How to make a plow on a mini tractor with your own hands?

    Plow – a labor tool intended for plowing solid soil and used by man since ancient times. The purpose of the plow determines its technical and qualitative characteristics: the design of the frame and the cutting element, the fasteners and the stops, the material of manufacture and its thickness.

    General characteristics

    Plow in its purpose is a few species:

    • manual – for the plowing of the soft ground of a small area;
    • horseman – It is used in situations when it is necessary to process land, access to which is limited to special equipment;
    • with cable car – helps to process the soil in hard-to-reach places, for example, in the mountains or on the swamp;
    • hinged – works in a bundle with special equipment, reduces the reversal radius during consistent plowing;
    • trailed – general purpose plow.

    These species of plows, in turn, are divided into the following subspecies:

    • one-circuit;
    • two-circuit and more;
    • disk – revolving;
    • Rotor.

    The generally accepted configuration of the tool for plowing, which can be constructed with your own hands, is reflected in Figure 1.

      The main parts of the case design have the following details:

      • chisel – pad on the cutting part;
      • Lemeh – removable “knife”;
      • wing, chest and dump feather;
      • Acceptable – cuts corners with soil reservoirs;
      • Rack – fastening element.

      Modern technologies allow you to make a plow do it yourself. You can construct it in your drawings or modify ready for your needs. The instrument of labor made independently has a number of advantages and characteristic design features.

      Features of the self-made model

      Plow assembled with her own hands is a tool that meets target needs and having a low cost. For its assembly, you can use materials available, as well as parts of the structures of other aggregates. The latter can be taken from old agricultural shops, ferrous metal reception locations, in other similar places.

      Homemade plow easily orient. There is an opportunity to adapt it to different types of soil, tight mechanisms and even under the functions of agricultural culture. Own plow can be made based on the power and productivity of the tractor equipment, which will make the highest efficiency and reduce destructive load on the plowing tool.

      The cutting element of this plow can be replaceable and manufactured / hidden independently, which significantly reduces the maintenance of the mechanism. With independent manufacture, it appears the possibility of variation of the target use – the introduction of the function of replacement elements: nozzles, fasteners, parts of the case and frame. This allows you to produce a combined nature, such as plowing and mowing a shrub.

      Making your plow you can pay special attention to choosing materials and their quality. This is one of the key advantages of homemade assembly, as buying a plow in the store, it is difficult to be confident as a metal used for the manufacture of the factory aggregate. After purchasing a store model, it may be necessary to subsequent refinement or replacement of some low-quality design nodes.

      Materials and tools

      Making a homemade plow for mini tractor Requires the presence of the main tool:

      • welding inverter;
      • Bulgarian;
      • drill;
      • Thish.

      And an additional tool, the list of which is determined by the design of a particular mechanism and the conditions for its production.

      Materials constituting the main construction should be billets of durable steel. Violations of their integrity – cracks, deformation, severe rust – are not allowed.

      List of materials that may need:

      • Tolstopril sheet metal of high strength;
      • Metal corners and plates of sufficient thickness;
      • bolts of various caliber;
      • Additional names (washers, bearings, springs), determined by specific design characteristics.

      How to do?

      In order to facilitate the process of assembling a plow for a mini tractor, it is possible to go through the reconstruction of another eponymous tool of labor used in the bundle with the corruption objects: the equestrian plow or a preylder from the lousy-tractor mechanism.

      The assembly of the unit requires the compilation of the correct drawings. Their presence will ensure the optimization of the structure, a decrease in the number of components, simplicity and quality of assembly.

      In the drawings, the dimensions of the elements are closely related to the dimensions of the mini-tractor, the properties of the soil treated. In the process of manufacture, it is important to adhere to these parameters.

      At the design stage, it is worth identifying each part, having an irregular shape, in compliance with the genuine value. In the future, from such drawings it will be possible to create patterns for transferring an image to a metal blank. Some variations of the plow drawing are shown in Figure 2 and 3.

        Consider two plow manufacturing options for mini tractor.

        From horse plow

        This plow configuration, aggregative with a mini-tractor, is considered the easiest in the manufacture. All work on the reconstruction of the equestrian plow comes down to adapt to it a frame having a special mechanism for fastening, to equip it with a wheel (if necessary) and weightlifter.

        The equestrian plow consists of a housing and a double-sided frame that serves as a mechanism for fastening to the harness of the animal and the process of controlling the process of plowing. The simplest configuration is shown in the photo 4.

        In this case, you need to reconstruct the mounting part of the equestrian plow into the one that will be installed on the mini tractor using the least effort. It is possible to simplify this process by making a headquard for tractor mounting. Its instance is shown in the photo 5.

        Traction and Coupling Device – Easy to manufacture. A wide plate having in the edges of two horizontal holes with internal threads is complemented by the protrusion in the middle into which the forced ball with a leg is screwed. The center of the plate is fastened to the part of the M-shaped form, which serves as a locking mechanism for the plow frame, dressed on the headquarter. The plate is placed between the two “ears” of the tractor attachment, is fixed with four bolts.

        The modification of the equestrian plow is shown in the photo, is equipped with a special wheel. It serves as an emphasis for frame frame, it can be adjusted to the depth of the plow entering the soil.

        Adjustment is carried out using a simple mechanism – thread brackets into which clamping bolt screws. Wheel Rack can be vertically moving inside the bracket. Bolt fixes it in the right position. This design allows you to move the bracket along the plow frame if necessary.

        The wheel itself is made of metal rim, spokes and drums of the axis. For its manufacture, you can use a metal ribbon 300×50 mm, reinforcement rods, a piece of pipe with a diameter of the wheel axis diameter.

        Metal ribbon bends in the form of a hoop, its edges are welded with each other, the welded seam is grinding with grinding or cutting round of the grinder. Pipe cut, equal ribbon width, stacked in the center of the circle. Measured the distance from the rim to the outer surface of the pipe – drum. Reinforcement spokes will be equal to this distance. The obtained billets are welded. To improve the characteristics of the wheel of the wheel in the drum, you can breed the bearing of the corresponding diameter. This will reduce friction and reduce the load on the wheel axis.

        The described plow design can be operated in two ways. In the first case, you will need the second person who will control the plow from behind, adjusting the boring line. At the same time, the “manager” carries out pressure on the frame necessary for sufficient immersion of the lemis in the ground.

        In the second case, the presence of an assistant is optional. Plow is dried and moves by itself. As a cargo, a piece of heavy metal or a stone concluded in a rim. The weighting agent is located with the edge removed from the tractor. In this case, the pressure on the lemeh will be maximized when weighing. In order for the load to do not turn the plow, it is worth fixing from the bottom of the frame.

        When operating a plow without a second person, it is worth considering the focus factor of the furrow. The simplicity of the described design involves “swimming” a plow from side to side. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to equip its “hard” grip with the tractor. In this case, the former mechanism will rule the strip of the furrow.

        From the claims

        Certifier – element of a tractor plow that serves to cut up the top layer of soil during its plowing. Photo 6.

        Its form is similar to the working body of the plow lemum, and the size is half less. This fact allows you to effectively use the Certifier as a plow for a mini tractor.

        In the process of design, you will need to weld the frame that will hold the Certifier and fasten to the tractor hopper, as well as to equip it with the drill wheel.

        When creating drawings of this design, it is worth considering the power of the tractor, the state of the soil processed, the volume of future works. If it is supposed to plow a large land area, you can use two Certifier on one frame. In this case, the plow will succeed. This is necessary in order to reduce the load on one case of the lemum and reduce its wear.

        The process of assembling the structure, its installation on the tractor is similar to the reconstruction of the equestrian plow. Frame is made by similar configurations, wheel, fastenings for the lemis rack and the whole design to the hopper. Mounted mounted weightlifter or control knobs intended for manual groove correction.

        Safety technique

        During the operation of the homemade plow, it is necessary to comply with the appropriate security measures. Among them, you can allocate the most important items.

        • At the time of movement of the plow on the furrow, its adjustment in height, the cleaning of the wheel and the lemis from the Earth and other manipulations associated with the participation of a person are unacceptable;
        • All connections nodes must be securely secured – the backlash is not allowed;
        • It is necessary to carry out timely cleaning of the mechanisms and sharpening the cutting elements;
        • All actions produce only with a sloppy plow when the tractor is turned off.

        To ensure safety of labor, it is important to produce work that meet the technical characteristics of a particular agricultural mechanism. Excess loads can lead to rapid wear, damage to the aggregate and harm to human health.

        How to make a plow to a mini tractor with your own hands, look in the following video.

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