How to plant and grow geranium from seeds?

Despite the huge range of flower shops and an abundance of exotic, the windowsill with blooming geranium still causes a lunizing. Immediately pops up in memory. Grandma or Mom, Watering Flowers. Not comparable smell of crushed in the hand of leaves.

Among the amateur flower products, the belief is common that geranium and pelargonium are synonyms, the names of the same plants. In fact, these are two completely different kinds having some general signs. According to the Botanical Classification, both of them belong to the Geranian family.


Geranium – Street cold-resistant perennial. The name comes from the Greek word meaning in the translation of the “crane”, as the ripe seed boxes in shape resemble a cavity beak.

Growing in moderate climate, in European countries and in the United States of America. Leaves Curiz and Palp, Rugged, Various Forms. Flowering is quite modest, two or three flower on high blooms. On the territory of the Russian Federation there are about forty varieties of this plant.

Cultural varieties can grow without transplantation, without losing decorative properties, from 8 to 15 years in one place. Removed terry species, as well as with yellow and red autumn leaves. Unlike Geranium, Pelargonium Teploud.

The name of the plant is also associated with an elongated form of fruits, similar to the beak crane. Only in this case it is already a Latin word.

At home, in South Africa, Pelargoniums are perennial shrubs or herbs. In the climatic conditions of the middle strip and north of Russia, it is more often grown as a room potted culture or as a garden annual, through seedlings. Pelargonium leaves are weakly solid, finger, evergreen. Flowers abundantly and very beautiful: Flowers of medium and large size, a wide variety of colors, collected in large lush inflorescences-umbrellas.

These are the main differences between Pelargonium and Geranus. But since more familiar and distributed is the name “Geran”, it will be used in the future for the designation and of the other plant. In general, both of them are unpretentious, they do not require much care, and even the most inexperienced novice flower flower can grow easily. We multiply the division of the bush, stalling, as well as sowing seeds that can be bought in flower shops or try to get at home.

When sow?

First of all, it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that Gerani seeds should be hurry, high-quality, obtained from a healthy plant. Even with good, abundant flowering geranium in the room may not give seeds, It is necessary to pollinate here. To do this, the pots are exposed to an open balcony, terrace or just in the garden.

If there is no such possibility, you can “work the bee”, that is, with the help of a soft tassel transfer pollen from one flower to another. After the end of flowering, a seed box will be formed. When it completely matures and dried, remove the landing material. Grow seedlings in the room can in any season, However, the best landing dates – in the spring, when the day will begin to increase the day. In winter, young plants need to be backlit.

Perennial garden geranium of different types requires spring landing through seedlings or sowing directly into the ground. Flowering time diverse. For example, Georgian geranium can be seen throughout the magnificence in mid-June, within 40-45 days.

Favorable days for sowing are determined by the lunar calendar.


Before doing directly sowing, need some preparatory work.

  • Sorting seeds. Severate small, flattened, damaged, with unusual coloring seeds. Ripe seeds must be quite large, elongated, brown, with a dense leathery, without spots and damage.
  • Scarification. This is scratching the surface of the seed shell by some sharp tool (for example, a file, a nail file or at least emery paper). Do everything you need very carefully, shoot only the top layer, trying not to damage the seed. This procedure is necessary for a faster appearance of sprouts. If she is neglected, shoots may appear only in two or three months.
  • Preparation of soil. Land for landing geranium can be bought in a specialized store, but it is better to prepare it yourself. There is nothing difficult in this. It will be necessary to take two parts of the turf soil and on one sifted river sand and high-quality peat. Mix everything thoroughly and put in advance warmed oven for three to five minutes. You can also shed a soil hot water with manganese or use modern biofungicides (prepare according to the instructions on the package).
  • Disinfection of planting material. Most often for seeds, it is advised to use a pink solution of manganese, but many prefer to soak them at 15-20 minutes in conventional hydrogen peroxide or also take fungicides (for indoor plants).
  • Soak. Disinfected seeds are poured with water room temperature and leave for two or three hours for swelling.

Methods landing

Plant Geranian seeds are best in flat containers, approximately 4-5 centimeters high. For this purpose, it is good to prepare transparent food containers with covers.

The container is filled with soil, not reaching the edge of the centimeter-one and a half, a little tamples with hand, smash. Then some wand or finger make small recesses at a distance of 4-5 centimeters from each other. The seeds are laid in the pits and pour them with a thin layer of land. Slightly seal and moisturized with sprayer.

It is necessary to maintain a constant temperature and humidity of crops, ensure air ventilation. For this, the container is covered on top with a lid or polyethylene film, in which small holes are punctured.

To rather emerge, you can apply a simple way – germination on toilet paper. Processed, clumsy seeds are laid out on a moistened paper strip, placed in a container with a lid, put in a warm place. As soon as white sprouts will be processed, the seeds neatly, trying not to damage, plant in the ground. Also for hardening and better growth of crops can be withstanding in the refrigerator for 7-10 days.

Convenient to grow geranium using peat pills. In this case, the plant will not be injured in transplanting in a more voluminous pot, the root system develops without damage. It is best to buy a small tablet pills. To prepare tablets for landing, they need to soak, for this product is placed in wide and deep dishes (given that during swelling, they will increase in size at about six times) and poured warm water.

As soon as the peat is splashing, the pills make a deepening and planting seeds, sprinkling them with earth or peat. It should be remembered that You can not keep sowing to the appearance of shoots on the windowsill, especially with the bright sun.

However, the room temperature should not fall below 20-22 degrees.

How to care for seedy?

To get healthy and beautiful plants, you need to grow good seedlings. First, the seeds should be germinated, wait for the appearance of shoots. After that, from the container removed the lid and put it in a well-lit warm place. Organize timely watering, as young plants can quickly die from the lack of moisture. Can be watered by sprinkling or a teaspoon for each bush. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid water stagnation, it leads to the rotten and death of the seedlings.

Also, the earth is necessary to periodically loose to ensure air access to roots. Of course, this should be very careful. Undercaming at such a young age is not needed yet, since in the soil there is a necessary supply of nutrients.

When to dive?

After two pairs of real seedlings appear in two pairs of real, not seedy leaves, you can start a transplant in separate pots, with a diameter of about 10 and 12-15 centimeters high.

Picking seedlings – Very important operation. The main thing is not to miss the right moment, and divide the plants until their roots intersect. Separate with a fork, teaspoon or small spatula for room leaving. Before starting work abundantly watered.

On the bottom of each pot stacked clay (pearlit, vermiculitis) layer in one and a half or two centimeters, for drainage. Then filled with a soil for two thirds of the volume, the in the middle is set by a dug sighter, and carefully be satisfied with the ground to the desired height. Slightly pressed with your fingers, compact. A little watered, on the edge of the pot, not to blur the earthen com.

In the first days, the sawn seedlings needed to be shared from direct sunlight. In the future, it feels well with bright lighting, on southern windows. Rightly landed geraniums quickly germinate and look healthy. So that in the future bushes did not stretch and pleased the abundance of colors, as the tops are picked up.

Separately, it should be said about the saplings of street varieties: the seedlings must be heard, keep to the landing in the ground in a cool but well-lit place. If it is possible, it is recommended to transplant it in a nursery or a greenhouse.

Tips for flowers

Although geranium and noncapercase plant, it is well multiplied, grows and blooms with minimal care, in the first time the seedlings require increased attention.

    Here are some tips and secrets from experienced flowerflowers.

    • Buy seeds in reliable manufacturers, do not get on the hook “bright, tempting advertising, and do not chase for cheap.
    • As part of the shop soil should not have many minerals – it is harmful to Gerani. In the manufacture of a mixture at home, adhere to the recommended proportions (two parts of the Earth and one sand and peat).
    • Disinfect the soil and planting material.
    • Signatting seeds to accelerate germination.
    • After sowing, cover the tank with a film, strictly follow the temperature and follow the humidity. Water carefully, from the spray, try not to overdo it. Be sure to actten the container from the direct exposure to the Sun.
    • As soon as the first shoots appear, remove the film, put the container on the windowsill.
    • When landing in autumn and winter time, apply artificial light, lengthening daylight.
    • Dive when on the plant will be at least two real sheets.
    • Sit down geranium into small pots with drainage holes, to bottom necessarily lay a layer of clay.
    • Over 5-6 sheet picked up the top, so the plant will be more lush.
    • Street varieties of geranium before disembarking in open ground harden, exposing on fresh air.
    • House varieties do not like big pots, and will not get blossom until the roots fill the entire earth. Therefore, it is better to transplant them not too often.

    Adhering to these simple recommendations, you can grow geranium from seeds and rejoice in the beauty of her bloom all year round.

    How to sow geranium from seeds, look in the following video.

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