How to make a frame pool?

The frame pool is a wonderful device that helps to feel perfectly in particularly hot summer days and comfortably spend time in the country or in a country house. However, with all the strength of the material of the case, they can happen leaks. Specialists say that it is more difficult to find a hole in such a situation, and the elimination can pass more easily. Let’s try to figure out what will be needed for repair and how to act.

How to prepare?

In order to patch the hole in the frame pool, Experts recommend using repair kits that can be found on sale at certain outlets. It can be fishing departments or shops engaged in the sale of equipment for pools.

As for Remkomplekt, it consists of several things. First you need to note the underwater self-adhesive patches. With their help, you can carry out repair work, not the lowest pool. For this, the necessary part is cut off, and it closes the hole.

You can use the usual PVC. A good option will be, for example, buying a pillow for a boat from this material that can be cut on patches.

If we consider sets of a number of manufacturers, cold welding may be present in them or other similar compositions. All of them must be moisture-proof.

Special attention deserves work with a swimming pool for swimming children. In this case, you can only use non-toxic compositions. The option will be optimal when the seams turn out to be elastic and can both stretch and shrink when exposed to material. One of these can be considered the glue “moment”. Its use allows you to securely brave the treated surfaces.

Those mixtures that are located in Remkomplektov, have all the necessary characteristics. They are ideal for similar use and are capable of being able to be in contact with a wet environment. However, glue compositions with a cyanoacryl content should not be used when repairing frames of rubber and PVC, since the seam in this case will be formed quite hard, and when stretching the material, it can crack and crumble.

In addition, before repairing the pools at home, you should be stockpons and other materials. This is a waterproof sealant, with which you can smell small damage. It will not crumble and change the color, persistently transfers the impact of both water and ultraviolet rays.

In some cases, bituminous aluminum tape used for roofing works can help. By and large, this foil covered with adhesive composition. This material is quite capable of eliminating leaks for a certain time. Scotch is capable of hermetically closed damage, in addition, the impact of moisture is well tolerate.

You should also prepare a conventional industrial hairdryer, which will be a good assistant when using some methods.

Does not hurt and the material that can be applied as a press. It is quite suitable, let’s say brick.


Work on the elimination of damage to the framework of the frame basin can be carried out at home. For this First of all, it will be necessary to determine the location of the hole. In addition to possible defects, the cause of water care can be natural evaporation. To exclude this factor, a number of actions should be held.

With the help of a waterproof marker on a side, a mark is made, showing water level. Nearby is another large capacity, you can use, for example, a basin, which also puts a mark. After the day, the fluid level is checked. If in both reservoirs, he changed the same, it means that it is about natural evaporation. In the case when water in the pool goes faster, this is a testimony of leakage.

Water leakage can occur for another reason. Sometimes case in the system of feed pipelines. She can just leak. For this reason, it is necessary to monitor the level of level during the day. In addition, it follows from time to time to turn on and off the pump, while not ceasing to control the level. In the case when the leak occurs during the pump operation, the case is in the pipeline, if after it is turned off, respectively, the case in the bowl.

Also the cause of water leakage can be a drain valve fault. If the gasket is not surprising, you should not be surprised that the liquid will leak.

Will help in this situation the replacement of the element.

If the bowl proceeds, it is possible to notice this in several signs. If the hole on the day, near her will constantly gather garbage. In order to find a leak in the wall, you can pour a dye to the water. On the movement of the liquid will be visible where the damage is.

After the defect was found, you can start repair work. To do this, degreases the surface in the area of ​​damage. Patchwork only two: one glued outside, the other is inside. It is best to drain the liquid and dry the surface.

To repair the bottom, the algorithm of action will be the same. Surface will need to roll. Patchwork is best warm with a hair dryer. Top is put on a press whose role can perform any heavy item. Dry this area should approximately day.

Experts note that, regardless of whether hair dryer will be used or not, sanding the surface under the ban. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to the formation of new defects.

How to stack without merging water?

The descent of water from the frame pool can be a fairly labor cost. therefore In some cases, you can try to eliminate the leakage without merging it. Naturally, this will make it much more difficult.

If the advantage of the method is the lack of need to merge water, then the main drawback is the short-life of the patchwork.

To repair a similar plan there is only one way. Patchwork needs to be placed on both sides.

You should use special remarks on adhesive. You can buy them in any sports store. The product is a tape covered with adhesive composition resistant to moisture.

Wall repair is made as follows. For a start, it is measured and cut off from the tape patchwork required. The protective coating is removed, after which the segment is attached to the place of the puncture first inside the pool, and then outside. Such a product will protect the material from leaks, despite the fact that it was attached under water.

You can also purchase special sets containing patches and adhesive compositions. The tape smears with glue, after which twice the bends and left for 2-3 minutes. After that, the patchwork is glued on both sides of the wall. Using product data, you can, for example, glue and plastic corner on the frame.

At the same time, it is impossible not to note that the rope of the pool without draining the water – the measure is temporary. With the onset of cold weather, it should be done more solid repairs.

How to stick the frame pool, look in the video.

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