, wherever cucumbers grown. This is not surprising, because this culture gives a rich harvest of juicy fruits, while the plant’s care almost does not cause hassle. However, it happens that the owner of the site did everything right, watering and made a fertilizer, the cucumbers bloomed well, but the wounds did not appear. How to fix the situation, we will tell in our article.

Review of drugs

In any store for gardened gardens in a wide range, ready-made complex drugs, stimulating the formation of cucumber strings. They contain a complex of micro and macroelements, as well as hormonal supplements that contribute to the formation and accelerated growth of fruits.

Here are the most popular funds from this category.

  • “Epin” – epibrasynolide-based drug. This is the very first bragsinoscientist synthesized in laboratory conditions. The substance acts as an equivalent of natural adaptogen. Hormones “Epina” have the ability to concentrate in seedlings and flowers of plants. Thus, they increase the immune response to any stressful situations: tightening shower, sudden cooling or, on the contrary, heat with drought, as well as temperature rings.

Under the action of adverse weather factors, the cucumbers often drop their wounds, while the plants treated with “epinoma” retain and increase their fruits.

  • “Bud” and “Zajaz” – these compositions of vegetables are used in order for the wound up. Gibrallinic acids are used as the main working component. These are hormones of natural origin, they accumulate in fast-growing plant tissues – young leaves, sprouts, as well as fruits.

After processing with such a composition of the cucumber bushes, the content of hormones in the listed tissues increases sharply. Thus, their active growth is stimulated. As a result, the wounds grow, but they do not appear.

  • HB-101 – Modern Vitalizer, who received widespread distribution. It is used when the fruits are bad and slowly grow. In Russia, the drug was introduced a little more than 10 years ago by the Japanese enterprise Flora Co. It includes the components of natural origin, contributing to the improvement of the work of the immune system of culture and its accelerated development. HB-101 includes cedar extracts, cypress and pine, in natural conditions these trees are intensively absorbed from silicon soil and transform it into an easily dismantled form.

After processing cucumbers by this drug in plants, additional vital energy appear, forces for growth and full development.

  • Energy Extra – composition based on potassium salts of humic acids. Potassium requires plants to maintain flowering and intensive fruit formation. That is why it is often brought in the form of root feeding, the trace element stimulates the outflow of the useful substances from the herbal part of the cucumber bush to growing vegetables. Humic acids are primarily a organic and humus formed during decomposition of plant residues, the drug contains large nitrogen concentrations. Processing the inflorescences “Energy”, you create an additional outflow of nutrients into young margins.

The listed stimulants contain a large set of micro and macroelements, as well as vitamins. The composition usually includes iodine, boron and some other components, important for flowering and formation of vegetables. Each tool is accompanied by the manufacturer’s instruction, they may vary for products.

Folk remedies

However, not all vegetables trust the shopping drugs. Many prefer to prepare nutritional feeders independently. Removing the principle of the type of vitalaisers, you can always find folk remedies that can be used to increase yields. Moreover, the preparation of working solutions will not require any effort and extensive costs.


Pharmacy Iodine Tincture – Effective Antiseptic for Man. However, it is useful for vegetable crops. It has a property to protect young bushes from pasta, mildew and many other fungal diseases. In addition, iodine takes the most active participation in the bootonization and formation of uncess. The solution for processing cucumber beds is prepared at the rate of 1 drop of tincture on 1 liter of water. The agent is used to spray the leaf plates from the pulverizer.

Boric acid

This is perhaps the most sought-after drug from domestic dacifics, it was used by our grandmothers and grandparents for spraying colors. This is not surprising, because one of the typical symptoms of Bor’s deficiency becomes scarce flowering and lack of formation of uncess. You can buy the drug Bohr in specialized stores, as well as in any pharmacy. One gram of the drug is dissolved in 1 liter of water – this solution should be sprayed a flowering plant so that the wound up.

Wood ash

Wood ash – real storage facilities that have a beneficial effect on the growth and development of vegetable crops. It has everything you need cucumbers, with the exception of nitrogen. The composition includes:

  • phosphorus required to build the root system;
  • Potassium responsible for the flow of nutrition from leaves to the urins;
  • iodine;
  • manganese;
  • calcium.

Such a set of trace elements creates ideal conditions for fruiting.

The use of wood ash for fertilizer seedlings of cucumber crops increases the immunity of plants and stress resistance in unfavorable weather conditions. To feed the seedlings, use root and extractive processing. For this, 1 cup of ashes stirred in a bucket of water, insist 2-3 days, then filter and bring into the ground. As an alternative way to process the leaves and the inflorescence of the cucumber bush, you can pollinate wood ash.

Water with honey or sugar

If the cucumbers of beehive varieties grow on your bed, then a good effect can give water treatment with sugar or honey. The fact is that The reason for the absence of uncess in such plants on the open ground is most often the weak activity of insects, for which your gardening with cucumbers does not represent any interest. To increase the number of pollinkers, a solution is prepared at the rate of 1. L. Sweet substance on 1 l warm water. Ready concentrate you need to dissolve with cold water up to 10 liters and splash on inflorescences with a sprayer.

The first time the treatment of cucumbers should be carried out when the first buds appears. The second spraying is performed when the flowers appear massively. Especially relevant, similar processing in rainy and windy weather, unfavorable for insects.

This technique allows you to achieve intensive flowering and, as a result, the tie of more fruit.


When using ready-made shopping products and vitalaisers, the number of prizes increases. They become resistant to unfavorable external factors, thereby allow to achieve maximum crop. However, no nutrient solutions will be effective if not adhere to the rules of agrotechnology.

The causes of insufficient formation of the strings are most often:

  • irregular irrigation;
  • lack of useful trace elements;
  • Excessive loading of cucumbers, improper formation of seedlings;
  • The appearance of fungal and viral infections.

You can follow all this and you need to follow in order to prevent an adverse outcome in advance.

Thanks to the efforts of breeders today, many dense varieties of cucumbers appeared, which are distinguished by a large number of uncess. They are in the leaf sinuses of plants. It happens that the plant is not for the power to provide such a number of fruits at a time, so it begins to reset them partially or completely. To this not happen, even before the coloring of the colors, all the extra wounds need to be reduced. One cucumber bush can withstand no more than 23-25 ​​fruits.

For young, just the fruit of fruit can be dangerous temperature difference when it is hot during the daytime, and at night it gets cold. This can lead to the most unwanted changes. Influence the temperature is impossible, so in this weather it is desirable to install a mobile mini-greenhouse for the night to save the crop. In addition, the plant in this situation will need a good feeding to increase stress resistance.

Cucumbers love water very much, but watering this culture has their own nuances. Before the flowering period, as well as at the stage of fruiting, water seedlings should have at least 3 times a week, and in the heat – daily. But at the flowering stage it is important to stimulate the formation of female flowers. For this, for a few days, it is better to suspend irrigation at all that the earth dries, and the leaves were slightly led. Immediately after the appearance of female flowers with irregularities, watering is resumed, and in a slightly large volumes than before flowering. However, it is important not to overdo it. When the earth dries up, young wounds simply dry and fall off.

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