How to properly carry out forced?

The bright color, the unusual of the flower shape and the amazing body ability to beautifully curb the branches cannot but attract the attention of gardeners. This shrub from the genus Maslinsky is able to create a unique landscape on any territory, but the correct trimming is important for its beautiful species.

What needs to trim?

Forzition needs pruning, even if the decorative formation of the crown is not supposed. If the gardener does not want to see naked thickets of lightless shoots on their plot, he will have to form branches from time to time and remove damaged, old and sick shoots. Sure, It is more reasonable to spend all the necessary procedures in a timely manner, and it has good reasons for.

  • Since the flowers are formed only on the branches at the age of 2 years, on other shoots, more mature or young, not formed floral kidneys. This circumstance makes it necessary to constantly maintain bilateral branches, while side, lower large shoots and young strokes need to be deleted. Thus, the haircut of the fors is needed so that it blooms as funny.
  • Shrub is distinguished by the rapid buildup of the new row, and if it is not possible to trim, it will look slightly.
  • Removal of unnecessary, weak and sick branches helps to avoid diseases, including due to severe thickening and lack of natural air ventilation.
  • Pruning has the goal of stimulating the growth of new branches and is important for health and rejuvenation of old bushes.
  • A haircut before the onset of winter cold weather is necessary for placing a culture under the shelter – in the presence of long branches, it is much more difficult to do it.

However, if you want to update the forzion and improve its shape, it is necessary to remove branches with caution, and before wintering is to do it in a gentle mode, so as not to be injured too much and weaken the bush in anticipation of frosts.

When it is better to do?

Three types of shrub trimming varies. Regular, conducted in spring time. It is aimed at the formation of a beautiful crown, and implement it immediately after flowering. Even if you wish, leave a shrub in its natural state, the longest, incorrect growing and damaged branches must be cut, because they may noticeably spoil the appearance of the plant, knocking out the green crown massif. In other words, the spring haircut is needed for the health and maintenance of a neat view of the bush.

Radical rejuvenating haircut is necessary to eliminate chaotic interweaving of branches, devoid of foliage, and shifting a meager blossom on the periphery of the overhead part of the shrub. This procedure is particularly relevant with irregular trimming. Her holding preferably early spring before flowering.

The first trim provides a haircut “on the stump” and the preservation of the 2-5 strongest and healthy branches. Next year, poorly developed shoots and grown pigs, the remaining twigs are shortening.

Get a uniformly branching crown, if you cut them into different lengths. Also for the second year removed left old shoots. A year later, Forzition acquires a beautiful view and usually blooms.

Summer trim coming for June is used to create a living hedge of Forzition bushes. At the same time triggered shoots that violate the general form of the form. The main task of the invent procedure is the stimulation of intensive growth in order to obtain a more dense and thick crown, and the abundance of flowering is no longer in the first place.

The preparation for the winter includes cropping plants in the fall – this is a certain guarantee of successful wintering. Its technology is not too complicated. First cut dead, dry branches with damaged bark, as well as long branches that go beyond the crown. After that, the lower branches are removed, if there is no desire to get air chains.

In the end, it is necessary to trim shoots that grow to the middle of the plant or intertwined.

Required tools

To trim the shrub, including its decorative dwarf varieties, is needed well sharpened, a sharp tool that should leave smooth cuts. Before haircut and during it, it is important to keep metal disinfection with suitable antiseptics. If you use a stupid, dirty blade, a fungus can develop on the cut place or another infection is manifested, dangerous for forssee.

The main toolkit necessary for work is a garden secateur and a hand saw for wood or suchkoreauz, shape resembling scissors with long handles and considered the most convenient for such work. Hoven is needed if it is decided to cut thick large branches. Before the procedure, take care of the presence of garden cooking: they lubricate large sections, which are formed on the shoots with a thickness of 1.5 cm. Cut material should not be thrown away: it can be useful as a mulch, for high beds or compost. The branches amazed in wiser to burn to protect the rest of the plants in the garden.

Pruning – both in spring and summer, and in the fall, you need to be carried out in the absence of sunlight, on a cloudy day, better during the rain – it will exclude ultraviolet burns and penetration of the pathogeful flora.

Subtleties of trimming

For the judicia looks natural and at the same time attractive, It is necessary to know the basic rules of trimming of this culture.

  • Sustainer requires a large space, so it is necessary to determine the place in advance where it can normally develop and achieve an optimal size in an adult condition. In this case, it is possible to competently spend the haircut of the plant.
  • In fact, pruning is a way to make a bush more compact and neat, in addition to its decent appearance. It is believed to form a ball from the crown, you can, annually shortening the branches on a certain length. But, following this scheme, getting a beautiful ball-like bush will be impossible, because for successful wintering it is necessary to bend branches to the ground due to frozen.
  • In practice, it is much faster to achieve a round form, it is possible to remove the highest, as well as old shoots. Additionally, it is worth removing the lower twigs, because they can often root themselves.
  • Crop needed and branches that grow incorrectly, inward, to the trunk, as well as copies that interfering with each other due to strong thickening. This will make it possible to achieve full-fledged crown lighting.
  • It is sometimes difficult to make optimal trimming due to poor growth or strong thickening. The best option is to cut the shrub “On Stump”. Forzing is perfectly restored by a stump throat for one season, moreover, it contributes to the rejuvenation of culture.

Such rules are especially important for beginner gardeners, not fully understanding how to cut a shrub right. Avoid mistakes will help a step-by-step instruction explaining the main stages of trimming:

  • First, 1/4 of all old branches is completely removed;
  • After that, dead dry shoots are cut;
  • Those branches that have already been blowing, it is necessary to shorten on 1/2 length;
  • Broken and damaged branches are cut into 6-7 cm from the soil surface;
  • To give a symmetrical form, you need to cut the branch eating from the crown and firing them.

In the event that the plant is used as a soliton (single shrub), it is possible to crop it after landing for a permanent place in the garden. First of all it is important to remove the weakest branches.

Subsequent care

Forzing, except trimming, needs constant care, and timely agrotechnical procedures contribute to its rapid restoration and abundant flowering.

  • In March-April, after the snow gathering, it is necessary to mulch the rolling circle of shrub with a large layer of humus and gently pour it out to not blur the soil. Thanks to this, the roots will remain moistened and at the same time getting nutrients.
  • After the advent of the kidneys, mineral feeding makes mineral feeding, and after spring flowering, the formation of nitroammophos and selenium fell, and the water-soluble composition of “Keeter Universal” can also be used.
  • August is the next month, when feeding plants with potash and phosphate compositions are needed, for this, a potassium salt and superphosphate (1: 2) are used for this.
  • Watering forsii in hot time is associated with precipitation. With rainy weather, the soil irrigation is not required, and in the arid days to water the bushes needed 1 time in 7 days. Under each shrub pour no less than 12 liters of water.
  • After autumn trimming in the middle lane and the cold regions, the forssee bush is generously poured, then mulch the soil of the priority circle of the cheese and the foliage layer 10 cm. The branches of the plant must be burned to the ground and consolidate, after which it is to cover the nonwoven blade: agricultural or spunbond. These materials allow air and moisture in a small, but necessary for the culture of quantities.

So it becomes clear that for such a decorative shrub, like forzing, pruning is necessary, and its timeliness allows not only to maintain a neat type of plant, but his healthy state.

How to properly carry out the pruning of forsies, look in the following video.

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