How to sharpen braid?

Spit – tool without which you can not do in a private house. No matter what steel is used in the manufacture of a knife, sooner or later it is blown off, and the tool requires sharpening. How to do it right, learn from the article.

General rules

From how correctly the braid is sharpened, the quality of work performed depends. Cold Long Brub. Left hand keep the tool for the edge, and the right is moved along the blade, outlining arcs to the right and left. So that the blade is not erased in one direction, they are equally different from both sides. Bar holds in hand not too tight.

The tool stone is kept in water with the addition of vinegar or sulfuric acid. The blade from it becomes sharper, but also blocked faster.


The cutting ability of the braid is determined by the thickness of the metal layer at the end of the blade. Accordingly, before the final sharpening (brown finish) it must be discarded. For rocking or riveting, a special device is used – “grandma”. It is driven into a wooden stump, and before it is better to put a metal puck or nut so that it does not fall into the tree.

Blows hammer when chopping should not be straight, but with a slight extension. In other words, you need not just to beat down, but also pull the hammer back to make the metal.

If the spit was not glued for a long time and the entire layer has long been erased, then when chopping has great efforts. It is worth noting that this process is quite long and labor-intensive. In this case, the metal is flattened and becomes very thin. This layer of chips (sting) must be from 3 millimeters and above. Although he should be subtle, it is not necessary to get involved, otherwise the metal can just break away, and gets off. In addition, when I miss, such a sting is too quickly wrapped and blocked, especially if we mowed gross vegetation.

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You can beat off with your own hands, removing the braid from the stick. However, it is permissible to do it and together with the braid. This is not a fundamental question. During the riveting, the braid should be slightly pressing with a thumb to the “grandmother” so that it does not bounce. As it is progressed to an end, the foundation can be put on your knee, thereby creating an additional support. After the riveting is completed, it is only necessary to remove burgers on both sides of the ordinary BRO.


For cleaning manually, the baner hold the disc in the heel area and lead along the blade, then to the edge. It must be done several times to get a permanent sharpening angle.

If burrs appear on any part of the cutting edge, cleaning is completed, you need to stop accurate and it’s time to start processing. For this use sandpaper.

At home, you can perform high-quality sharpening braids. It is important that the angle is the same as when pruning, because, changing it slightly, you can, on the contrary, fasten the braid.


As soon as the bar leaves the cutting edge, its abrasive grains leave traces, that is, the smallest peer of teeth. In fact, this is the goal of sharpening. Teeth are directed from the heel to the nose. The smaller the abrasive particles, the smaller the teeth. The final form will have a kind of wedge, and than it is smaller in length and more the foundation, the more bending resistance.

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During the work of the teeth help to cut the grass. However, over time, they are inevitably deformed and bend. As a result, the cutting edge thickens, and the knife blade is blocked.

Attempts to sharpen the tool Bru will lead to the fact that part of the curved teeth will return to the place, but the rest will still be set. In the end, the blade of the knife in the place where the metal was thinner, too quickly depleted, and this means that after a while the blade will become thick again.

There are masters who know these nuances and therefore accurate Musatom. It is an ideal smooth steel rod. With the help of Musat, it is easy to move the shredded teeth and restore the knife sharpness. But this is also a temporary solution.

During the work of the teeth will break, and the blade will become thicker. At some point inevitably you will have to sharpen the knife BRUS, so that the blade gains the former subtlety and sharpness. And after a while it will be necessary to fix everything to Musatom again. Reasonable way out of such a situation would be the regular use of both tools.

If you alternately to process the spit blade with a rod, and then Musatom, the service life of the metal tool is significantly increased, and can pass several weeks until the next sharpening.

Bulgarian is also a good sharpening agent, but when it is used, it costs more time to pay safety techniques. It is precisely because the braid blade is very narrow, it is difficult to figure the disk, it can fly at any time, so they advise to resort to this method only as a last resort.

Who is constantly using the described tool, always at hand there must be a high-quality stone for sharpening.

About how to make a braid, look in the following video.

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