How to make a plow for a motoblock with your own hands?

Motoblock – one of the most necessary and useful aggregates in the farm. It is used for a wide variety of work on the site. This technique allows you to significantly simplify many economic procedures. More functional and multitasking are motoblocks supplemented by various designs. For example, it can be a technique with a plow. The latter can be bought in the store, or make it yourself. You need to do it, observing certain rules.


Differences of different types of plow may vary. You can consider the parameters of parts on the example of the rotary instance. It is taken into account that the rotary appearance of such a device is collected from the following grounds:

  • side vertical part of the car
  • horizontal plane from the bottom of the car;
  • Anterior dual part.

The most productive is considered a plow, in which the cutting edge of the fixed lemum is 20 mm below the lower part of the car, located horizontally. Another true lined part of the plow is the comparison of the cutting edge on the side of the fixed lemum with the cutting edge of the dump. LEMEH and dust should not be issued more than 10 mm beyond the boundaries of the vertical plane side of the car.

There is another important nuance – the fastening of the frontal plane of the lemish dust without visible slots and gaps, and in the same plane. If we consider these details detail, then they must be well polished and, like a mirror, reflect any surface. Should not be outstanding fasteners under any circumstances. As soon as the plow returns from land, it is desirable to clean it from the crashing soil and extraneous particles. Elements that have passed polishing should be poured by oil or loss with solidol. Next, the mechanisms need to be confused with a vet. In this way, it will be possible to protect the design from aggressive external influences, which can lead to the formation of corrosion on the surface of the plow.

As for the 4th properly built design – it belongs to the smooth front surface of the lemhery, which is with a flat part of the plow design of 20 degrees. It will be equal to the corner located in the back of the exhibited lemis. The cutting sidewall edges of the lemis and the dump will also have corners of 20 degrees with the bases of the furrow side. Moreover, the edge located on the side of the dump may be slightly rounded.


If it is decided to build a dump or a plow for motorcycles, then without the preparation of detailed and correct drawings can not do. The reliability and wear resistance of the self-made part depends largely on its competently composed scheme. Relying on the rich experience of professionals who regularly make good plows for motoblocks, It is recommended to make a lemch in such a way that it can be silent and quickly removed. With such a function, the sharpening of this detail will be significantly erupted, and it will be safe to resort to the start of plowing of the Earth on the site.

For the manufacture of the cutting component of the plow, alloy steel 9xc is best suited. Material is made mainly disks intended for simple hand saws. You can use steel with marking 45, which in the process of hardening has been brought to the optimal level of hardness. If there is only simple steel in stock, for example, carbon, which is impossible to be heat treatment, then, removing the cutting edge item (using anvil), and then drifting it, it will be safe to use steel to work with soil.

With independent compilation of the drawing of the future plow, it is recommended to rely on the exact schemes. Design made with your own hands will be collected from the components:

  • metal pipe that performs the function of the carrier part;
  • wheels required to move the design by the soil;
  • working cutting part with or without blades (you can fix the cutting elements of old devices);
  • Mounting Mechanism to Motoblock.

By drawing up a drawing of the future plow, it is important to indicate in it the parameters of the future design. No ignore no element. In this case, when using the scheme, a high-quality and reliable device will be obtained.

How to do?

Modern models of motoblocks can be equipped with a reliable plow made with your own hands. Varieties of this element: two-fledged, revolving, double-circuit, rotary or Zykov product. Design options quite a lot. There are even options in which the housing is made of a gas cylinder. Independently make a high-quality plow for motorcycles is easy if you follow certain rules.


Manufacturing design can be divided into several main steps.

  • Prepare a good dump in the form of a cylinder. Do it is necessary solely in accordance with the drawing. Detail is performed from doped metal. It is important to follow the drawn drawing with an independent design of the design.
  • Exhibit Lemeh. Bridges are introduced into the iron sheet (3 mm) at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Connect a lemeh with a sideboard. Must be followed that the lemis blade is located just below the shield itself (1 cm, no more).
  • Join Dumping to Lemeh.
  • To a metal tube that performs the function of the base is welded with a welding machine working half with a lemeh. On the opposite side – fasteners for motorcycles.
  • When the plow is ready, in its lower half you can escape the axis with wheels.


The swivel type of plow is recognized as one of the most functional and practical. This design is an excellent assistant to plow the earth on the site, because it can cover a fairly large area. Good plow and the fact that it is not necessary to spend time wasted after each approach. It will only be necessary to turn the plow and move in the opposite direction. Technology performance will increase. The main actions are made in the same way as in the case of a rotary mechanism, but in this case the cutting elements must be below the caution (at least 2 cm).


There is an opportunity to assemble my own and disk plow for equipment. A similar model is collected from the details:

  • disks;
  • fist;
  • axis;
  • bracket;
  • scraper;
  • leading beam;
  • pens;
  • Screws.

Discs for the device can be taken from the old “seeders” if it is in arsenal. Install these elements at an angle to improve the performance of the work. Skapper hangs on the technique through the coupon bracket. T-shaped leash from the plow screwed to it with the help of bolts and stopper. At the impressive speed, the occupier may have to be stopped, so it will have to work exclusively on small revs or with paired wheels.

How to remake the finished plow?

Already the finished plow, if necessary, can always be converted. For example, a simple horse version can be easily changed to a motor block. Almost all horse plows are distinguished by impressive weight due to the availability of a cargo dump. If you install a similar element on a motor-block without preliminary alterations, the Earth is simply not discarded. To redo the horse plow in the motor block, work is carried out in a certain sequence.

  • Construct dump. For him prepare a detailed drawing. Based on the diagram, cut out from steel blank. It is desirable to prepare a cardboard pattern.
  • Give steel required.
  • Remove the equestrian dump and fix the detail on his place, made with your own hands.
  • Clean the handles that were on the vertically correlated axis.
  • Instead, they fix fasteners from metal. Through them, the plow attach to the motorcycle.

If in the course of the “tests” in the field suddenly it turns out that the device does not quite well leans the land, then you can carefully adjust the Lemeh so that it can stick to the soil harder.

Installation and adjustment

After completing the work on the construction of the plow, it should be fixed on the motoblock. But before that, preparatory activities are held:

  • Moving the motoblock to the place where they plan to operate it;
  • Dismantling of the wheeler – it must be replaced with special primers (if they do not put them, then for planting the same potato, the plow will not fit – the equipment will be stopped and can “go around” in the soil).

After this stage, go to the installation of the plow.

  • Attach a plow on the coupling of agricultural machinery using nuts. Due to this, it will be possible to independently set its performance characteristics.
  • Prepare 2 fixing pins. With their help attach the coupling and plow itself to the earrings.

After completing the preparation, proceed to the adjustment of the installed plow. It is from this stage that will depend on how efficiency and the plow, and the motoblock itself will be. To properly install the design, you need to pay attention to:

  • width;
  • plowing depth;
  • incline.

Setup occurs step by step.

  • In extreme sites, the width is set. To this end, the edge in no case should move below or above the hook.
  • Maximum steady technique placed on special stands so that the ability to set the depth needy for plowing. You must not forget about the fact that this parameter may vary, based on the year.
  • Need to gently adjust the fastening of the plow to the technique.
  • The mounting bolts are carried out in such a way that the rear half of the plow is located on a single line with soil.
  • Now agricultural equipment can be removed from the stand.

After that, the technique can be considered configured and adjusted if the equipment steering wheel is located at one level with a working belt.

Useful Tips and Recommendations

If it is decided to build a good plow for a motor-block with your own hands, then It is worth listening to useful recommendations from experienced masters.

  • If you plan to build a two-circuit plow, it should be remembered that two lemis should be present in it. Specified fixture can be allowed for plowing soils of various types. This is the best instance for working with stagnant soil.
  • In the manufacture of a swivel plow, it is very important to follow the steps of the dump and the lemis coincided. These elements are connected as close as possible and firmly. There should be no lumen and noticeable slots.
  • After using the plow, it must be cleaned from any contamination and pouring particles. Only subject to this rule we can talk about the durability of the design and its wear resistance. Yes, and the cutting plate then constantly do not have to sharpen.
  • Installing a plow to the agricultural equipment itself will be more convenient if you put a motoblock on the stand. It may be not only special supports, but also simple bricks or stones / boards.
  • Special attention is paid to the already constructed plow. If there is only one connection on bolts and only one hole, it will not be able to adjust it.

  • Plow having a support wheel, it is advisable to collect on a steel sheet. All surfaces will need to clean and polish. The rear surface of the welded lemum is made as smooth.
  • Popular rotary types of plow in most cases are made with disk mechanisms, but there are also drum, spade and screw copies. Similar structures are simply indispensable when putting fertilizers and the fight against weeds.
  • For independent work, it is advisable to use only high-quality locksmith tools. You need to be able to work with them. Will need at least minimal experience.
  • No need to forget from time to time to handle the working edge of the manufactured plow. So her work will be more efficient.
  • When independently manufacturing a plow for a motoblock, it is important to strictly adhere to the selected technology and drawing up drawings. The slightest error or omission, which may seem insignificant, can lead to poor quality design. Then it will require its refinement.

If there are doubts that it will be possible to assemble a plow on their own, it is better not to risk and acquire a ready-made option. Fortunately, many firms offer high-quality and durable structures at a given price. You can buy them in specialized stores or order via the Internet.

On how to configure a plow for a motoblock, look in the following video.

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