How to make a sleeper with your own hands?

Main function Trelliers – to become the basis for curly plants. But this device has long ceased to be limited to the basic functional and turned into an independent focus on the site. In the modern realities of the Trellier from the capital support, it can be the best photocoupler on the territory, a highlight of the site and an absolutely exclusive design. And you can make it completely with your own hands.

Basic rules of creation

The sleeper is close to the gazebo, however, the initial functions of two structures are different. But even on the basis of such proximity to buildings, many dacms and the hosts of private houses are not solved to put a sleeper: it seems that it is very difficult. In fact, it turns out that Even an absolute neophyte in the country construction will be able to build a sleeper for curly plants on the site, for example, for Clematis, Aktinidia, Pea and others.

Here are the main advice to the novice gardener builder.

It is very important to competently choose the location of the Toplar. The main requirement is a sufficient number of sunlight. That is, the trellis in the open area is the most common story, although this design can go and along the house, if the sun lights up this direction well. It is worth considering that most of the time of the tweer will stand bare, and this “naked” structure should not be foreign in the overall composition of the site and objects on it.

Good trellis is a tough support. It is not so important that it will be: a bar, a pipe or fittings – the main thing is to securely secure the support in the ground.

A priori design has a high sail. It means, Support must be resistant to bending. Because the builder takes into account the wind speed and its frequency (and is it worth building a sleeper in this place at all), it counts, and what should be part of the Trelliers – Overhead and Underground.

Rods and support rails need though consolidate. To do this, tough materials are taken with an optimal strength, they should freely withstand the weight of the cultures that will live on the chopler.

If the design is complicated by moving elements, it will be available to adjust its height and width. But not always there is a need.

These are the main points that are necessarily provided, calculated and negotiated during the construction. Everything else – optional. Materials taken for choplaresses must be organic to other landlines, consonant with them. The heterogeneity is admissible if the host has a great taste and explicit design depositors: then he will know how to connect in one place very different textures, materials, colors, other aspects. But usually people are not looking for too complicated, extraordinary solutions, preferring classic examples. For example, a wooden sleeper, ideal for flowers.

How to make a tree?

Tree – the most popular material for arbors, veranda and chopler. This is a wonderful garden construction, it will fit into a typical landscape, and in the complicated. And by availability Tree very favorable material.

Tools and materials

You need to take dry wood for construction, it is advisable to stay at solid rocks of the tree: that is, ash, oak or chestnut. All items will have to soak antiseptics and compositions that will prevent rotting.

For independent manufacture of the base (frame) you need to take:

  • Bruks of a width of 2.5-3 cm;

  • Reiki, which in size will be organically looked with bars (that is, no thickness of 1.5 cm);

  • Nails or self-tapping screws

  • level, plumb;

  • Materials for the impregnation of wood, as well as paints.

You can always find ready-made drawings, but those who have already done something with their own hands, work often “on the eye”. And it is correct, especially if the materials are used as residues from some construction and repair work. But if there is no big experience, you should see the instructions.

Step-by-step instruction

If all materials and tools are harvested, you need to process the lower part of the bar (which will go to the ground) means of rotting, and then – rubberoid. Instead of runner, you can take any suitable insulation material.

Now we will analyze what to do next.

  • Durable installation of the founders. Bruks should be buried to the ground at least to the depth of half a meter. Using a plumbing need to check the vertical. Soil around the supports tightly tamper. More than once it should shed water. Typically, the interval between supports is 1.5 or 2 m is a question of convenience and preferences.

  • Attaching longitudinal bars. Of course, nothing prevents them from nails or put on screws. But this is not the only solution: perhaps a more elegant selection of fixators will be steel corners. Sometimes builders are sicking with adhesive adhesive with waterproof characteristics – unchecked measure for greater strength of the structure. It is very important that the design is a durable frame, strictly rectangular. That is, without a construction level, which will regulate the work, can not do.

  • Filling the gaps between the rails. And this is already depends on the design of the Toplar, and to be more accurate, on the drawing that will form the crossing of the REC. It is advisable to use glue for wood at the dots of the rush fastening. Self-tapping screw or nails will enhance the mount.

  • Finish treatment. The design is almost ready, but needs impregnation – compositions against rotting, as well as paint or varnish, simulator or tinting. Today, lovers of decoration of plots similar structures are increasingly inclined to the idea that painting is the best option. Color must be complimentary areas and buildings on it. Practical universal is considered white. You can think in advance: what plants will cover the shleler, what color they give, how it will be combined with the basis.

Alternative plan: first gather a “on the table” holding, handle, paint, check the reliability of all fixings, and then install it in the ground.

Modern trellis are combined devices. For example, the finished design of the standard shape is attached from above or below wooden boxes where canes can be put in flowers. Some people are even more practical: in such a box on the “second floor”, they stored a small garden inventory. But only the owners know about it, since all the attention is riveted to plants on the chopler – Chinese lemongrass, grapes, peas and others.

Making pipes from pipes

There is such an option: pipes of any kind and order become comfortable design for the binds. Worry that they will look insufficiently solid, do not stand – even plastic pipes can be painted, what can we talk about metal structures.

Although, of course, it is harder to work with the metal: you need to own the welding machine. With polypropylene pipes case will go easier and faster.

We offer a simple scheme of the structure of pipes from pipes.

It will take to work the pipes, wooden rails, and more Metal fittings and hacksaw metal. All materials need to be prepared in size – calculate, cut off, sip.

Fittings need to insert inside the pipe to add that strength.

The pipe together with the reinforcement should be taken to that form, which is intended in terms of construction (usually the arch). Such arched elements should be at least two. Each of the arches bursts into the ground, the distance between them is kept, everything is done in parallel according to the calculations.

Both bases need to be rigorously combined with each other or wooden slats or jumpers from other suitable materials (both metal and PVC). It is precisely strict parallelism of compounds.

Plastic pipes in contrast to profiles perfectly bent. In the country, it can be actively used and independently produce quite complex curved structures.

Small trellis put even in a greenhouse for cucumber landings (by the way, this can be trained). Curved structures are not very high also used to decorate the growth of beans or pumpkins – a successful idea for a raisin of country design.

Other options

Tree and pipes, fittings and metal – not the only possible options. Not bad and functional trellis are also made from the grid. For example, grids are constructed from ropes and strong ropes, from steel wire (object enhancement), from the same wooden rails and PVC pipes.

The most affordable version of the mesh model – pillars, between which the Capron stretches. But the Kapron Mesh, although it becomes a cheap solution, is not the most profitable model. The plant will grow up, the ripe fruit will be weighting its total weight, and the grid itself may not withstand such a load. That is, for decorative, low-fat plants, this option is admissible, but not for those crops that give heavy fruits.

Consider an example of how to make a mesh shleler from the girlfriend.

  • Need to prepare 2 support pillars in 3 m height, Rake from any comfortable material, grid.
  • Support poles get into the ground half meter. They should be well fortified.
  • On top of the pillars need to be consolidated Horizontal rails.
  • Parallel to the soil between the columns stretch the grid itself. Instead, it can use a thin rope or wire. If not the grid is taken, then you need to put the pegs in the places of the cucumber landing.
  • To the top rail you need to pull the rope, To install with cells of the same rectangular shape.

Mesh construction is very convenient to make the so-called live elevation. The most base from under the scorched plant may not be visible, and the feeling arises that currants or hops, for example, grow by themselves. This is an excellent reception for landscape zoning.

Sometimes thus on the plot form a full-fledged fence, although it is worth a lot of work.

But a small instruction, how to make a non-standard holder from cropped branches:

  • Let us need Cropped tree branches with a diameter of approximately 1 cm, flexible wire, pliers and garden secateurs;
  • Things are necessary Sat down in length, The first are used two main rods that will represent the beginning and end of the design, and they must be stuck in the ground by about 15 cm;
  • Near the first rod, withstanding an angle of 60 degrees, the third rod is fixed (in the direction of the second), the next rod is raised after 14-16 cm, and so the process is repeated to the span;
  • Then the whole procedure changes the direction and as if goes back – from the second rod to the first, it is necessary to remember the preservation of the angle;
  • Where the twigs intersect, you need to do wire fixation;
  • The tips of the branches protruding for the plane of the future cholerar are cut off by a secateur – The design must be the right form;
  • Operation of work – Trellier whose cells have a diamond shape.

Hoping that the twiller from the branches will serve a long period, of course, a little naive. But one season such a design will accurately endure, and this period is quite worthy of the amount of work and costs in general, which will be put on the manufacture of beautiful trellis. It may be possible not just a support for curly plants, but a whole photowon or a festive background to some important event – from the day of birth before the wedding. Such options are not uncommon, and it looks not enough of the fact that natural and environmentally friendly, but also authentic. The same grinding of fiberglass reinforcement of such an effect is not achieved.

If the question of choosing a design lies in fashion, wish to please the landscaped novelties of the season, it is better to contact classic solutions. For example, you can make a light tree glove, adjacent to the wall of the house.

And put on it a wing plant with large and bright buds. But this is not all: the bottom can be broken down a long narrow flower leaf, which will become the lower tier of a very gentle and beautiful design. Surely in this place every guest will want to make a memorable photo.

        In the search for an ideal version should not be repelled from complex solutions: usually the eye is resting on symmetry, natural materials, basic colors, coloristic consonance. The design can be simple, but well-groomed, the area in general. And create it is possible with their own hands.

        About how to make a sleeper with your own hands, look in the following video.

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